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Anonymous 55178

Which one are you?

Anonymous 55184

An incel/male poster made this, but… "The Blocker," kek

Anonymous 55201


Anonymous 55202

>01 got dumped by a "great boyfriend" for being sad
>her fault
Uhhh. Ok?

Anonymous 55203


>lesbians not even mentioned
>dorks not even mentioned
throws a quick dab

Anonymous 55205

Some mix of nice girl, trad, and stalker. I have been rejected but am not starved of male attention, I value my virginity, and I get creepily fixated on people. But I don't adhere to all 3…and I'm also very into women.

Roll 2 c what next life brings.

Anonymous 55208

i identify as a blocker but let's roll ladies

Anonymous 55209


Anonymous 55216

For a second i thought it's a kind of shitty test. Too bad cause this way it could be a little more entertaining.

Anonymous 55217

I feel like I'm a combination of The Sobber, The Ghost, The Nice Girl, and The Stalker

Anonymous 55218


I propose to replace The Ghost with The Ghost #2.

Anonymous 55219

I would be a combination of the blocker and the sobber, with self esteem of the ghost.
I wish I was the sunshine asset, I'm envious of this kind of girls. But at last the grass is always greener.

Anonymous 55222

This site is too slow to play any rolling games without a random number generator

Anonymous 55224

I am the sobber, it's like it was written for me

Anonymous 55229


Me too, fuck my life

Anonymous 55230

The Stalker. I keep promising myself I'll just pull my alts from his social circle and forget him, but then I have a dream where I just tell him I've been stalking him and he immediately dumps his girlfriend to have children with me. I have at one point told myself if I can't be with him, no one can.

Anonymous 55234

I'm sure some guys think I'm a Demon. I had one even make fan art about me basically saying that. In reality I hung around and dated losers because I had low self confidence from toxic parents who discouraged me from working. Guys think you being friends with them but then not wanting to date them makes you a monster.

In reality I was a Martyr then but I finally wised up to how badly they were all treating me and ditched them all.

Had a few Stalker periods but past it.

Now I'm a Blocker. I've had too many bad relationships with people and I'd much rather be a lone wolf.

Anonymous 55238

This is what ghost should have been. Good edit. Moids are stupid and have to inject sex into everything.

Anonymous 55239

I'm bored so ill play
The blocker + asset who pretends to be trad.
Also rollllll

Anonymous 55242

fuck it, roll

Anonymous 55245


>mfw i'm the stalker
i'll get a bf someday, right? i can force a boy to like me forever `:)

Anonymous 55249

The Tomboy
>the type of men she likes are usually too shy to come to her
So relatable, thankfully I don't mind initiating.

Anonymous 55266

I like to think I'm the sunshine but I'm probably the ghost.

Anonymous 55272


Anonymous 55273

Roll them cc

I’m a cryer irl, with a few stalker tendencies

Anonymous 55276


Anonymous 55277

The worst part is that it's very accurate.

Anonymous 55306


r o l l

Anonymous 55310

Anyone else laugh at the others then feel attacked when you find yours

Anonymous 55314


Anonymous 55316


It’s good to find humor in it. It’s easier to relate to those who are most like you. I feel the greatest kinship with other stalkers who understand what it’s like…But I don’t hate any of these types of women, even the ones who are very different from me in their values and behaviors. I’d like to see you all find happiness. We’re all just trying to make it in this big, burning world.

Anonymous 55318

aaaaand I'm none of mine. I identify as feminist, I even agree with some radfem ideology, but I love orgasming from pp in vv too much to truly hate men.

Anonymous 55346

The Trad but replace cooking and cleaning with drawing and gaming

Anonymous 55479

That means you aren't trad lol

Anonymous 55510

Does it work for you? Just curious, not to be nosey about it.

Anonymous 55516

It did. I'm in a relationship now thanks to my endeavors.

Anonymous 55561


Anonymous 55562


Anonymous 55585

same anon

Anonymous 55589

just 4 fun

Anonymous 55596


Anonymous 55604


Anonymous 55609

probs the asset and the blocker, except with a lesbian twist.

its so obvious a moid made this, theres so much mention of male attention and sex

Anonymous 55610

well duh. it's from r9k. people here just reposted it cause it's relatable.

Anonymous 55611

lesbians, why not make a dyke edition

Anonymous 55705

im the stalker but lets roll anyway

Anonymous 55797

was eater til 20 then blocker lol but lets see

Anonymous 55798


Anonymous 55799

Ok that was dumb lmao

Anonymous 55803

rollan rollan rollan rollan

Anonymous 55841


Anonymous 55885

nice girl fits to a T,but roll

Anonymous 55910


Anonymous 56169

The Demon? Yeah, no.


Anonymous 56193

Probably the blocker or if we're miming the nice girl. If it's one I don't like or so not me I'm going to pretend it's my dyke waifu.

Anonymous 56247

the disaster and the spectre

Anonymous 56251


Anonymous 56262

Where does it say it was her fault?

Anonymous 56306

definitely the crazy bitch or the demon lmfao rolls tho

Anonymous 56420

roll time

Anonymous 56439


Anonymous 56440


Anonymous 56519


Anonymous 56524

Moid made charts radiate massive ugly energy, but let me roll anyway.

Anonymous 56595

vibing mostly with the demon/tomboy, but let's see what happens

Anonymous 56752

blocker + demon lez roll

Anonymous 56829

Blocker and trad

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