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Anonymous 55439

Is this just a low-key degenerate thing or is anyone else really into guys who crossdress?

I find the streamer Finnster so incredibly cute when he’s in girl-mode and find myself incredibly attracted to him during his crossdressing streams. I’ve noticed that men who are feminine in appearance yet are masculine personality-wise is kind of a pattern in the people I’m drawn towards, and I’ve noticed the same in other women too. Can anyone explain as to reasons why someone would be into a person of the opposite gender physically performing as the other sex? Or just relate lol.

Anonymous 55453

well it shows that the guy has a soft and vulnerable side to him, which is nice. Its also a sign of him showing respect and capability to relate towards your lifestyle as a female. He doesnt act like hes above you.

Anonymous 55463

Agree it's cute, sadly we're losing some of them to the trans fad

Anonymous 55466

The only men who actually have no insecurities related to their masculinity are diagnosed psychopaths, because the inability to experience anxiety is fundamental to psychopathy.

I do understand the idea that maybe less physically conventionally masculine men might be more secure, and I do understand that it is informed by legitimate experience. My boss is a 6'4" muscular weightlifter and former athletics scholarship holder with a postgraduate degree in mechanical engineering and he is a very poorly closeted submissive gfd type. As in he literally told one of my coworkers that his concept of God is female, he's talked at length about his controlling mother but pretty much never about his father despite having had his father in his life, when he talks about relationships including his current one with his small timid fiance he's always trying to mentally position the woman in the role of dominance and control even when it makes no sense (and it is obvious that he's trying to establish a relationship dynamic wherein she is in complete control), he once started a conversation in the office about the myth that the 72 houri that Muslim men suicide bomb to get are supposed to be 90 feet tall, the list just goes on and on and on. He is a bundle of neurotic insecurities suspended one inch below a skein of superficial Chad physicality. But the opposite end of the spectrum is always just as bad if not more so. My boss' insecurities leaking out into his public behavior only indicate that those sorts of neuroses are more openly acceptable coming from someone accomplished and physically imposing. There's a reason >>55463 talks about how many of the cute passing ones castrate themselves.

I don't feel bad for men and you shouldn't either, but don't put men who don't show their weak spots on a pedestal. It never means that they don't have any.

Anonymous 55470

>his small timid fiance he's always trying to mentally position the woman in the role of dominance and control
Bet he's gonna cry like a retard when she cheats on him with a man who actually makes her orgasm.

Anonymous 55472

>guys who crossdress
I am not attracted to that. Left swipe.

Anonymous 55473

Can you psychoanalyze me next

Anonymous 55475


I believe guys who crossdress fall into the "Beauty Men" category, they are bad and vain and likely to turn into mentally ill trannies.

Anonymous 55480

Not her but that seems like a very thinly veiled foray into lesbianism– not much different than men and tomboys.

Anonymous 55484

Whether or not mtfs are women and whether or not attraction to them is indicative of some buried lesbian impulse are two different questions. Also for some people forcing a man to cross dress / act feminine is a power play thing unrelated to trans stuff

Anonymous 55485

I think those gfs, if they even exist, are very stupid, trying to act like the woke version of "cool girl" and in for a trainload of regret in the future when they realize they are not happy with their partner anymore.

Anonymous 55488

Apparently a lot of mtfs first forays into crossdressing and general feminine sexual behavior are with women that have a cross dressing / feminization kink

Anonymous 55490

See: r/gendercritical threads about women in their 30s confessing being disturbed and uncomfortable with their male partners, when they started the relationship in their 20s she wanted to be cool and supportive and please him, then time passed… he got worse, mean, petty, vindictive, always forcing her to accept his way, she always feeling trapped and oppressed and unable to express what she really wanted… and finally leaving him in her 30s feeling a lot of sadness and regret over all those years wasted.


Nah. See above.

Anonymous 55492

No speculation, literally what many confessed drove them to become terfs.

Anonymous 55494

Imo there's a difference between OP who just seems to have a specific paraphilia and women who enter a relationship with a man unaware that this stuff is his thing and then feeling pressured to be supportive go along with it until they finally snap. The former isn't self sacrificing.

Anonymous 55497

Statistics are anecdotes put together.

Anonymous 55500

Says enough for me to stay away from that kind of man, and warn women to stay away from that kind of man too if they have any inkling of doubt. You sound like a moid, so quick to push women into risk.

Anonymous 55502

I mean paraphilia is a strong term but my point is that this is something that she says she wants vs a concession made to a boyfriend who really likes to wear your panties

Anonymous 55505

They're cute to me since I have a fetish for femininity (bisexual obviously, but this is my most specific description).
I'd say I generally prefer other women (Kinsey 4 maybe) and the males I've found attractive/the only way I used to meme myself into liking men was if they were crossdressing or otherwise effeminate. Also not really into butch women (though I respect them as people ofc and think they look cool). Also into (feminine) mtfs.

Other reasons it's attractive could be
>taboo, goes against social norms
>fits with you if you're GNC yourself
>forcefem fetish

>denying women the autonomy to have their own fetishes and tastes
Very cool.

Anonymous 55507

>nooo you can’t disapprove of something i like
>you’re basically denying my autonomy!!!
>why do women hate women :(

Anonymous 55512

The anon you responded to even clarified that she felt in hindsight that paraphilia was too strong a term and was more concerned with the dynamics of having such a preference, in your case it just seems like a big nothing burger. Other anon deserves the criticism though

Anonymous 55513


Anonymous 55515

Disapproval is fine, I know I'm degen by most people's standards.
She just wasn't seemingly acknowledging that women can be gross on our own, which is sexist in another way.


Thanks for clarification, I get it now.
I also acknowledge many women DO get pressured into shit by male SO's.

Anonymous 55517

>my winged eyeliner threatens men!

No, it doesn't, and it makes you and men both look like clowns.

Anonymous 55520

t. butthurt moid

Anonymous 55523

I had a classmate who dressed very tastefully with girlier fashion. It wasn't just aesthetic, it accentuated his frame in a good way which made him look manlier. A lot of men make themselves look worse with bad fashion.

Anonymous 55524

>no u
It's just like being on 4chan, why do moids come here to talk about their moid fetishes when 4chan is right there?

Anonymous 55526

>hurrr no u
Like clockwork.

Anonymous 55527

>girlier fashion

Caring about your appearance isn't "girly." Was he actually wearing women's clothes, or did he just care about how he looked?

Anonymous 55529

Oh shush moid, stop polluting CC with your blatant moid fetish threads.

Anonymous 55532

She's just mad at trannies and can't calm down enough to have an actual conversation

Anonymous 55533

op anon here. def not a moid and have quite a bit disdain for moid sexuality, but i really don't think liking men who crossdress or perform as woman is as rare or maladjusted as the anons itt make it out to be.

Anonymous 55534


You're wrong.

Anonymous 55535

Anonymous 55539

I like the aesthetic, but I don't really have an opinion on guys who choose to do it, since I don't really seek it out as a fetish. But if it's anything like role reversal, then I probably would find most guys into it kinda off-putting tbh :/

Anonymous 55540

Maybe it's because there's 100000000 of these threads on 4chan and other moid spaces and 0 talk on spaces where you know you are actually talking to real women, like twitter or mumsnet. Unless you include prostitutes advertising themselves for their male clientele.

Anonymous 55542

I don't see crossdressing / feminization here

Anonymous 55545

Mumsnet is a site for mothers, and it's full of politically active women. Thriving radical feminist community there.

Anonymous 55548


Transformations. Pic related.

Anonymous 55549

Yeah, I can see how it can come across as off-putting. There are unfortunately a lot of men who crossdress that can be quite creepy.

Finnster and other people I’ve met who crossdress purely for fun can be very cute though. But I see how the line between being playful with your gender expression and acting on sexually deviant behavior can be kinda blurry.

Anonymous 55554

That's a broad category. It usually doesn't even refer to crossdressing.

Anonymous 55558

I'm straight and I like femboys and crossdressing guys IF they can pull it off well (which most guys can't do). It's unabashedly a fetish for me.
I don't think I could ever get with a guy who does it though since most online femboys seem to be gay guys, unhealthily obsessed with femdom/role-reversal, and/or want to transition which is a huge dealbreaker for me. It would be nice to have a normal straight relationship with a pretty, but masculine-presenting guy who would let me dress him up for sex but I doubt I could find a guy who could let me do that AND look good in girl's clothes

Anonymous 55590

It was unisex leaning but looked like it was from the women's section. He did have a short skirt over pants on time, though.

Anonymous 55811

>I find the streamer Finnster so incredibly cute when he’s in girl-mode and find myself incredibly attracted to him during his crossdressing streams.
This a discord moid advertising their celebrity.

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