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azula confused fac…

How do you deal with the fact that like >90% of men watch porn? Anonymous 55767

It makes me sick and depressed at the same time. Like we live in a world where true love and romance is basically dead.

I would never be able to be with a guy, who watches porn. It gives me disgusted shivers all over my body.

Recently I read about how many women give their boyfriends "birthday anal". Even though women have a vagina, which is self-cleaning, doesn't hurt them and doesn't require to give themselves a colonsoscopy to use it for sex, men still want to stick their penis inside it. And the women are manipulated into degrading themselves and doing something they would never be asked to do, if their partner wasn't addicted to porn.

They can never be satisfied. They also want femdom roleplay, very rough oral sex, footjobs, etc. Porn just ruins absolutely everything.

Anonymous 55771

I agree with you completely anon, but I don't think colonoscopy is the word you're looking for.

Anonymous 55772

Most women deal because they watch porn too, and a surprising amount have things like rape kinks.
If you don't watch porn and are disgusted by it, you're in the minority unfortunately. I also would never be with someone who watches it, you never know when the actors are being abused or coerced and even porn made for women looks fake and degrading as hell.

Anonymous 55775

Whats the stance on men that don't watch porn but prefer reading kink stories ?

part of the problem is treating sex as a reward or something earned for men rather than something enjoyed together.

Anonymous 55776

>ecently I read about how many women give their boyfriends "birthday anal". Even though women have a vagina, which is self-cleaning, doesn't hurt them and doesn't require to give themselves a colonsoscopy to use it for sex, men still want to stick their penis inside it.
While pornography probably popularized it, sodomy has been a thing since, well, Sodom.

>They can never be satisfied. They also want femdom roleplay, very rough oral sex, footjobs, etc. Porn just ruins absolutely everything.

I agree some coomers get this bad, but the majority of men never get this far. If you're this passionate about wanting to find porn abstaining men, there are plenty of Islamic and Christian sects that at least give the appearance of not indulging in such matters. Go join a religion or something.

I'm just married to guy with pretty vanilla tastes and doesn't like 3D porn at all, so I can't really relate to the problem.

Anonymous 55779

Kill 90% of men obviously

Anonymous 55781

tbh, i may have just gotten insanely lucky because my boyfriend is a wonderful man raised by wonderful parents, but both of us watched porn until we met around 17 (though i've been almost strictly erotic fiction/fanfiction since high school lol).

he was never really into it like a lot of dudes, since we met on tinder and he was more about actually being able to hookup with women lmao. we started dating 5yrs ago and both became increasingly radicalized about porn (he hasn't been interested in watching it in over 5 years and was never an avid watcher, so maybe an atypical example). i.e we're both crypto "swerfs" and commie/marxists on main, but he told me himself that in the past, he never used it more than a once/a couple times a week just to blow off steam and have a visual.

i think for a lot of men, getting into healthy relationships and not obsessing over the internet/having other values and interests besides cooming makes them better people, and makes the knowledge that most of them have watched porn bearable for me. men who are active in their communities, maintain healthy and functional relationships (not necessarily romantic), are motivated to learn and are compassionate do not become pornsick consoomers.

Anonymous 55785

But how many women watch porn?
And what kind of it?

Anonymous 55786

fuck off with your (((MTV))) bs. this is now an anti porn board

Anonymous 55793

>doesn't like 3D porn at all
Are you saying that he is into hentai?

Anonymous 55795

I personally don't mind. Porn is a very unethical industry(which is my main problem with porn) but so is every industry… Obviously I don't like pornsick cumbrains who can't separate fantasy from reality but who doesn't? Also I'm a kinky bih so the more guys willing to do kinky shit the better.

Anonymous 56590

Fucking moids. Porn is the center of the culture now.

Anonymous 56592

How is porn any worse than sex
Are you going to be upset guys have sex now?

Anonymous 56593

>But how many women watch porn?

We'll never know. Popular media wants to depict women as being just as susceptible to coompoisoning as men, but it's based on data that counts men in dresses as women.


This is about rape off tape, not rape on tape, but it's the same idea. Read to the end for the plot twist!

Anonymous 56610

Absolutely based.

Anonymous 56616

most men are not handing over money, they're just getting off to women being raped and beaten for free.

Anonymous 56618

That's not empowering at all. It's degrading.

Anonymous 56621

They have the choice to do so. It's the same as being an e-girl. They have the choice to be an adult actress if it is advantageous to them.

Anonymous 56622


People have choices to do a lot of things that are regretful and degrading. Specially young adults that have barely stepped into their adulhood and don't have enough responsability. The e-girl is another realm of stupidity, but that's just my opinion.

Anonymous 56626

Yes, but it's up to them to decide. It's a ridiculous proposition that limited the choices of women by, say, banning porn, is empowering.

Anonymous 56627

Crackhead spotted

Anonymous 56628

I think it's just encouraging it is bad. banning porn is a whole political issue, but porn in general is simply bad for men and bad for women it's been proven a million times everybody knows it, don't do drugs and don't do porn kids.

Anonymous 56629

You replied to my post. What I'm trying to say is that I feel it's unmoral. And unmorality has to be understood and avoided.

Anonymous 56630

No one said anything about "empowerement", retard.& good job outing yourself as a braindead male :)

Anonymous 56631

I think porn use in a relationship is low key cheating, but it's fine if you're doing it alone. You can't expect everyone to be a whore and fuck people whenever they're horny and outside of a relationship.

Anonymous 56634

It's not about "cheating", buddy.Porn is an industry built on the exploitation and degradation of women.And frankly, if you need porn as cum-aid, that's a you problem :)

Anonymous 56635

Your lousy passive aggressiveness aside, OP started this thread about porn in the relationship of context.

Anonymous 56640

Regardless, she's right and she should say it

Anonymous 56642

OP also made their disgust of porn and the expectations it places on women clear but…okay? Perhaps you should learn to read before outing yourself as a cumbrain and getting butthurt when people don't coddle your pornsickness

Anonymous 56643

Kind of a weird thing to complain about. Don't see how porn makes romance dead, romance is something entirely separate from sex. If you think love is dead because people watch sex, you may as well think dancing is dead because people listen to music on phones instead of in person. If anything it's just the general western culture of instant gratification, cult of the individual, and how normal it is to just dump someone and go for someone else after three weeks that makes romance dead.

>they also want

Well, you could also find someone who doesn't want that stuff. If you just want to find a man who doesn't have a libido, well, biologically that's rare for a reason; you can't have it all. Relationships are give and take.

Anonymous 56650

Did you read what OP wrote at all? Clearly they have an issue with the normalization of degrading sexual practices, not merely "watching people have sex".Please get your eyes and/or brain checked.

Anonymous 56652

Are you larping or are you actually this retarded

Anonymous 56654

Pretty sure it's the same retard commenting every couple of hours that porn.is.valid.I smell an insecure male but you never know

Anonymous 56655

It does emit an intense moid stench, you're right

Anonymous 56656

If their problem is the normalization of sexual practices, it still has no bearing on "true love and romance" being dead. The normalization of "degrading sexual practices" (and I wouldn't say that any of those except rough oral is degrading) is something that's been happening since the dawn of time, especially because sexual acts weren't even considered a problem for most of history. Anal is attested to in goddamn Babylon, and Sumer had the King and Queen fuck each other in front of the entire city, a tradition which carried on in some places to the middle ages. Footjobs are less degrading and more a chore. Femdom is degrading only in the fact that you're roleplaying, but the same could be said of all roleplay and you can just say no. If he refuses, well, he can find someone else to wank to. It sounds to me like she's projecting Victorian ideas of propriety onto romance, a concept which has existed since prehistory.

Anonymous 56657

I don't watch porn, I just read history. Why is it that if someone disagrees with you, it's got to be a moid? This is like /r9k/ insisting if someone isn't a retard, it must be a femoid.

Anonymous 56659

Anal sex sucks. It hurts and it's degrading. A lot of moids are demanding it now.

Anonymous 56660

Tell them to shove something up their own ass and see how they like it. I don't see how it's even good for them. Surely a self-lubricating hole perfected over millions of years to encourage sex is better than a waste disposal chute?

Anonymous 56661

They like how disgusting and degenerate it is. Pornbrain moids are Like That. It's funny, too, because they are the ones who have a "g-spot" in the ass, not us.

Anonymous 56663

If you're dealing with a moid who legitimately likes something up their ass then leave them to their degeneracy and find someone who can appreciate a good ride without needing to have literal shit on their dick.

Anonymous 56664

Based response

Anonymous 56674

But what about the girls who enjoy anal while they finger themselves… they're not on the team

Anonymous 56678

Well, that's why they say there's always The One out there for you, I suppose. I've never met someone like that, though. Do they really exist out of porn? Anal is just super uncomfortable for me, I always feel like I'm getting squished.

Anonymous 56680

LOL sure, if your point of reference is girls "fingering" themselves in porn

Anonymous 56683

If we're being totally fair here being mentally fucked up describes a lot of fetishes. I think it might describe all of them, I don't remember if that's paraphilia though.

Anonymous 56691

Why do MEN have pleasure receptors in the asshole, though? Doesn't it mean they're inherently gay?

Anonymous 56692

They don't, it's just that if you go in deep enough you hit the prostate and that's basically their ejaculation gland. It's a bit like if your bladder was right next to your rectum and you suddenly feel like you seriously need to pee once you took it up the ass.

Anonymous 56706

>all these women who think there's a g-spot in a man's ass.
I hope you don't do your own medical check ups.

Anonymous 56721

Fuck off moid.

Anonymous 56722

Feel good to be proven right! No one respond to the pathetic pornsick moid who will hopefully die alone and miserable <3
Anyway, abt anal sex: it can indeed be pleasurable for males and "g-spot" was obviously not meant in the literal sense…reading comprehension where lol

Anonymous 56723

Don't respond, it's amusing enough watching him reply and "agree" with himself as if we can't smell the pathetic stench of an insecure moids from miles away…comedy gold

Anonymous 56731

This. >>56706 you're retarded <3

Anonymous 56749

Hey anon, we're both retards for thinking males have a gay pleasure spot in their assholes. Feels bad.

Anonymous 56830

I put three fingers in his butt by surprise and he liked it lul

Anonymous 56862

Did he finish?

Anonymous 56864

>go into thread
>OP is about how all men watch porn and have depraved views of sex
>skip to bottom
>anons are discussing how to make boys cum from anal prostate stimulation

All my what

Anonymous 56890

In the mouth
He won't need any porn once I'm done with him

Anonymous 56907

Who's mouth? Did he finish into his own?

Anonymous 56949

He could. It's literally a tipping point in sexuality at that point.

Anonymous 57099

Three's a fucking lot lol, he must have played back there before, maybe he's kinda a butt slut

Anonymous 57190


implying humans haven't been doing perverted things since 4eva

Anonymous 57192

but males aren't human

Anonymous 57227

They’re pets!

Anonymous 57246

It's cute how women will adopt this brand of degrading the other gender yet it looks so out of place to read.

Anonymous 57247

thanks UwU

Anonymous 57323

How do you define "watching porn"?
Just sitting there and watching it like a movie?
Or does opening a video, masturbating, orgasming, closing a video also count as "watching porn"?

Anonymous 57368


Anonymous 57964

here's somebody who gets it

Anonymous 59455

i dont give a fuck if men watch videos of women fucking, because i watch videos of men fucking. it evens out

Anonymous 60537

i agree. porn is a stain on society from east to west. lobby for it to be removed/banned. there are lots of guys out there who i'm sure either don't watch porn or have quit it. try and meet some men at your church maybe? or if you find a man who you love you can help him beat his addiction to pornography.

Anonymous 60549


Watching porn goes like this for me:

>look up tag for kink I feel like watching

>click on a video
>skip to the most interesting parts
>see interesting thumbnail under recommendations
>click on that and watch most interesting parts
>rinse and repeat several times while schlicking with interruptions
>end up on myreadingmanga and orgasm to yaoi comic

Old habits die hard. Also, I can't judge men for watching porn. Wouldn't want to be a hypocrite.

Anonymous 60578

The people who complain most about porn are the biggest addicts and coomers

For example, it's mostly the older, unattractive ex porn actresses that are very anti-porno

I personally feel that porn is grotesque, I've noticed that I usually feel nauseous after watching it but if people want to use it as a cope then that's their choice

Anonymous 60580

Most women don't watch porn, save for BL anime.

Most women read porn, be it BL comics or sexually explicit romance novels.

However, anything that is drawn or written by an individual can be considered (and most often is) artistic expression. Hence why women's porn is not porn.

Anonymous 60582

>women's porn is not porn
Coomer cope

Anonymous 60584

Nah. Truth.

Anonymous 60589

There isn't anything to do, they're horny 90% of the time, and that's the only way they can cope with it.

Anonymous 60613

>I can't judge men for watching porn. Wouldn't want to be a hypocrite.
Porn isn't mutually exclusive with true love or romance imo. Porn does not mean porn addiction.
Plenty of people develop degenerate kinks outside of porn (before they've been exposed to any, for example). Its eradication wouldn't guarantee that any dude you like would be vanilla.
You have niche taste in men, deal with it. You only have to find 1 good one.

Anonymous 60649

>How do you deal with the fact that like >90% of men watch porn?
By not fucking 90% of them. I’m Stacy so I can afford to be choosey, yes porn free chads exist.

Anonymous 60658

there are no porn free chads, there are only liars

Anonymous 60727

They don't.

Anonymous 60747


>How do you deal with the fact that like >90% of men watch porn?

theoretically enough sex so they don't need it, practically not because a normal procreation hole can't handle that.

it's almost like nature doesn't support monogamy

Anonymous 60899

>it's almost like nature doesn't support monogamy
Every successful civilization in history has been monogamous because why would someone contribute to something they can neither have a guarantee of or otherwise have to just themselves? Even if you actually believe that, humanity must ultimately do what works for the whole even if it leads to some discomfort. People literally work more now than they would under a King as peasants in medieval times, but most would agree the extra work is worth the entertainment their labor enables.

Anonymous 60919


The irony that moids posting black dick pics are 99% skinny white/asian manlets with no self-esteem whatsoever so they post larger penis's than their "growers" will ever have

Anonymous 60930


>Every successful civilization in history…

Anonymous 60963

Like it or not, that image proves my point. The epidemic of obesity that exists is just another brick in the wall for how success humanity has become. That some people cannot into moderation doesn't make this not the case. It's like winning the lottery, it has literally been statistically proven to be bad for most people because they cannot handle the success.

Anonymous 60967

Your measures of success are mind-boggling. How can you consider successful a population which is diseased in its attempts to cope with a paltry existence? No different from saying that a pig who feeds on slop before the slaughter is rich.

Anonymous 60974

>Your measures of success
As you say, "measures of success", be it food, water, shelter, clothing, and the last of which is luxuries. Excess, yes. The foremost four of which are necessities, and the fifth the cherry on the cake. How some people deal with success is on them. Just as those pigs you bring up who are born to die, let the proverbial pigs be born to die if that is all they're good for. You can break it down however you so choose, but it won't change the fact that a hell of a lot of people will agree there is no objective reason to even exist. Still, humanity has done more in the past hundred years than in the entirety of human history up until this point. Mostly safe, mostly living long, mostly no disease, etc ad infinitum. It does not get better than this because there will always be pigs and those willing to feed them.

Anonymous 60989

Excess is not a failure state. You could at least argue a "lack" of morals, but then the onus is on you to prove morality exists.

Anonymous 61212

So you're saying that porn ruins the romance while these are 2 different things ? How would consuming porn be any different from randomly discovering a fetish ? Sounds more like a complain to me that men want too much sex and thanks to porn it's also fetishized into something not enjoyable aka a partnership issue that should be talked about with the partner, if it even becomes a real issue and not some maybe this will happen worst case scenario fantasy. I agree on the anal part: It's just wrong.

Anonymous 61220

porn should be banned

Anonymous 61234

You failed by posting here too.

Anonymous 61237

one easy self explaining rule to follow
you just have a fetish for being humiliated

Anonymous 61263


Why are you like this?

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