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Anonymous 56446

Aren't you worried about how aggressive and violent many men are becoming lately? You know. Incels, blackpillers… and all that shit.

Anonymous 56447



Anonymous 56449

Yes, I think they had improved. But they're getting nasty again. I really don't know how they keep their shitty page up…

Anonymous 56454

yes there is less women than men in the world today so the violence increasing is only natural.

Anonymous 56462

Men have always been trash. //at least they are more demure now. and we have equalizers. bong

Anonymous 56467

why are you doing this???

Anonymous 56535

This post was made by a moid. Tranny image in the chan.

Anonymous 56536

trashy bait. if not kys

Anonymous 56546


I'm not a moid. I'm just worried that resentful men will increase.

Anonymous 56548

>that pic
You're a tranny

Anonymous 56550

Just a thought, would it be possible to turn a large portion of men gay? Redirect their passion and lust on to other males. In the end we get possibly a couple cutie gay couples and less moidrage, I want to see them kissing each other, with passion! I know traps are a big thing now, but how could we go about getting them interested in real guys, preferably their friends though, like real relationships

Anonymous 56552

the strench of smegma radiating off this post

Anonymous 56555

>would it be possible to turn a large portion of men gay?
Who wants that, really?

Anonymous 56562

I just want a guy to start a big family and keep alive my traditions. And I hope he is ''blackpilled'' about some stuff, like ecology.

Anonymous 56566

Wtf is the ecology blackpill

Anonymous 56567

maybe we can try a bit more traditional, say a three-way relationship but the female ultimately controls it, you have the two (gay) guys and then we are the girl and we get to choose freely what gay couple to take in and we can choose if we want to have babies and which guy we use, possibly both and we can create a mini relationship with the baby of each dad, 2 cute babies and 2 cute dads

Anonymous 56569

Sounds nice, but hard to find. These days men are more interested in their porn addiction.

Anonymous 56587


These issues have their root in some cultural element gone wrong or flat out never being functional or positive in the first place.
Men becoming deranged violent fucks is but a symptom of something else,so,the duty of whoever were to improve society is to figure out what the illness is.
Any ideas?

Anonymous 56588

Stop taking female hormones, it probably causes psychosis

Anonymous 56596


That would be that ecology is more important than a lot of other things that are usually considered more relevant or interesting. Basically: avoid plastic, thrift as much as you can, smartphones are silly, etc…
Yes, porn addiction is a major issue. What can we do about that? Is it really, as some say, to destroy the nuclear family and any significant healthy relationship men could have towards us?

Anonymous 56611

>When your future cuckband finds your nudes and porn online

Anonymous 56612

Now that actually destroys trust, unless you decide to be a very open couple and are like swingers who get to play with whoever you like and then sleep together in bed at home

Anonymous 56613

Lol I've met people who lived that way (for a while, since it could never last)

They were both on drugs, the woman looked as if she'd be lucky to make it past 40

I sometimes wonder why trash like that even exists since they have no purpose and they don't live long. Good fertiliser I guess

Anonymous 56619

>it's the Jews stupid.
Oh, you don't say? I know who's behind it but I'm not certain about its specific goals. I wouldn't say it's an atack also on Christianity since I strongly believe Christianity is itself a trap they put and that we fell into long ago.

Anonymous 56624

>oh wow. do i detect based spaniard?
We see each other again, yes.
>i mean a lot of jews are pretty brazen in their attacks on christianity. it's also the case that christians tend to support less of the jewish agenda, at least on average, so it wouldn't make much sense for jews to support religion.
Mmm, from outside the US I'd say jews don't look like that to me. Plenty of jewish actors and actresses constantly play gentile christian roles. Also, I think there's very few christians outhere that know really about the jewish agenda. Right now I have in mind all those catholic south-americans living/entering the country and the regular white americans that still go to church and stuff. They probably don't give a damn.

I concieve Christianity as some sort of ''program'' that they adequated Europeans into. They shared some of their tales and came up with a cult that was still very related to their own religion in a sense, but it was just to guide the cattle. Time has passed and now there are Protestants, Calvinists, etc… But we still put the other cheeck. Only hasidic jews and other conservatives give the appareance of being in disgust with Christians, but I wouldn't say they're close to the elite. They strike me as the ''working class'' of the jew. Perhaps I'm completely wrong, it's just a thought of mine.

This post was a mess, I'm sorry. For a Catholic country like mine who is losing all its believers, seeing that religion is being replaced with consumerism of American media and trends doesn't give me much hope.

Anonymous 56861

I'm a blackpiller and I'm pretty sure I have a vagina. I'm also quite violent if you cross me. Hippity hoppity stay off my property or you're getting two in the chest and one in the head. No moids allowed.

Funny how despite being 50% of the population, 98% of criminals are male.

Anonymous 56906

I wish men would mysteriously disappear.

Anonymous 56926

>wanting them to disappear
>not wanting them to become small enough to pick up and throw around
>not wanting them to be small and weak enough for an average woman to shove in a gymbag
>not wanting a nwo where men act as obidient pets, provided you can capture and train them

Anonymous 56951

Sounds like some man's sick pervert fantasy, ew.

Anonymous 56952


Fuck off with your disgusting fantasies, moid

Anonymous 56953

>thread was literally raided by /fit/ moids raging about how they could beat everyone up
>moid fantasy
You're not even trying.

Anonymous 56954

Yeah you two probably wouldn't be able to keep a moid without physically chaining him down 24/4.
You'd probably take your anger out on him from your past experiences.
You just know that any moid you manage to bag and bring home would run away within two weeks, as soon as possible really.
Because you two don't know how to handle moids.
It's for the best that you two will never get one

Anonymous 56955

The racoon mood verse thing fundamentally implies a world where moids are treated as sub human, I don't see why you'd be cool with the sex slave / pet thing but not with abusing them unless it's just an aesthetic thing

Anonymous 56956

moid verse*

Anonymous 56957


NTA but people generally aren't okay beating pet animals

Anonymous 56958

24/4? Lmao what, do they get long weekends off?

Anonymous 56959

If you abuse them they escape.
Simple as that.
The only way around that is to chain them down 24/7, which would force you to do a lot more work for a moid you don't even want.
Since your moid can't exactly clean around the house while he's chained to a corner with only a foam mat for a bed.
So you would more or less be missing out on all of a moids potential use besides as a dildo, while having to do more work overall.
And you would still be partners sexually and romantically, he would just have far less autonomy.
Point is, don't get a moid since you would never be able to properly handle him.

Anonymous 56960

You can always dispose of the moid once you've had your fun

Anonymous 56961

Most people aren't okay with fucking thier pets either, it's fundamentally a fantasy so a moral critique is dumb but by the same token I don't see why someone that gets off on sexual slavery would try and take the moral high ground against harder stuff

Anonymous 56988


Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I can't be an anti-zionist. I replyied this yesterday and it got deleted. FACE IT, there are anti-zionist girls. I don't think stating that goes against the rules. Is the ADL in CC or what?

Anonymous 56992

that seems a little high. more like 80%?
anyway, most crimes are committed by a small subsection of violent men, like 3% of the total population. the solution is to wipe out this population by either castration or extermination.

Anonymous 57004

>dispose of them
Seems a bit unnecessary since they would run away from you if you didn't tie them down.
And what's even the point of abusing a moid at that size?
He can't exactly fight back at that size.
Are you just trying to become a boogieman for other moid owners to use?

Anonymous 57028

>like 3% of the total population
There are more rapists.

Anonymous 57042

I think there's an appeal in snuff itself for some people, no idea if anon is being serious or if it's just an edgy larp though

Anonymous 57043

While there are probably certain genetic factors that contribute to violent crime it's obviously also environmental so "remove them from the gene pool" wouldn't be effective

Anonymous 57044

Unsettling. It's millions of men.

Anonymous 57051

>not breeding men to the point where they are hardly capable of committing violent crime

Anonymous 57053

I mean the appeal of snuff is that both death and the full consummation of sexual desire are unknowable, the idea that it's projection is interesting though it sort of implies that all tops are just projecting their fantasies onto their partners

Anonymous 57096

They'd still be human, just in a smaller package. So sex wouldn't be look down upon.
And moids are good for more than just sex, the sex slave thing is really just a formality.
You don't HAVE to shove your moid's face against your crotch every morning y'know.
And you know that owning a pet for the sake of companionship is a bit different than owning a pet for the sake of abusing it.
There is a difference in morality between the two coices.
A rather obvious one at that.

Anonymous 57136

Seems to be a rather obvious typo
Then afain it could just be the collective time when you're not home.
Though he'd probably be locked in you closet or hamper so he doesn't run away before you can finish training him

Anonymous 57139

You're still owning a person if it's not creepy to fuck them than it's creepy to own them

Anonymous 57142

well it's less about him being yours and more about making him yours.
he'd still be a moid and could likely escape if he tried for long enough
The appeal is making it so he's no longer willing to escape since he values being with you more than the ability to wander freely.
That is the point where he is truly your property.
Otherwise he's your property as much as a stray cat is.

Anonymous 57147


Pretty much this, it's a fantasy and therefor scolding people about it being immoral is dumb. Also CC is slow enough that sage doesn't really do much, it's not like you could keep a thread unbumped long enough that it will fall of the board and I want to say most people just use the homepage to look for activity

Anonymous 57180

I honestly just don't see the appeal in getting a moid just so you can torture him.
It's just a fantasy like you said, but it still doesn't sit right with me.

Anonymous 57185


That's just how some people do, anon. All the moids raiding here seem to make it feel justified anyway.

Anonymous 57202

What about the moids who just lurk here and at most post questions occasionally?

Anonymous 57211

Moids that post here are still breaking the rules and deserve it too, for that.

Anonymous 57216

The admin has said before, if you fit in, you fit in. Basically same as lolcow, if I'm not mistaken.

Anonymous 57217

So in other words moids that lurk or fit in go into the hampers and moids that don't fit in go into the mini torture chamber

Anonymous 57219

The only thing they need to fit into is a sack.
That's not really what I was going for, but ok.

Anonymous 57289

>the only thing they need to fit into is a sack
>just a regular sack
The bag you use to starting you moid shouldn't be just a regular sack.
That bag would more or less be your equivalent of a wedding dress.
People don't just buy dollar store wedding dresses, so why should the bag you bag your moid with be any different?

Anonymous 57299

Actually every poster on the site is male except me, it's a well kept secret

Anonymous 57315

If they weren't posting here, they wouldn't be getting the sack.

Anonymous 57333

>if a moid is posting he gets shoved in a burlap sack
>if a moid isn't posting he gets shoved into a moidsnatcher™ Dufflebag with internal cushioning (for maximum comfort as the moid panics from being caught)
What about moids that just lurk?
Do they just get shoved in gymbags?
You would at least wash the gymbag first right?

Anonymous 57335


Men have never been this docile and coward ever. This is the age of beta men so i dont really recognize what you are talking about. At least here in Europe everyone is a pussy.

Anonymous 57337

What are the men who lurk here like anyways? Incels who fantasize about a relationship of mutual consolation with a femcel? Subby men who enjoy reading the femdom posters here?

Anonymous 57346

probably a mixture of the two, with the femdom ones trying to get a gauge on what dominant women like in order to become an ideal partner.
So the question still remains in what sort of bag they deserve.
I'm leaning towards gym bags since they're inbetween duffle bags and potato sacks.
Or would they deserve better?

Anonymous 57354

I've got a thing for subby autistic men so I'm I'm not a good judge, apparently there are a few anons here who's bfs lurk as well

Anonymous 57374

Well what would you personally use for lurking autistic moids?
How would you treat them?
What about the moids that limit themselves to just posting questions to find out more about women?

Anonymous 57386

>Be neet and femcel
>Rationally understand that I could catch a moid relatively easily but have crippling anxiety
>Find out some moids have been lurking CC using stolen phones
>Decide to make discord honeypot just so I can talk to them
>Most are too cautious to bite, some reason that as long as they don't dox themselves they'll be fine so they join
>Make friends with one while larping as a moid
>Same exact tastes in vidya, anime, music etc
>End up introducing him to a lot of new stuff since life as a moid doesn't exactly give you the free time to become cultured
>Talking to him is the first time I've had fun in forever
>Develop crush along with anxiety that someone will capture him or worse
>Create plan to trick him into meeting up irl to capture him
>Start working out so I can actually catch the bugger
>Eventually get job to pay for moid expenses
>Finally get the guts to suggest meet up
>To my surprise he agrees, says traveling in groups is safer and that he's been worried about me
>Turns out he's been living in the same state as me for the past few months, I convince him to meet somewhere a few miles away from where I live
>Hide in nearby bushes an hour before appointed time
>See him arrive, he's nervous that he doesn't see me
>He starts frantically DMing me, I tell him I'm almost there
>Before he's notice anything is wrong I'm sprinting at him prepared to tackle and bag him
>He tries to run but I've been training for months and it doesn't look like he's had anything to eat for a couple of days
>Swoop down and tackle him, wrapping my now toned arms around his chest
>He's screaming my discord name as I put him in his bag

Anonymous 57388

what the fuck did i just read?


It's becoming more and more common for families to not even have fathers/husbands, in black communities it's over 70% and in white families it's increased to 40% and continues to grow. How can you expect them to be better when they're not even there?

Anonymous 57389


Anonymous 57397

So in the raccoon-moid version of CC, do the girls still fantasize about small moids, or is there some other alternative fantasy world they posted?

Anonymous 57399

It would probably be less about fantasizing, and more about working up the courage to track, capture, and train a moid of your own.
Though threads about capturing and training would probably be separate, with capturing taking more of a focus on tracking and cornering a moid while training would be focusing on actually making your moid dependent on you to the point where he can barely stand to be without your presence.
It would have to be done quickly, before he's able to figure out how to escape.
And also making him somewhat competent at doing chores and whatever else you put your moid up to for your entertainment (baking, music, drawing, ballet, gymnastics), though you would have to have him train from home.
I imagine that moid fashion would be pretty big, with there being threads dedicated to cute/embarrassing outfits to dress your moid in.
It would honestly be pretty uncomfortable for moids to lurk if they stole a phone, I imagine they would only browse so they can learn to avoid common traps.
I imagine that they would likely be fantasizing for a world similar to our own, but likely distorted in some way.

Anonymous 57402

Presumably the fantasies that would get shunted off on an image board would be the socially unacceptable ones so either treatment of moids that's harsher than is acceptable or even illegal along with submissive stuff would be common I think, also just uncommon fetishes in general being a thing. Snuff posters and femsub posters would probably get into conflict a lot

Anonymous 57425

Laputan machine.

Anonymous 57461

>anons with snuff fantasies would be a thing
>probably more common than they are visible since wild moids are hard to account for
Well I guess that's why moids would instinctually run and hide at the sight of a female.
At least one they aren't bonded to.
How common do you think training your moid to do your hair would be?
I imagine their smaller hands would be better for finer braids.

Anonymous 57463

>There's a rare breed of feral moid that are like chimpanzees
>They're small but they can rip your arm of if you let them

Anonymous 57466

I don't think men are becoming any more violent then they usually are. I don't know what type of timescale you're discussing though. You're probably mistaking the fact that you hear about more male violence with there being more male violence.

Anonymous 57472

>letting them
>not just hitting them with a long stick til they pass out
>not putting them in a decomposable ecofriendly napsack
>not throwing said bag off a pier in order to rid the world of this abomination of the natural order

Anonymous 57483

Ok, now you're home and he's terrified, and doesn't trust you at all.
What's the next part of your plan?

Anonymous 57550

Kiss him and snuggle him into submission

Anonymous 57552

you'd need to wash him first considering you caught him in the wild.
Don't think it would be easy to actually get him to stay still enough for you to clean himself.
And you still need to actually bond him to you, otherwise he'll escape eventually.

Anonymous 57556

Some dish soap should do the trick. I'm sure some of the methods mentioned in the other thread would work too, such as using scent to condition him.

Anonymous 57559

>dish soap
You can just use regular soap y'know.
And i don't think that the soap us the main problem, since he would be constantly trying to squirm out of your hands.
Are you just planning on washing him in your sink?
>other methods

Anonymous 57565

Yes. A tub would be either too shallow, or too deep depending on how much you filled it. If he struggles when you pull him out, just hold him tightly until he relaxes.

Anonymous 57567

Thing is eventually you're supposed to start bathing with him, though then again you could just use it as another opportunity to force him to cling to you.
And you would need to build trust in him so he believes that you're not going to go full snuff-cbt on him.
Don't really know how you would go about that.
And what would you actually have your moid do for you, besides chores and companionship?
You still want him to be doing stuff when he's not in either your arms or your hamper so he doesn't turn depressed and directionless.

Anonymous 57579

You've created a new fetish for me. Would it be wrong to have sex with the raccoon-moid? If he's good, he'll sleep with me every night.

Anonymous 57581

>just hold him tightly until he relaxes.
Think for a moment, if a much stronger person did this to you today, would you relax and calm, or get PTSD and a burning desire for escape?

Anonymous 57584

If you give the moid kisses on his head and don't raise your voice, maybe he will understand you don't mean any harm.

Anonymous 57585

Well you would have to have sex with him at one point or another, since his size would be a result of extreme sexual dimorphism rather than a rare mutation.
So really the question is how you go about doing it.
I mean you could just rape him whenever you want (if that's what you like), but that might make your moid scared of you.
You could also just have him be a free use moid and just shove his face into your crotch whenever feel like it and have him clean up the mess on the floor afterwards.
You could also try teasing him sexually (being a clutz at every given opportunity just so you can bend over and flash him) and wait until he gets pent up enough.
You could also try to reach things over him at every opportunity, "accidentally" brushing his face against your tits.
Just being really blatant around him might work too (masturbating while acting as if he's not there) or humping him at night.
He still probably wouldn't be open to sex with you at first, and would probably just try to jack off in whatever place qualifies as privacy.
But it would be your house, so there would be nothing stopping you from "accidentally" catching him in the act and escalating things from there.

Anonymous 57586

Lure in slowly with food and offer of bath to show your good will. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

Anonymous 57590

He'll get Stockholm Syndrome. :)

Anonymous 57592

>settling for mere stockholm syndrome
>not aiming for a complete chemical dependence on your scent and general prescence

Anonymous 57594


> extreme sexual dimorphism
In mammals, yes, but in nature overall, not really. The largest male-is-bigger sexual dimorphisms are for certain fish where the male is about 12 times the mass of the female, and in mammals the elephant seal male is 8 times the mass of the female.

The largest female-is-bigger sexual dimorphism in vertebrates is the giant seadevil female being 500,000 times the mass of the male.

The blanket octopus male is 1/150th the length of the female. If men were 15 times taller than that height ratio, 1/10th the height of women would involve men being about 6.5 to 7 inches tall; Barbie dolls, in contrast, are 11.5" tall.

Raccoons can weigh 12 to 30 lbs, and very large raccoons have been known to weigh 50 lbs. The average weight of an American woman is 170 lbs. If we take the "very large raccoon" as the basis of comparison, then the mass ratio is about 3 to 4 times male mass, which is only half of the difference in average mass by sex among elephant seals. If we take the smaller 12 lb raccoon as the basis of comparison, that's a mass ratio of 14, which is unprecedented in mammals but still reasonable in the animal kingdom itself.

Of all possible worlds, this is the one we live in.

Anonymous 57597

The world would be a better place if men were little.

Anonymous 57600

I was expecting to see that pic eventually. The information was an added bonus

Anonymous 57601

You'd honestly have to force-feed your moid at force, since I imagine that moids would probably be used to going long times without food.
Then again you could just wait until he's too malnourished to even resist your slices of fruit or whatever you decide to shove down his throat.
It would probably be better to make him come to you for things like warmth.
Like intentionally turning down the temperature at night to force him to crawl into bed with you.
It would also be best to act as smug about it as possible whenever he gives in to your offerings, to assert dominance over him of course.
Though what sort of clothing would be best to wear around a moid you're trying to tame?
You shouldn't try to normalize being naked around him 24/7, otherwise it might make him less susceptible to your sexual advances.
But you would still want to show off while not being overtly naked.
Maybe a form fitting sweater would work?

Anonymous 57729

What would be the best thing to feed a moid? Table scraps?

Anonymous 57757

Well they'd still be human, so you wouldn't really need to give them spexial food.
But i don't think that table scraps would really be enough.
It would probably be better to get slightly larger servings and share what's on your plate.
If he's sitting in your lap you'd also be able to tease him by leaning forward everytime you need to grab something off the table.

Anonymous 57764

Even if he gets fussy, feeding by hand is ultimately necessary.

Anonymous 57778


>The average weight of an American woman is 170 lbs.
That's a joke right.

Anonymous 57779


I'm a different person.

Anonymous 57780

Madre de dios

Anonymous 57785

I don't expect to see average people outside if this is the average. There are a lot of Americans. We only see a vocal minority.

Anonymous 57786

you still need to get his jaw open
And eventually your moid should be trained enough to eat without your help, albeit while he's still sitting on your lap

Anonymous 57787

It's just so weird to read something like this, when I go out there's barely any fat people here, if I woke up one morning and weighed as much as that supposedly average weight I'd kill myself on the spot

Anonymous 57790

It varies wildly by state, level of education where you live, level of affluence. Try riding a bus to the inner city vs suburbs and you will see a huge difference

Anonymous 57795

But that means there must be places where most people are obese or seriously overweight. Here even in the worse parts of cities where more peopel are fat it's only a small part and mostly old people.

Anonymous 57796

But feeding by hand is the best part.

Anonymous 57798

Yes, that place is known as the south.

Anonymous 57801

well then I guess you could just never teach him to use utensils, though you would have to spoon-feed him if you ever make soup.
You would still want him to be useful to you, so you would have to teach him to clean your house and wash you when you're both in the bath.

Anonymous 57944

>tfw you will never track and run down a moid
>tfw you will never be able to train your moid to be too dependent on you to run away
>tfw you will never be able to train him to do cute things like braid your hair and bake you bite-sized pastries
>tfw you will never use special moid shampoo to make his hair literally as soft as silk just so you have another reason to run your hand through it
>tfw you will never be able to give him the impression that you're going to crush him whenever you sit down next to him
>tfw you will never veer your ass away at the last second, resulting in the imprint on the couch making him fall towards you
>tfw you will never stop him from getting up and forcing him to lay on your thigh as you watch tv

Anonymous 57960

Sometimes I find myself trusting men again. I regret those moments and I wake up again and remember they are not my friends.

Anonymous 57969

Don't need to trust him if he's chemically dependent on your presence/scent and isn't able to leave your house.

Anonymous 57976

how so?

Anonymous 58035

makes them

Anonymous 58044

There's already men somewhat like that.
I think you really just want to have power over your moid(not that there's anything wrong with that)
Though even in this thread people don't really know what they would do with that power besides on demand cuddling and on demand eating out.
So if you had a raccoon sized moid, what would you want him to do for you?
You'd be the provider in this situation y'know

Anonymous 58047

Menial housework.

Anonymous 58052

Would you really go through the effort to track, catch and train, when what you want can be replaced by a Roomba, cat, and vibe?

Anonymous 58053

You can't cuddle with a roomba like you can a maid moid.

Anonymous 58054

That's what the cat is for, and neither Roomba not cat will try to escape or resent the fact that their only purpose in life is to be a slave janitor

Anonymous 58055

Anon. The way some people talk about these raccoon moids are ways you should never be towards a housecat.

Anonymous 58056

Is there a word for men who can't get laid, but don't hate women? The ones who are usually on /co/ or something instead of /r9k/.

Anonymous 58057

That's not what I meant to imply, just the cuddling part.
But if you have moral objections there, why not to the kidnapping / slavery part?

Anonymous 58062

first off, roombas can't dust things
second off, the cleaning is just something for him to do, it really just seems to be something that people default to since they would be the provider for their moid.
third off, it's already been established that bagging a moid in this world would be said world's equivalent of dating a moid. Resulting from sexual dimorphism, of course.

Anonymous 58063

Is that it?
I would imagine that he would run out of things to clean rather fast.
And you should at least give him something yo do that he might come to enjoy, at least once you train him to the point where he won't run away

Anonymous 58064

>been established that bagging a moid in this world would be said world's equivalent of dating a moid. Resulting from sexual dimorphism, of course.
I guess that's where I take issue, how so many take this default as ok given they would abhor the same rules being applied today in the real world.
Just seems a bit short on empathy.
Like no one even suggested luring with food or kindness, just straight to the gym bag.

Anonymous 58066

would that simply be not another method of getting them in the gym bag?
It was never said you couldn't do those things, it was just that moids probably wouldn't trust women enough for those kinds of tactics to really work that often.
Since snuff fetish people are a thing and all.
And beside, what happens if a moid that you're actually making progress on gets bagged and sold to some rich lady with a dissection fetish?
Seems the only way to prevent that is to bag him yourself.

Anonymous 58067

The difference is choice to be in the bag vs force.
It's the same difference between chosing to work as a janitor or garbage man vs being a slave.
I'm pro choice.
Also I don't think that many women are into that or at least hope not or racoons verse is just as bad as this one but with the rolls swapped

Anonymous 58069

I don't really think that moids would really be aware of that, and would probably just be operating based of rumors spread by other wayward moids.

Anonymous 58070

IDK, they have pretty high preference for independence. Seems likely some would prefer a rough but free life to cleaning slave, especially given how much they hate to clean or groom.

Anonymous 58071

I imagine that a large part of training a moid would be taking away his desire for independence.
More or less making him dependent on your affection/presence, to the point where he can barely tolerate being without you.
And there are things besides cleaning you can have your moid do, and grooming can be enjoyable so long as you make it enjoyable.

Anonymous 58073

After a certain age you can't make an outside cat an inside cat

Anonymous 58074

moids would be more like trainable raccoons than cats.

Anonymous 58075

Unless they resent being trained

Anonymous 58076

If they're aware that they're being trained and conditioned to depend on your presence, you're doing it wrong.

Anonymous 58077

Making them clean and do your hair doesn't seem much of a carrot to make them depend on your presence

Anonymous 58079

Well I imagine that training him to do things like that would come after making him dependent on your presence.
Then again it would force him to get used to being with you whilst doing a menial task, enforcing your presence onto him.

Anonymous 58092

>said world's equivalent of dating a moid.
Except dating usually involves mutual consent and either party can end it unilaterally without fear of being sold to vivisection Velma

Anonymous 58093

well if a moid wanted to end his "relationship", he would just run away, which he would eventually be able to figure out given enough time.
If he was chained down 24/7 so that he doesn't escape, that would just be an example of a bad girlfriend/moid owner.

Anonymous 58095

Idk it just makes me a bit sad, we had a discussion on how for most of history women were second class citizens because they were smaller and weaker and how if we were in charge you would see true equality the next day, and of course this asshole at the back smugly said it would be the same, just with us as the higher class, and most of these posts prove him right with forced taking and , sure you can be free if you escape instead of just walking out the door.

Anonymous 58097

well this would be a bit more than a simple switching of gender roles, and is more about what would happen when women were given absolute physical dominance.
Hence moids becoming the size of a "large raccoon" as a result of different sexual dimorphism. Maybe there's also something where mothers send their male children into the world if they can't marry them off by a certain age if you want to explain the wild moids thing.
There wouldn't be a single way of getting a moid either, and you could very well let your moid leave at anytime.
But don't be surprised when he either gets lost or dies at the hands of vivisection velma.

Anonymous 58101

Less about oppressing them and more about forcibly cuddling them.
Also about teasing them.
And having them do menial things just to keep them busy with something.

Anonymous 58108

Doesn't anyone want to be better? The prof said women have more empathy so wouldn't do that.
Menial tasks seem a bit oppressive if you're forced to do them

Anonymous 58109

well you could not give them menial tasks, but you would want to give him something to do that doesn't involve you being there, at least once you get to the point where he's no longer willing to run away.
You could give him an instrument or drawing equipment.
He really just needs something to keep him busy, unless you want him to be rotting away watching whatever's on tv when you're not there to keep him busy.

Anonymous 58111

There isn't really much reason to believe there would be any more vivisection Velmas in this world than in the current one, and any woman with a predisposition to become Vivisection Velma seems about as likely to ply her craft successfully in our world than raccoon world. Sure, disposing of a small body would be easier than disposing of a larger one, but I don't think the legal system would be any likelier to smile on Velma there than here. There have been some pretty hard to understand legal decisions made in this world on that mark.
On a net level I would expect the number of men killed by their partners to be even lower in raccoon world than the already-extremely-low number in our world, since the number of women with motive for homicide would be even lower than at present and women who did commit such crimes would be tried by other women, not Judge David from the link above.
Even in the circumstance of men being literal slaves, conviction of slaveowners for the murder of slaves is a matter of historical record.

If there were to be a significant difference in the male death rate it would be due to economic and environmental causes amongst unpartnered men, not vivisection Velma. And that would also be expected if men were just as physically powerful and capable but lost economic power for any other reason. Raccoon men would actually probably be better off than economically-pointless men who still held significant physical advantages.

Anonymous 58113

Menial tasks but also balancing a checkbook or really anything that lets a mind be used. It would be a bummer to hear, you're a maid now and there's no chance for promotion or upward mobility.
Hell they could code, or be a mixologist.

Anonymous 58114

I was imagining something more along the lines of teaching him skills to entertain you or to make art.
But I guess that's one way to make your moid pay for himself.
He's supposed to more or less be your husband y'know, at least as much as he can be while also being your pet.
So it should seem less to him like he's a maid and more to him that he's just doing house chores so you aren't dissapointed in him.
And I don't know if moids would be able to handle alcohol at their size, so they might not make the best mixologists since they wouldn't be able to taste what they make.
now this is world-building

Anonymous 58115

If today you got perfect husband but you had to keep a huge home clean, and entertain him or face disappointment, never leaving the house alone, where on mazelows heirarchy of needs do you think you would fit? Would you be self actualized?
Sounds like being in a Saudi harem

Anonymous 58123

Besides not leaving the house alone, that would be a rather good deal since the worst you would have to deal with is his occasional disappointment.
Cleaning the large house might be rough, but not everybody has a large house.
So that wouldn't really apply to most raccoon moids.
And in terms of the heirarchy, you should be able to get at least to the third level so long as you trust and love your perfect husband.
The same would apply for raccoon moids.
I'm not saying that you should get a moid just for having a house maid, since that would be rather dumb.
They wouldn't really make good maids due to their small size and would probably have to rely on ladders to do just about everything.
The cleaning would just be to make him feel like he's of use to you.
Though what I'm saying is that you should give him things other than cleaning to do, as to actually enable him to climb this pyramid of needs.
He doesn't have to leave your house to create something that he's proud of.
He doesn't even need to really leave your sight.
And it would be a bit more personal than being in a harem, since he should be the only moid in your possession.
Otherwise you're going to have to deal with the neglected moids either fighting each other or running away.

Anonymous 58127

Every house is a large house if you're 1/3 the size. Freedom of movement is a human right.

Anonymous 58133

>every house is a large house if you're 1/3 the size
And likely they'd be doing 1/3 the work due to their size preventing them from reaching high places.
And like I said before it's just to give him something to prevent him from feeling like a burden, and it's not a real requirement for people to have their boyfriends clean everything.

Anonymous 58256

Presumably if it's legal to kidnap moids torturing one is about as illegal as animal abuse, still against the law but it's not nearly as much of a priority for enforcement as murder

Anonymous 58457

Men need to be abused and kept away from their families like they did to women during wartime. Any pinkpillers think so too? And not as a cute or quirky fetish. No contact with their families for years

Anonymous 58546


>kept away from their families like they did to women during wartime.

What the hell are you talking about? Women weren't the ones being drafted and sent to die on the front lines. We got to work in the factories where you could go home at the end of the day and see your family.

Anonymous 62686

>5 million more years until the Y male chromosome becomes extinct
>world will either be melted or frozen over before we can finally inherit it
god fucking damn it

Anonymous 62691

Money and power. Simple as that.

There isn't some illuminati operating from a skull fortress in charge of it all, but there are only a handful of companies who run nearly all of mass media, and the ownership of those companies intersects with other multinational megacorporations. It's not a global conspiracy, it's just capitalism.

Mass media is the most powerful tool for reshaping culture. It's being used to dictate what is and isn't seen acceptable by the masses. A single show on Netflix won't change anyone's world view, but a life time of TV programming will mold it. That's why it's a gradual progress over generations.

Porn, and more importantly the mainstream acceptance of viewing porn, is pushed simply because it's profitable and easy to manufacture. It's soylent green. A book or a movie or a symphony is way harder to create and has a much higher chance of failure. Porn appeals to the primal moid coom brain, so it doesn't need complex writing or high production values. It's cheap and addicting.

It's not just porn though. Dismantling social norms and undermining traditions such as families and other long-established sources of fulfillment like tight-knit small communities serves important secondary functions. Firstly it fragments the population, the age-old strategy of divide and conquer. People are less likely to revolt or form a cohesive opposition to those in power if they're already fractured and in-fighting due to lack of any unifying culture. It's why Whole Foods (and probably other large companies, but Whole Foods got caught[1]) promotes a racially mixed work force at any individual store, as people with varying backgrounds are less likely to form a union. I'm not saying it's all a racial thing, that's just one real world example. The less social norms there are and the weaker they are, the less people feel like they have in common with their peers. They see themselves as mere individuals, and individuals are easy to control.

Secondarily by giving people cheap sources of instant gratification (porn, video games, never-ending social media feeds etc.) and simultaneously teaching them that those old tried and tested sources of happiness (families, stable relationships) are "unfashionable" they deliberately keep the population at a controlled level of unhappiness, while offering many instant "cures". Alcohol, "entertainment", shopping, medication. The best part? These all cost money. They are increasing consumption. There is profit to be made.

[1]: https://outline.com/MrPJGp

So TL;DR porn is pushed because:
A. it's a "guaranteed sell"
B. porn addiction (as with other addictions) prohibits people from finding happiness without external aids
C. lack of shared values (the condemnation of such cheap thrills as porn) makes people indifferent and apathetic toward their surroundings

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