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Anonymous 55612

Anonymous 55613


Anonymous 55625

That guy's trans, isn't he.

Anonymous 55626

A man saying he's been friendzoned is just saying he's been rejected. Everything else there can happen in a rejection regardless of whether he was your friend. There are men who will call you a whore/stuck-up/manipulative/only interested in assholes/etc. regardless of whether he was your friend, a random guy hitting on you at a bar or a guy you met on tinder.

Anonymous 55635

Agree with everything besides the art style.

Anonymous 55637

I have never been interested in a guy I wasn't first actual genuine friends with for months or a year. I don't understand how attraction even develops just after hanging out like twice, you don't know anything about a person at that point so why waste time going on dates where he's going to fake some guesswork optimal personality anyway. Bring up your "feelings" before I know if you're consistently kind to your friends and family, if you have your life together, if you are into interesting activities instead of refreshing the frontpage of Reddit? Get blocked and forgotten, you're not even into me for the right reasons then.

Really long-term relationships will feel a bit like a close friendship a lot of the time, so I need to know if we would also be great friends and if your character is on point. But this means being actual friends, not a guy going through these steps in order to get gf. Fortunately, with time it's easy to tell if you have a great time platonically and would also remain good friends vs. if he's just trying to impress you bc cheap male attraction while pining after some fantasy version of you and ultimately only seeing you as a replaceable gf candidate.

Anonymous 55651

i agree.

Anonymous 55663

Delusional and telling. No experience with men.

Anonymous 55664


Anonymous 55665

It’s not delusional. It’s extremely common. Happened to every woman I know under 200 lbs.

Anonymous 55679

The entire premise is a strawman though. Intentions aren't static and actual interest beyond shallow desire isn't just there as if binary from the start.

Becoming friendly with someone with the possible eventuality of romantic involvement, NOT with this intent. It's a natural progression not at all demanding or weird or motivated by anything separate. In friendzoning, one party hard shuts off any such possibility by limiting the closeness of the friendship (even if already very close). This is not the same as expressing interest in someone from the get-go and being rejected. Friendzoning often doesn't even involve rejection, just stagnation, distancing or limbo. Also, it's not just MEN who can be friendzoned.

Being friendzoned especially by a very close friend is hurtful for anyone and for most people the friendship cannot ever be same so it falls apart.

Actually, getting a partner through anything but this natural progression is doomed to failure 99% of the time if not outright dangerous.

Anonymous 55682

It's not a strawman, male poster. It's what millions of women experience.

And it is rejection. You want to fuck, short-term or long-term it makes no difference. She doesn't want to fuck you, ever. Zero, nothing at all. Are you willing to keep the friendship exactly as it was before you made your intentions known and they were rejected? Can you be her friend knowing she doesn't want to fuck you and she will never fuck you no matter what, it will always be a sexless relationship? And knowing she will fuck instead her boyfriend whom she does want to fuck? Can you accept that? No? Then shut up and fuck off.

Anonymous 55685

>if I harass her enough she will change her mind!
Fucking moid retards are so goddamn stupid and entitled.
>inb4 but women love it in their fanfictions
All media pieces that are created by a woman are under the sole and exclusive control of that woman, she doesn't have to put up with a moid not doing what she wants and other women can simply watch/read/play something else if they don't agree with her. Moids fuck off.

Anonymous 55688

the way I imagine it for myself is something like

>make some friends with people

>spend time with them and have fun
>start to catch feelings and grow for one of them
>confess to them and get rejected
>if they arent interested I try and not hangout anymore

I can see how it can be seen as just interested in sex or whatever but it takes time to get to know someone and build a interest and that feeling doesnt go away because I was rejected.

I'd feel akward still hanging out with them and seeing them date if its someone im still romantically interested in.

so I think the friendzone can exist but strawmanning it doesnt help.

though I did use to think a girl and guy can be just friends without catching feelings but i've been proven wrong time and again seeing it happen both ways.

I honestly think its a mix of just not being emotionally mature enough for myself and being a shy af person.

Anonymous 55689


Anonymous 55693


But anoooon!!!! Woman are obviously just vessels for sex by their male friends! It says it right here in our book of human rights.

Anonymous 55694

Cute cat.

Anonymous 55696

…have you never been rejected lmao? You must be lucky or very pretty/charismatic.
Obviously lashing out and being whiny is emotionally rarted, but rejection hurts and takes some time to recover from. ESPECIALLY if it's someone you care about deeply who really knows you (so, a friend).

You don't have to acquiesce to another person's desire and start dating them (that's awful for all parties), but it's not as easy as "I REJECTED YOU GET OVER IT RIGHT THIS SECOND AND NEVER DEAL WITH YOUR EMOTIONS REEE"

In these cases sometimes you need a brief friendship break to overcome the feelings, which should be fine.


No, but I have been friendzoned before. And the feelings are definitely WAY more than just wanting to fuck him. It would have been easier to recover if that was the case.

Anonymous 55697


Anonymous 55698

Perhaps I didn't explain well.
I agree this behaviour is wrong (being nice JUST to get a gf/bf or get laid) and happens. But sometimes you just fall in love while you also love someone as a friend.

I still do a lot for my friend because I love him as a person (and it's reciprocated tbh, he's a sweetie). But I know he doesn't owe me his hand in marriage because I made him a cake once lmao. Doesn't change the fact that I felt pretty sad when being rejected because I'm a human bean with feelings.

Anonymous 55699


That's all good and well but men too often lash out at the women who reject them like it's an insult to reject a man, so throw into the trash those miserable shits.

Anonymous 55700


Yeah, I don't get how these other anons seemingly have never caught feelings for a friend before. That shit hurt

Anonymous 55701

Don't broadcast your sadness to the person who rejected you though. That's just an attempt at guilt-tripping and it's shitty and manipulative. If you can't stand their company any longer and get jealous any time they talk about their partners, break the friendship and move on. You're only a toxic presence at that point.

Anonymous 55702


I don't disagree at with this at all. I just think it's weird that some other anons are pretending as if catching feelings for a friend is impossible for people who aren't shitheads like in the >>55699 and >>55697 pics

Anonymous 55703

For the most part this seems to happen when people come into contact with each other through groups of friends, rather than when one person specifically sought out one particular and specific other person and made a direct overture of friendship. From there it turns into a Ben Franklin Effect situation, where one person does not allow themself to think "why am I hanging out with this person whom I have romantic/sexual feelings for, but who cannot feel anything for me?" Their mind comes up with an answer, but it is an incorrect answer.

The cognitive dissonance is resolved as "we're friends" rather than "we hang out because there is significant social pressure to associate and I would need to sever my important social ties to my actual friends in order to actually cut off contact with this person, and if I go out of my way to ignore and avoid him/her for all social interactions then either he/her or I will probably end up ostracized and cut off from everyone, and it will probably be me since I'm the one who made it weird and uncomfortable for everyone else, so I should be performatively polite in public and among my actual friends, but should not try to work with or associate with them outside of that context." Like how in the Ben Franklin effect the dissonance is resolved as "we're friends" rather than "I did this person material favors due to social pressure to perform acts of generosity, but I should not allow Ben Franklin to swindle of me."

Anonymous 55952

Too many men act horrible to female friends they 'catch feelings' for, so fuck his feelings if he acts like shit he deserves to be treated like shit. Her feelings matter. Whiny shitheads who complain about the about the friendzone act like her feelings of hate, repulsion and disgust don't matter and these shitheads deserve hate for that.

Anonymous 55963

Her feelings matter. What about his feelings, though?

Anonymous 55970

If his feelings weren't malignant sociopathy, he wouldn't be acting like shit.

Anonymous 55971

Sociopath is the most overused term in armchair psychology.
It refers to a behavior pattern from criminology, one which is characterized by recklessness, impulsivity, disinhibition and courage.
People shouldn't use it in any circumstance that doesn't involve calling someone "recklessly brave and ruthlessly ambitious."
These men are just garden variety neurotics and vulnerable-pattern narcissists.

Anonymous 55995

Aka bad men who hurt women, so their feelings don't mean shit.

Anonymous 55996

When someone is hurting me, I don't give a fuck about his feelings.

Anonymous 55997

Are you a moid? Why does a woman always have to care about the feelings of a man who hurts her? He can go kill himself with his feelings, he's horrible, uncaring, evil and he is hurting her. He's suffering? He deserves to suffer worse.

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