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Anonymous 55552

Anonymous 55557

Is this app any good?

Anonymous 55559


I just downloaded it and the layout is really confusing and almost no one is on it.

Anonymous 55560


After some messing around I realized that you need to create a separate profile every time you want to post a “giggle”, which is like an ad, and you can’t see any other giggles until you’ve made one for a topic. You can’t talk to anyone or do anything and they want you to upgrade to premium for features that are essentially useless. Waste of time 0/10

Anonymous 55565


Hrem, that's disappointing

Anonymous 55566

I find it weirdly amusing that every time there's a women's only club / community / event / app, they're inevitably forced to reckon with the question "do you allow trannies?"

yet at the same time, only-mens groups (of which there are few to begin with) rarely if ever face the same line of interrogation from FTMs

Anonymous 55584

what is this app about anyway?

Anonymous 55594

It's almost as if FtMs are relatively rare and most of them have legit hormonal / developmental disorders, while MtFs are, by and large, attention whoring perverts with very male attitudes on how they think they should be treated.

Anonymous 55597

cuz its funny to be an asshole about it and have everyone try to out virtue signal each other over petty issues

Anonymous 55599

crystal cafe but as a social media site rather than as an image board
>inb4 imageboards are social media

Anonymous 55605

It’s misogyny. Plain and simple. Also >>55594. TIMs need to be constantly validated as a ~huwoman~ or they will lose their erection and kill themselves.

Anonymous 55621

Giggle devs take steps to make sure it is only women posting though, unlike here.

Anonymous 55636

Like how? Would your pussy need to fill out a captcha?

Anonymous 55639

Must submit a photo of your face to really join.

Anonymous 55640

Forgot: your photo ID gets reviewed by a team of women. And I think it's more than one photo required too, they require full ID details. Basically you have to confirm your real identity, you are not anonymous.

Anonymous 55755

not by a team of women, it's reviewed by an AI. meaning that trannies are literally, scientifically not women according to impartial robots.

Anonymous 55759

it's a very bad AI which admits not only trannies but full-on dudes with long hair sometimes. or at least that's what I remember trannies snarking about when this first went around.

Anonymous 55777

The only way to maintain anonymity and exclude undesirables is via strict moderation. I believe as long as you report posts, the current mods are doing a pretty good job at keeping the peace here.

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