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enby trannies? Anonymous 56235

There's an entire thread about trans women but I'm curious about nonbinary people

1. do you personally know any nonbinaries?
2. do you see them as different from men/women or just larpers?
3. do you have different experiences with male and female ones?
4. do you see them as different from regular trannies?

Anonymous 56242

It strikes me as a fad that people will drop as quickly as they drop vegan diets after a few years. They’re just the next step after trannies in the cultural rat race to become “even more specialer than everyone else”. I am however thankful that it seems like a cultural stopping point; I have a hard time believing that the mass media and normies will care about people’s super unique gender and sexual identities anymore after trans. No one outside tumblr / twitter seems to give a shit about demisexual amorantic sapiosexual biromantic bullshit, so I think nonbinaries will be lumped into that pile should their terminology ever escape the internet cesspool.

Anonymous 56253

I mostly agree with >>56242. Maybe it’s just my old age getting to me but I’m skeptical that most of these nb special genders/sexualities will stick.
I have talked to a few (under 18) non-binary people in real life as part of my job/circle pre-corona and they’re all 1. Afab (translation: born female) with traditionally non-feminine personalities and 2. Something else “wrong with them” (such as mental illness, past eating disorders or unstable home lives). A few of them did eventually became girls again within the time I knew them and I suspect many of the others will turn out the same way.
From a professional and personal perspective, I see nothing wrong with people feeling free to explore gender. It’s better than forcing every girl who feels uncomfortable with her body during puberty and every boy who wants to wear a princess dress for Halloween to go through HRT anyway. I even used singular “they” to describe person without a stated gender before LGBT+ was mainstream (got shit for it by a few supervisors even). However, I think the concept of someone actually being non-binary is even less likely than some actually being binary trans. Most of these people are just non-gender-conforming [insert sex here], not a whole spectrum of third gender, and most will eventually realize that once they grow up a bit.

Anonymous 56254

What about non-binaries on hrt?

Anonymous 56255

I’m against putting children on hormones in general. Non-binary, transmasc, genderflux, whatever. I don’t care if that’s transphobic of me to say, they can wait until they’re 18. Hormone blockers are fine, but they’re on thin ice as we don’t really know much about them.
I don’t have any experience with non-binary adults on hormones, but if a psychiatrist prescribed them it, they can go ahead within the professional recommendation. Malpractice and misdiagnosises (spelling?) happens, but this stuff is not as flippantly given out as most people think because they don’t want to lose their license. Black market hormones are different so I can’t comment.

Anonymous 56263

i was "non-binary" during my teen years, and i eventually reverted back to being a woman as i realized i felt out of place in my body because of internalized misogyny. i feel like a lot of "afab" non binary kids dont feel they align with the idea of womanhood that gets advertised everywhere that they dont think they are a woman.

Anonymous 56268

“Nonbinaries” are just trannies who didn’t feel special enough. Even bigger attention whores than the men who wear dresses.

Anonymous 56271

>I don't feel like I am X gender so I will create a new gender instead.
In what way does this fight gender?

Anonymous 56278

That’s fucking stupid. You know what makes someone feminine? Having a vagina. Shoo.

Anonymous 56283

Is that supposed to be offensive?

Please read the sticky.

Anonymous 56284

>overly identify

Purge the I-word from your vocabulary. It's a brainworm. Women are women regardless of what surgeries they have done or what costumes they like to wear.

Anonymous 56286

So every female powerlifter or thrower is now nonbinary? And every male dancer, runner, or figure skater is nonbinary? What is the point of gender when people can behave however they want, and still consider themselves whichever gender they want?

Anonymous 56290

You're the one who said
>You are exclusviely feminine if you present it both in behavior and appearance.
Powerlifters obviously do not present as stereotypical females in appearance. Neither do any of the other athletes listed. Hence they don't present in both behavior and appearance. At most, they present female in only behavior. Unless you have a completely warped view of what gender norms are.

Anonymous 56296

non binaries are worse in theory, as their identity is meaningless and embarrassing. in person, they are nothing more than ex hamilton/sherlock/dr.who/fujo stans that can't even make a phone call without hyperventilating. trannies are worse, specifically male ones.

Anonymous 56299

> they are nothing more than ex hamilton/sherlock/dr.who/fujo stans that can't even make a phone call without hyperventilating.

Damn, didn’t know every miner was actually nb.

Anonymous 56319

Oh look, le tranny defense force has arrived. Let me guess, gender is a social construct and doesn’t exist, yet simultaneously we NEED to let men chop their dicks off or else they’ll commit suicide because they aren’t girly enough?

Anonymous 56331


Nonbinary people say shit like “gender isn’t real!!1!” yet enforce the idea of gender by the very nature of their identity. The idea of gender has been so ingrained in them, that they believe if they don’t identify with the gender stereotypes associated with their sex, that they must be something different/outside of the “gender binary”! If they TRULY didn’t believe in gender, they would acknowledge their sex, and understand that their gender nonconformity does not change the fact of them being a man or woman. In fact, no person truly perfectly fits the fake, socially constructed “gender binary.” Sex is real. Gender is not.


>nonbinaries are people that are not exclusively masculine or feminine.
You are just thinking of gender nonconformity. No one defines nonbinary people like this. Nonbinary people literally think they are something seperate from men and women.

Anonymous 56335

Nonbinary means anything you want it to mean, sweetie, because defining it would create boundaries that might exclude people, and we just can't be having that in The Current Year ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Anonymous 56336

>You haven't met any non-binary people then.
If they didn’t think they were something separate from a man or woman, then they wouldn’t call themselves nonbinary. You are thinking of gender nonconformity. It isn’t the same thing. You KNOW this.
>First you say they are attached to the idea of gender then you say they're not.
Nope, not what I said! They are attracted to the idea of gender by the very nature of identities. They believe that because they do not conform to gender stereotypes, that they are something different than a man or a woman. If they TRULY did not believe in gender, then they would acknowledge that they are a simply gender nonconforming man or woman.

Anonymous 56339

>No one calls themselves nonbinary in real life
This just isn’t true. You know the people who call themselves nonbinary online also exist in real life, right?
>They do acknowledge that they're born either a woman or man
Yes, they might acknowledge that they are “afab” of “amab,” but they will still insist that they are NOT a man or a woman, but nonbinary. Literally go onto tumblr and ask any nonbinary person to confirm this.

Anonymous 56343


I've never seen a nonbinary person that didn't either transition/want to or have some sort of physical dysphoria and I've seen quite a few

Anonymous 56350

I have met a nonbinary person. She was nice, but she always got angry that I wouldn't call her "they/them", and I said it was grammatically weird and made me think of multiple people or a hivemind. She also asked for this concession from every person in the school and wanted to be considered neither a girl nor boy. She also wore a binder and had a very christian, racist father, so I had my suspicions that she just wanted to be rebellious and/or was abused. She tried to act more like a boy, but had a very squishy feminine face and was small. Funnily enough, she started treating me more nicely after her younger brother had a crush on me.
(Saged for kind of blogpost)

Anonymous 56361

How do you tell who is a ~true~ nonbinary person lmao?

Anonymous 56364

>thinks their hair dye makes them a magical exception to maleness or femaleness


Anonymous 56367

Even if it’s “not a phase,” it’s still not a valid identity. They aren’t any less valid because they’re “mature about it” lol. That’s like saying a TiM is a woman because he’s “mature about it.” Your “nonbinary” friends are all either men or women. I don’t care how gender nonconforming they are.

Anonymous 56368

samefag, meant that your friends aren’t any more* valid

Anonymous 56379

they're easier to clock as girls online than trannies are in person

Anonymous 56380

this non-binary stuff is the most histrionic thing I've seen in recent years. not being feminine doesn't make you belong to a third gender. you can larp as a "they/it/xer" among your ilk for all I care but don't expect me to call you "they"

Anonymous 56385

I only met one nonbinary person in my life. She dressed like a cartoon character and changed her name to "Collar".
I've also only met one transperson in my life. They were obviously mentally ill and crying everyday.

Anonymous 56386

Is this shit fad just the logical end result of several generations of social conditioning girls to think femininity is strictly pink dresses and child care, followed by one generation of breaking the mold? You can be a girl and like MMA and monster trucks, ffs. I hate how this movement simultaneously wants to say that gender isn’t real, sex isn’t binary, everything’s an imaginary social construct, yet a guy who likes baking or a girl who likes weightlifting has GOTTA BE NON-BINARY AND QUEER YALL

Anonymous 56392


i was on tumblr for most of my teen years so it isn't a completely new concept but what's interesting is how nonbinary went from "neither male nor female" to "gender nonconforming but still trans" in my age group

>do you personally know any nonbinaries?

a few
>do you see them as different from men/women or just larpers?
larpers but i would still use pronouns. as far as the lgbt community i only talk to other radfem lesbians these days
>do you have different experiences with male and female ones?
i'm sure there are but i avoid males who are into queer theory
as for afabs, ive met some who have a dissociation/trauma from womanhood and reject it, which i kinda understand and sympathize with
>do you see them as different from regular trannies?
the same, i think all of this is a result of restrictive gender roles in media/from older generations. i don't think the answer to getting rid of gender roles completely is to make new genders.

Anonymous 56414

I know a lot of nonbinary people, they're fine. Most of them are IRL (I live in a city where I'm deep into a queer scene).

Some are XX, some are XY, some are intersex. Some of them are more feminine and some are more masculine. Some are annoying and some are chill.

I get incredibly frustrated by the people who have a persecution complex and are nonbinary and aligned with their assigned gender, though. Like, okay, if you're an AFAB nonbinary femme, that's great for you and I'll support you, but please be a fun and pleasant person and have a conversation about, like, pets or music or books or anything that's interesting - I don't want to talk about how society oppressed you every day when you're not persecuted, just a little inconvenienced!

But again, 4/5 of the nonbinary people I know are lovely. Maybe they like cats or Steven Universe too much, but I like dogs and Pokemon too much, so we're really even.

Anonymous 56419

Your friends are all either men or women

Anonymous 56540

But those are larping trannies

Anonymous 56604

>3. do you have different experiences with male and female ones?
The only male enbies I've met were either wannabe femboys or early-stage trannies. Female enbies are usually the tumblr sjw-type, want to fit in (especially in lgbt circles), and generally think they aren't women because sometimes they don't conform with all the female gender roles or don't want to deal with misogyny. I feel like most of them will grow out of it.

Anonymous 56605

>I feel like most of them will grow out of it.
they better do, there's nothing more tragic than a 30 year old nb woman

Anonymous 56693

But in other terms, lots of people beat trannies

Anonymous 56694

Are you attacking the color pink, dresses, and children, or are you attacking this idea that only those things are feminine? Because I'd say that women who legitimately like that stuff, not just because they're brainwashed but because dresses and long skirts are hella cute and children are lovable little retards, are pretty brave on their own in this era of "ugh we must advance the cause of justice, forward the flag of the tranny pink haired hamplanet!" where they can just say 'yes, but see, this is nice and I'm going to do what I think is good'.

Anonymous 56708

No, but like, are you hating on women who just legitimately think that a pink dress is cute, or are you hating on women who think that if you think a pink dress ISN'T cute then you're super unfeminine? Because the second is sensible, the first is kind of eh. Being feminine doesn't mean pastel pink babyface, but it also doesn't exclude those things. Femininty is an attitude.
Also I don't know about you but I usually feel like I'm the only person of my age (22) in a hundred mile radius wearing long (ankle) skirts, everyone else is wearing hot pants, jeans, ripped up jeans, sweatpants, whatever, so I'm honestly not sure who you're even referring to with the pink skirts stuff.


I just hate how 'empowerment' means 'like a guy'. Why can't I be confident and self-assured AND wear a skirt? I look good in a skirt.

Anonymous 56711

Well, my point is that skirts, pink, and raising kids aren't a generic "men's fetish". In my experience in fact they're far less a "man's fetish" than muscles are a "woman's fetish". They might be classically feminine but so is not walking around dressed like a three dollar whore, and that seems like the hottest thing for men these days.

Anonymous 56712

How is it male indoctrination if I'm gay yet still find cutesy shit appealing?

Anonymous 56714

So are you saying that if people don't like what you like they're indoctrinated? Sounds like indoctrination to me hmmm

Anonymous 56717

You literally just told someone who said they find "cutesy shit appealing" that they're indoctrinated by their mom. Nobody said shit about being a trophy wife, that's all you. Stop projecting your repressed fetishes, if you want to be a collared slave to dick you can, nobody will judge you, you go girl.

Anonymous 56719

>accuse someone of lacking reading comprehension
>actually just doesn't have a good follow up
Just admit you're wrong.

Anonymous 56724

have you considered if nobody can understand your point it might be you who can't write for shit

Anonymous 62578


>1. do you personally know any nonbinaries?
i used to. they were honestly pretty cool

>2. do you see them as different from men/women or just larpers?

imo it's a larp half of the time, and an honest effort to get away from ""gender"" the other half.
either way i DO think it's super silly. these types always say that gender doesn't matter and doesn't exist, then go and be nb because they…don't identity with either gender?? therefore showing that it must exist in some concrete way in their minds…i'll read the thread after i'm done posting this (i may be wrong!) but what the hell

>3. do you have different experiences with male and female ones

i have never encountered (even adjacently, or online just browsing) seen an amab nb person lol. they're all girls afaik

4. do you see them as different from regular trannies?
yeah. being nb doesn't seem as harmful, it's whatever. i'll call you they/them if you want

Anonymous 62597

>1. do you personally know any nonbinaries?
Yes. I work with one.
>2. do you see them as different from men/women or just larpers?
LARP of the highest delusion.
>3. do you have different experiences with male and female ones?
I've only ever known a born female but-muh-non-binary-i-dont-subscribe-to-reality LARPER
>4. do you see them as different from regular trannies?
Yes. Non-Binary LARPs focus on ignoring the fact that they are what they were born as. Trannies on the other hand focus on denying what they were born as. similar depths of mental illness and delusion, but different.

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