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[email protected]_FIL,_…

Anonymous 56190

I love Sasha. She's intelligent, charming, successful. Look at the smug face of the assistant girl behind her. She's proud of her. Women love her. I dream of having that kind of success, admiration and respect among other women someday.

Anonymous 56194


>inb4 hurrr she did porn
Exactly because she did porn it's amazing how she is able to be extremely successful in normie society, be loved and accepted by moms and other women who maybe are repulsed by porn - but they don't mind her porn past because she is that extreme excellent of a person.

Anonymous 56196

The only reason those women know about her is because she did porn. She's not that intelligent at all. The woman behind her is smiling for the camera. Her entire gimmick is based around her being a pornstar, unlike other pornstars who are shit at acting and even dumber, she got lucky and was able to branch into others things (there are a few pornstars that make it into acting actually).

But really I don't like your post because you worship and think in terms of normie status symbols and whatnot. Her entire character seems like careful marketing to dumb women. All you got out of that is wanting to be popular lmao. So shallow.

Anonymous 56197

She was already popular with men before she got out of porn. Being popular with men is meaningless, they only like her as a piece of meat to masturbate to. She was able to transform that into being popular with women with her charm and intelligence, something very very very few porn actors manage to. You sound salty.

>The woman behind her is smiling for the camera

That's why she's looking at the crowd with a smug face rather at the camera with the empty smile all public relations people give cameras when they have to smile but aren't enjoying the moment.

Anonymous 56201

>make the male version of porn getting railed by men left and right for money
>make the female version of porn, in novel form
>women want their porn book signed
wow so transformative and high intelligence

Anonymous 56205


I don't know much about her but this photo makes me laugh.

Anonymous 56211


Idk, all I get when I look at her is an urge to buy Skyrim

Anonymous 56215

Making porn women like (successful books) is is objectively much more difficult than making porn men like, and much more prestigious. Yes, it requires more intelligence than the average person. Cope.

Anonymous 56224


>He put his big pp in to her vagoo…

Anonymous 56228

yes, appealing to horny women requires exquisite literature such as best seller 50 shades of grey aka twilight fanfiction

Anonymous 56232

How successful is your fanfic anon?

Anonymous 56322

Can't speak for her but I personally don't write fanfic, and I doubt yours is making you much money, if any, in this insanely over-saturated market. I don't know why you're shilling so hard for this business model and this particular woman. Are you on her marketing team or something? Advertising working for a fast food chain would be more genuine and actually profitable.

You'd have better odds trying to make a new top MOBA.

Unfortunately, intelligence is still a gamble in financial success. A surprising amount of the biggest winners are brainlets that got extremely lucky, then fade into obscurity and usually debt from spending their riches in silly ways, for the rest of their lives.

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