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Anonymous 56390

Sex with men is just not fun to me.
I have had (8+) partners, different sizes, stamina, experience level, attraction level, "vanilla"-ness level.
I don't have any trauma to "deal" with that suddenly makes every guy horrible at sex.
It's just… jackhammering is boring, it just makes me feels how they penetrate my cervix, it's not quite stimulating enough.
They're all just fucking bad at cunnilingus. And masturbation.
Like, experience just means "I have satisfied myself with several women's bodies" or "I think I'm Ron Jeremy". And "I want to make you orgasm" means "You have to moan and wiggle at whatever the fuck I do, how dare you like things not in accordance to my fantasy of your sexual desire".
Or they just can't learn what I show them somehow.
Do you just need to be super hot to get them to try and actually make sex reciprocal?
Do I just need to take care of my own pleasure, as well as his?
Like, the only thing that keeps me going on with real sex is adrenaline from new partners and light kinky shit.
Going masturbation only makes me feel unwanted and not normal.
How do you do it anon?
Do you actually have orgasms at least 90% of the times?

Anonymous 56397

> Do you actually have orgasms at least 90% of the times?
I’m going to be real with you: most women don’t always cum during sex. Especially ones who jump from partner to partner. I have enough Stacy friends back in the day to know that. Personally, to get /nsfw/ I have a partner I love and REALLY wants to satisfy me and I still only have came maybe twice just from penetration with him. Small clit and labia causes this me thinks. Usually I finish myself before or after.
But outside of my weird issues, I generally don’t think it’s common to cum every time unless you have a guy who won’t get off until you do.

Tl;dr - get a sub man to eat you out for a weekend idk lol

Anonymous 56400

i'm straight OP but lately i've been getting the same feeling.
i don't know, maybe it's the fact that my boyfriend has been depressed lately and his sex drive has gone down but i'm finding myself getting increasingly bored/antsy. i would never cheat on him, never have, never wanted to, but i'm finding myself looking at other people lately, specifically women.
i've never dated a woman before. i've been with 5+ men before in my life and i can say with the exception of ONE man, men are just mediocre. they rush things because they can get off so much faster than i (or most women for that matter) can.
but sometimes i see women and think "what if i'm missing out on something?"

and no, i fake orgasm like 50% of the time. i know it's shitty but whatever. it makes him happy.

Anonymous 56434

I've known him for 15 years and he's my best friend. The bond is already there. Not sure what point you're trying to make tbh

Anonymous 56436

Don't chase highs when you'll always have lows?

Anonymous 56459


I'll go straight forward too. I never have had sex. Only masturbated with my hands. Yes, I have orgasms always. They have different intesities and I think I have never coomed. Sometimes I watch something but I can always get aroused pretty easily without anything or just the thought of my crush. I drink a fair amout of water per day and I have a couple sips of water before masturbating. Lately I've been only doing it externally (touching the clit)because I hate going to the bathroom with my sticky hand. I noticed my hand smells funny when I do it inside even though I wash it with soap three times or so afterwards. When I did it inside I used two or three fingers.

>Going masturbation only makes me feel unwanted and not normal.

Well, that's not a very nice thing to say. Why do you feel like that? I'd feel unwanted and not normal in other circumstances.

What she points out about the labia size is interesting. I'd say my labia are medium size. I have an outie. I've read simmilar comments in the labiaplasty thread of /hb/ I think.

Anonymous 56460

Same anon, I mean, going wet isn't the same as cooming, right? It's not proper eyaculation, is it?

Anonymous 56509

i used to fall for this meme. but then i realized i have a ridiculously high sex drive, higher than the men i’ve dated, and it contributed to the tearing of the relationship. of the many factors that contribute to having a happy relationship with someone you love, i would prefer to have my sexual needs satiated, regardless of how much i love a person.

Anonymous 56526

Queen tier strategy

Anonymous 56527

>I have orgasms
>I don't coom
Anon….orgasming is cumming (for women). I'd think a fellow avid masturbator would know this shit.

Squirt is pee. Women don't ejaculate kek.

Anonymous 56531


Female ejaculation is real, and you can have an orgasm and not coom. For a sec I thought I was wrong but here you have some proof:
We can ejaculate too, it goes through the urethra (sounds a bit weird but fun). I get wet in seconds but this is a whole different thing. Of course female ejaculation is something people never really cared about until now. What a surprise.

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