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Anonymous 55706

Boys are given great attention to throughout their lives due to people awaiting great, impactful accomplishments from them. Much more is considered to be at stake when it comes to the failures and successess in a males life than in a females - theyre believed to have incredible potential that will either be put to good use or go to waste. This is why people will make sure to praise a boy for succeeding as much as they can.

A girl is expected to succeed at an average to pretty nice level and do it just like that. Theyre not expected to go through deep existential crisises about their lives. If she is doing poorly at school its just that shes stupid, not that her mind is occupied with something else, not that she has trouble focusing on whats in front of her. A girls mind is always focused on the present and mundane - her silly little troubles will go away after opening up about her feelings! Oh and a girl will always love to discuss her feelings!

Wait- she says she isnt fitting in? That shes feeling depressed for not feeling like part of anything, not feeling like she has a place in society? Haha, good one! Females are inherently agreeable and conformist! Shes just one of the quiet ones. Unless… shes like ACTUALLY braindead… like ACTUALLY retarded. After all, social interactions are THE thing females have going for them, THE thing they use their braincells for, amiright?

Anonymous 55708

My mom always treated me better than my brother. Sucks to be you, I guess.

Anonymous 55709

Funny how boys would complain that society puts too much pressure on them to succeed in life but have no safety net for them if they fail expectations, (not saying you're wrong to that boys have it worse, just what I've heard). Kinda reminds me on a video I seen on YT about Japanese talking about their view on environment issues as well as western culture, usually saying that US and UK have better environment protection than they would see Japan. While I would disagree that the Western countries are environmentally conscious (both society and government), I can't say I know what the craic is in Japan.
Grass is greener on the otherside I guess would be relevent I guess.

Anonymous 55711

Op here. I do see it as an issue that males are given too much pressure and too little consideration of feelings. I feel like society should learn to accept more fragility from males and more strong-willedness from females. Ofcourse i do. Im not gonna think all black and white and claim either way to go about in life is better.

Anonymous 55712

Yeah true, think people should just put the their best into their children regardless of if they are boy or girl but still set standards for them

Anonymous 55843

Sad Sacchin.jpg

Every time I had tried to talk to other people about my feelings, it never went well. Someone destroying my reputation, kicking me in the heel in the halls, or even stealing my shit for a quick laugh? My parents response was always "Get over it" but I'm a woman though, so supposedly it means I MUST have annual pity parties where people stroke my hair as I cry to them.

Anonymous 55854

>was 19, in community college, didn't have $5 to spare, no job, economic depressed area, shitbox car about ready to fall apart, only savings was aboug $3k in birthday/holiday money from my entire life
>on the rocks with an abusive bf, had to pack my shit into my car and leave (i had been living with him) because he tried to punch me
>my father: lmao i'm going to switch your birth control out with sugar pills so you get knocked up
>he was serious
I no longer talk to him and he has no idea why. Other things he did:
>say i want to go to university
>he gives me a "hope chest" full of crap-quality tarnished silverware that I couldn't even find a way to sell (a "hope chest" is like a dowry, women going off to get married would take linen, bedding, dishes, silverware, etc. I live in modern America and no this is not some cultural tradition here)
>i gave that shit away to a relative who mentioned they needed more spoons
so the implication is: don't get an education, go get married to some povertous weird backwards asshole who expects his new wife to bring her own spoons
>I say I'm about to move out of state to have a chance of actually finding a job
>he gives me a heavy ass gun safe
>I didn't even own a gun (at that time) (and even now that I own one I don't and would never use a fuckign safe, the burglar isn't going to wait for me to go unlock the safe and load my weapon)
the message: i will physically weigh you down so you cannot move
I tried to leave the safe with him, telling him I had absolutely no use for it and the shipping on the thing would bankrupt me, and asked him to return it to the store and get his money back. He MAILED it to me out of state. I had to find some guy on offerup to sell it to for 1/4 of its value.
>wanted to play sports as a kid
>he wouldn't let me because I might get a scar on my face and ruin my chances for marriage

To spite him, I am now a successful white collar city-living yuppie, multilingual, educated, read over 50 books a year, play sports regularly, and am child-free. Holy fuck I'm not even from Alabama or anything.

Anonymous 55864

Where's your mom in all this?

Anonymous 55868

>I tried to leave the safe with him, telling him I had absolutely no use for it and the shipping on the thing would bankrupt me, and asked him to return it to the store and get his money back. He MAILED it to me out of state. I had to find some guy on offerup to sell it to for 1/4 of its value.
Not to say your father was not an asshole, but if your objection to the safe was that it was too expensive to ship, he's not wrong for paying for it. I know you didn't want it, but it's not like you didn't gain a net positive of income from it.

Anonymous 55871

>telling him …the shipping on the thing would bankrupt me
>He MAILED it to me out of state.

You presented him with a problem and he solved it.

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