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Anonymous 56446

Aren't you worried about how aggressive and violent many men are becoming lately? You know. Incels, blackpillers… and all that shit.

Anonymous 56447



Anonymous 56449

Yes, I think they had improved. But they're getting nasty again. I really don't know how they keep their shitty page up…

Anonymous 56454

yes there is less women than men in the world today so the violence increasing is only natural.

Anonymous 56462

Men have always been trash. //at least they are more demure now. and we have equalizers. bong

Anonymous 56467

why are you doing this???

Anonymous 56535

This post was made by a moid. Tranny image in the chan.

Anonymous 56536

trashy bait. if not kys

Anonymous 56546


I'm not a moid. I'm just worried that resentful men will increase.

Anonymous 56548

>that pic
You're a tranny

Anonymous 56549

Boys like that often have poor or non existent parental figures. One of the key traits of masculinity is responding with rage and indignation at (percieved or unpercieved) injustice. Positive masculinity is being able to control that rage and put it towards something productive like bettering yourself or fighting for justice.

Anonymous 56550

Just a thought, would it be possible to turn a large portion of men gay? Redirect their passion and lust on to other males. In the end we get possibly a couple cutie gay couples and less moidrage, I want to see them kissing each other, with passion! I know traps are a big thing now, but how could we go about getting them interested in real guys, preferably their friends though, like real relationships

Anonymous 56552

the strench of smegma radiating off this post

Anonymous 56555

>would it be possible to turn a large portion of men gay?
Who wants that, really?

Anonymous 56556

I just want men to be better fathers, brothers, and husbands. I think that is a good start to make incels less violent and more accepting of their own inadequacies .

Anonymous 56562

I just want a guy to start a big family and keep alive my traditions. And I hope he is ''blackpilled'' about some stuff, like ecology.

Anonymous 56566

Wtf is the ecology blackpill

Anonymous 56567

maybe we can try a bit more traditional, say a three-way relationship but the female ultimately controls it, you have the two (gay) guys and then we are the girl and we get to choose freely what gay couple to take in and we can choose if we want to have babies and which guy we use, possibly both and we can create a mini relationship with the baby of each dad, 2 cute babies and 2 cute dads

Anonymous 56569

Sounds nice, but hard to find. These days men are more interested in their porn addiction.

Anonymous 56587


These issues have their root in some cultural element gone wrong or flat out never being functional or positive in the first place.
Men becoming deranged violent fucks is but a symptom of something else,so,the duty of whoever were to improve society is to figure out what the illness is.
Any ideas?

Anonymous 56588

Stop taking female hormones, it probably causes psychosis

Anonymous 56596


That would be that ecology is more important than a lot of other things that are usually considered more relevant or interesting. Basically: avoid plastic, thrift as much as you can, smartphones are silly, etc…
Yes, porn addiction is a major issue. What can we do about that? Is it really, as some say, to destroy the nuclear family and any significant healthy relationship men could have towards us?

Anonymous 56607

No, I'm not worried. I avoid retards on the internet and irl. I also have my man protecting me, but nothing close to violent ever happened to me anyway.

Anonymous 56611

>When your future cuckband finds your nudes and porn online

Anonymous 56612

Now that actually destroys trust, unless you decide to be a very open couple and are like swingers who get to play with whoever you like and then sleep together in bed at home

Anonymous 56613

Lol I've met people who lived that way (for a while, since it could never last)

They were both on drugs, the woman looked as if she'd be lucky to make it past 40

I sometimes wonder why trash like that even exists since they have no purpose and they don't live long. Good fertiliser I guess

Anonymous 56619

>it's the Jews stupid.
Oh, you don't say? I know who's behind it but I'm not certain about its specific goals. I wouldn't say it's an atack also on Christianity since I strongly believe Christianity is itself a trap they put and that we fell into long ago.

Anonymous 56624

>oh wow. do i detect based spaniard?
We see each other again, yes.
>i mean a lot of jews are pretty brazen in their attacks on christianity. it's also the case that christians tend to support less of the jewish agenda, at least on average, so it wouldn't make much sense for jews to support religion.
Mmm, from outside the US I'd say jews don't look like that to me. Plenty of jewish actors and actresses constantly play gentile christian roles. Also, I think there's very few christians outhere that know really about the jewish agenda. Right now I have in mind all those catholic south-americans living/entering the country and the regular white americans that still go to church and stuff. They probably don't give a damn.

I concieve Christianity as some sort of ''program'' that they adequated Europeans into. They shared some of their tales and came up with a cult that was still very related to their own religion in a sense, but it was just to guide the cattle. Time has passed and now there are Protestants, Calvinists, etc… But we still put the other cheeck. Only hasidic jews and other conservatives give the appareance of being in disgust with Christians, but I wouldn't say they're close to the elite. They strike me as the ''working class'' of the jew. Perhaps I'm completely wrong, it's just a thought of mine.

This post was a mess, I'm sorry. For a Catholic country like mine who is losing all its believers, seeing that religion is being replaced with consumerism of American media and trends doesn't give me much hope.

Anonymous 56861

I'm a blackpiller and I'm pretty sure I have a vagina. I'm also quite violent if you cross me. Hippity hoppity stay off my property or you're getting two in the chest and one in the head. No moids allowed.

Funny how despite being 50% of the population, 98% of criminals are male.

Anonymous 56863


stop blaming the jews for everything you hate imbecile scrotes, go play hitler else were

Anonymous 56906

I wish men would mysteriously disappear.

Anonymous 56926

>wanting them to disappear
>not wanting them to become small enough to pick up and throw around
>not wanting them to be small and weak enough for an average woman to shove in a gymbag
>not wanting a nwo where men act as obidient pets, provided you can capture and train them

Anonymous 56951

Sounds like some man's sick pervert fantasy, ew.

Anonymous 56952


Fuck off with your disgusting fantasies, moid

Anonymous 56953

>thread was literally raided by /fit/ moids raging about how they could beat everyone up
>moid fantasy
You're not even trying.

Anonymous 56954

Yeah you two probably wouldn't be able to keep a moid without physically chaining him down 24/4.
You'd probably take your anger out on him from your past experiences.
You just know that any moid you manage to bag and bring home would run away within two weeks, as soon as possible really.
Because you two don't know how to handle moids.
It's for the best that you two will never get one

Anonymous 56955

The racoon mood verse thing fundamentally implies a world where moids are treated as sub human, I don't see why you'd be cool with the sex slave / pet thing but not with abusing them unless it's just an aesthetic thing

Anonymous 56956

moid verse*

Anonymous 56957


NTA but people generally aren't okay beating pet animals

Anonymous 56958

24/4? Lmao what, do they get long weekends off?

Anonymous 56959

If you abuse them they escape.
Simple as that.
The only way around that is to chain them down 24/7, which would force you to do a lot more work for a moid you don't even want.
Since your moid can't exactly clean around the house while he's chained to a corner with only a foam mat for a bed.
So you would more or less be missing out on all of a moids potential use besides as a dildo, while having to do more work overall.
And you would still be partners sexually and romantically, he would just have far less autonomy.
Point is, don't get a moid since you would never be able to properly handle him.

Anonymous 56960

You can always dispose of the moid once you've had your fun

Anonymous 56961

Most people aren't okay with fucking thier pets either, it's fundamentally a fantasy so a moral critique is dumb but by the same token I don't see why someone that gets off on sexual slavery would try and take the moral high ground against harder stuff

Anonymous 56988


Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I can't be an anti-zionist. I replyied this yesterday and it got deleted. FACE IT, there are anti-zionist girls. I don't think stating that goes against the rules. Is the ADL in CC or what?

Anonymous 56992

that seems a little high. more like 80%?
anyway, most crimes are committed by a small subsection of violent men, like 3% of the total population. the solution is to wipe out this population by either castration or extermination.

Anonymous 57004

>dispose of them
Seems a bit unnecessary since they would run away from you if you didn't tie them down.
And what's even the point of abusing a moid at that size?
He can't exactly fight back at that size.
Are you just trying to become a boogieman for other moid owners to use?

Anonymous 57022

that's racist.

Anonymous 57028

>like 3% of the total population
There are more rapists.

Anonymous 57038

There are 234,000 arrested sexual offenders in the US. (Not all of these are rapes though all of them are heinous). There are 151 million men in the US. Estimates based on number of reports, and numbers of reports convicted believe that 3% of all rapists are convicted. If we divide .241 by 150, and multiple by 33 to adjust for the estimated conviction rate, this points to roughly 5% of men being abusers of some kind. Considering that a smaller subgroup are actual rapists, and many of them are serial abusers, the 3% figure does not seem far off.

Anonymous 57042

I think there's an appeal in snuff itself for some people, no idea if anon is being serious or if it's just an edgy larp though

Anonymous 57043

While there are probably certain genetic factors that contribute to violent crime it's obviously also environmental so "remove them from the gene pool" wouldn't be effective

Anonymous 57044

Unsettling. It's millions of men.

Anonymous 57045

I think they want it to be done to themselves but are ashamed of their rape fantasies, making someone else the focus of the fantasy makes it less awkward.

Anonymous 57050

Yes. These are men with poor mothers and no father figures in their lives.

Anonymous 57051

>not breeding men to the point where they are hardly capable of committing violent crime

Anonymous 57053

I mean the appeal of snuff is that both death and the full consummation of sexual desire are unknowable, the idea that it's projection is interesting though it sort of implies that all tops are just projecting their fantasies onto their partners

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