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Why tf do i have to put up with crazy men pretending to be women again? I'm so sick of this "trans" stuff, if J.K Rowling can state this basic fact, so can I.

Anonymous 56383

Trannies be like: “yeah but did you know that 0.00000001% of biological women have a genetic defect that makes them born without a cervix? So no, we can’t just say ‘women’”

Anonymous 56391

Hello fellow individuals tips cervix

Anonymous 56395

"fucked up-ovaries haver" and "uterus owner" is how we are supposed to talk about PCOS too
i give up

Anonymous 56396


Well, I think the wording is for transmen as well this time so they don’t larp their way into getting stage 4 cervical cancer because being referred to as a biological woman for 30 minutes at the doctors office makes them sad. I’m not sure if this makes me feel better, but the concept makes me laugh devilishly.
In other news, did you know both trans need to check their shit? Guess they need more places to find reasons why medical transition for 9 year olds is super necessary and not child abuse.

Anonymous 56404

>In other news, did you know both trans need to check their shit?
More than other people? Best reports I can find says everyone should start getting screened at age 50 tranny or not. The only article mentioning it specifical for trannies was because if you have .frankenweiner or a surgical gouge you may find a colonoscopy uncomfortable more than a normal person.

Anonymous 56412

>Why can’t they at least put “women and other genders with cervixes”. It’s still nonsense but at least it would only be degrading themselves instead of half the earth.

Congratulations on feeling degraded so easily! I'll make sure to refer to your type as "brunettes and other women with hair" next time, for your particular sensitivity.

Anonymous 56413

I do not agree with the ideology, but the way you put it results in "othering" where the assumed normal is presented and then the "other" that applies is added as an after note. To increase inclusivity, you start a race to the lowest common denominator, which leads to strange situations like this. Again, I do not agree with this line of thought, but it is a product of identity politics and encouraging diversity as a good thing in and of itself without considering the drawbacks.

Anonymous 56427

>I think the wording is for transmen as well this time so they don’t larp their way into getting stage 4 cervical cancer

I have as little pity for yaoi-drunk fujos as I do for pro-lifers, she-pimps, and any other type of handmaiden. If their dumbass man larp gets them cervical cancer, so be it. There are too many women who aren't delusional, who have actual problems in their lives who need medical information communicated to them in plain speech.

Anonymous 56432

Looking at the US I am starting to think that maybe Hitler and Bin Laden made some valid points here and there

Anonymous 56463



Anonymous 56466

Based terf thread

Anonymous 56475

so nobody want to talk about the fact that hpv is now a a big (bigger) thing instead of bashing trannies ?

Anonymous 56490

Anonymous 56494


Hating on bewigged men is skinny and funny though.

Anonymous 56505

Transphobia is sexy.

Anonymous 56507

>INSTEAD of bashing trannies

Fuck no, trannybashing is the absolute shit. But we can talk about the HPV thing, too. You know who spreads HPV? Trannies, who will fuck literally anything that holds still long enough and consider monogamy a form of oppression. Never fuck a dude who's got pronouns.

Anonymous 56520



Anonymous 56521

>their whole movement is about accept their true selves
same is true for Christians… if you share their definition of true selfhood. thing is, unconditional acceptance doesn't exist. accepting one framework for how identity works means rejecting others. you can advocate for contradictory rights at the same time, but you can't implement them at the same time. either kids have agency and can consent to hormone therapy and they have the right to make independent decisions, or they don't have that kind of agency and they have the right to be protected. either trans women are biological women and they should to be treated as women in every way, or trans women are not biological women and they should be treated differently under certain circumstances.
inclusion doesn't mean abandoning all standards so everyone can feel equally valid, it means re-negotiating standards to be fairer.

Anonymous 56573


im all for tranny bashing but many have hpv now thats what the article is all about…
what should i do if i meet a cute guy but he had it once and tells me on a date … like wtf… he got it from a stacy years ago and she from a chad and chad from a tranny he hateraped.
What if the guy doesnt tell it, what if he doesnt even know it
what if i had it once and it lies now dorment but it cant be detected anymore ?

Anonymous 56586

No need to worry about it, chances are that you've inherited it, most of the population is infected lmao

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