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Can you asian squat Anonymous 55656

Anonymous 55659

I can squat on your mom

Anonymous 55660

but can you asian squat on my mom

Anonymous 55661

Anonymous 55704

I can only get one heel to touch the ground. I dont know what I'm doing wrong

Anonymous 55727

I am Asian. I have literally never done this squat before in my life, but I tried it right now and it was immediately natural, almost like instinct.

Anonymous 55738

Yes, I can.

Iirc some people physically can’t squat with both feet flat. I think it has to do with the length of your Achilles’ tendon?

Anonymous 55739

I'm white and I don't think my legs evolved to squat like that

Anonymous 55740

No I think the idea of the toilet was adopted too late in eastern countries

Anonymous 55783

The squat toilets they have more commonly are still toilets.
inb4 "they're just holes on the floor"

Anonymous 55855


Actually I just tried asian squatting while wearing shoes with a very slight heel (similar to pic rel except not ugly) and could keep both heels on the ground.
slavs would like to have a word with you

Anonymous 58979

Wasn't this called Slav squatting since forever? And now it's called Asian squatting by some to make it a race thing?

I can easily, but been trying to stretch even more that way so my elbows can comfortable rest on my knees while holding some drink. Google "ヤンキー座り ", it requires the knees to be a bit more to the front than either guy in OP's pic has.

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