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PULL is shutting down Anonymous 55747

damn was anyone expecting this? whats CC's general consensus on PULL?

Anonymous 55748

Oh wow… I wonder where the users will flock to now.

Anonymous 55750

never heard of it before, link? what's it for?

Anonymous 55751

its a gossip forum, though it seems to be mostly nitpicking online influencers for the most part

Anonymous 55752

>first thing that greets me when i enter the site is ugly fanart of a bunch of people i don't know
>weird UI and you have to sign up
dunno about the rest of cc but i don't particularly care about that place shutting down

Anonymous 55761

Never heard of this place b4 but fuck gossip sites and everyone who uses them.

Anonymous 55768

I'm gonna miss it, there was one thread on there I particularly liked and I enjoyed reading some of the other threads whenever I was bored. Funny thing is while browsing there once I accidentally stumbled upon the thread of a girl I knew irl, small world.

Anonymous 55787

pro-trans ones will go to lolcow, the anti-trans to kiwifarms

Anonymous 55791


Anonymous 55792

>deep issues with its culture
Anyone knows what she could be talking about?

Anonymous 55796

there's a lot of speculation about alleged admin drama between Nyx and her newest mods that she hired a couple of weeks ago.
this sudden shutdown is very odd because for months there was always announcement of new changes to the site so it seemed like Nyx was going to keep PULL alive.

Anonymous 55806


PULL ? haha what is that anon ?

Anonymous 55840


Anonymous 55906

lolwut. Isn't lolcow notoriously full of anons who are obsessed with hating anything trans? Both that site and kiwifarms pander to different groups of gossipers, but they both bond over hating trans in the end.

Anyway, I don't know how to feel. It was definitely one of the "tamer" gossip sites with posts that didn't needlessly devolve into hating minorities. Still it was still a gossip site filled with lots of nitpicking and stalker-ish observations.

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