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Anonymous 56632

What is fundamentally wrong with the moid brain that makes them do this shit

Anonymous 56633

I've heard that some consider communication to be "obtaining what you want". He definitely communicated well in that case… still shitty though, even if she's healthier now.

Anonymous 56636

that's hilarious, but I doubt it's real

>Should I be offended?

this is like people asking "What did I think of this movie?" except unironically lmao

Anonymous 56637



Anonymous 56639


Looks fake.
>What is fundamentally wrong with the moid brain that makes them do this shit
I don't know. I know a guy who is extremely smart and incredibly funny. He's a douchebag but he's so fun. I almost never have fun with other girls. I wonder why. I don't consider myself a funny girl either.

Anonymous 56641

It's probably a story made up for karma

Anonymous 56648

nothing's wrong with this except that age gap

Anonymous 56667

I had a few cool girl friends who were funny and interesting but never lasting friendships because i'm boring too.

I think a lot of girls are more passive and think about how they present themselves and how others see them, while guys don't seem to give a shit if they don't seem prim and proper in public. Also men take more risks and goad each other on to say and do stupid but funny things, the feeling of being in a male majority group is a lot different. It feels lighter somehow.

Anonymous 56669

Probably biological in nature, men would be more concerned with how they're seen by women than how they're seen by other men. Risk taking also makes more sense from a reproductive standpoint for men compared to women.

Anonymous 56671

Retarded moid strikes again…

Anonymous 56672

That's just male vs female socialization…sad but true.

Anonymous 56673

The moid probably lied about his age so he could talk to her. They do that a lot.

Anonymous 56675

But there wouldn't be any reason for women to worry about how they're seen by other women no? I agree risk taking is prob biological.

But i do wonder just how much is socialization. For example male friends call each other retarded and make fun of each other while the same behaviour is frowned upon for women groups. If i called my girl friends autistic they would be hurt, a guy friend throws it back at me.

Anonymous 56676

I can't tell if you legitimately believe this or if you just call anyone you disagree with a moid.

Could be a case of built in harem politics, considering the difference in resource investment for having kids between sexes? I'm honestly not sure but since the difference is consistent across cultures and time periods I'm tempted to say this isn't a culture or society thing. It could also just be that it's less 'women worry about how they're seen' and more 'men are especially encouraged to not care'?

Anonymous 56677

You do know that brain sex has been debunked over and over right? Please do keep that retarded ~evolutionary psych~ nonsense out of this board.Unless you're the porn moid in which case hiiii retard! Keep replying to yourself it's amusing.

Anonymous 56679

Someone else but are you the type who insists there's no difference between men and women despite their huge physical, emotional, and hormonal differences? Just because their brain physically looks the same doesn't mean they'd think the same way. If you're this blinded by ideology I feel bad for you.

Anonymous 56685

Idk i wonder since in most societies for a long time women are expected to act more princessy and not howdy in the sense of having mindless fun. We were very repressed and this culture doesn't go away overnight.

For example i think it's a bit of bullshit to say that girls mature faster. They are kind of forced to when the world is like this and behaviour accepted in boys vs girls growing up is different. Girls with autism learn quickly to mask it and suffer through it because the world is more hostile to girl exhibiting the telltale symptoms vs a boy.

I'm not that anon but i thought there were differences? people told me trans people were proven to have the brain of the sex they want to be so there are visible differences, or did i get bamboozled?

Anonymous 56687

Yeah no, the brain sex thing is complete bullshit and trans people don't have the "brain of the sex they're transitioning into".I'll look up relevant studies, can't believe i have to do this in the year of our Lord 2020 but oh well

Anonymous 56688

Well I think that the girls maturing faster has a legitimate basis though? We do go through puberty just a bit earlier. The women maturing faster thing I think is also a modern thing, even a western thing? I know a Turkish lady who's never heard of the idea, and definitely in the princessy era we were usually considered to mature slower than men. ALSO I think that the behaviors accepted are kind of different too but not just in a male-skewed way, at least from adult perspective, if you cry or throw tantrums like I did a lot in middle school (ok I was a big baby ok) classmates would make fun of you but the teachers didn't tell you to man up like they'd tell the boys.

Mindless fun ya, it does feel like that where boys doing dumb stuff is just them being boys but girls doing it is being inappropriate. but neither sex was really encouraged to do that in the Middle Ages or Roman era, beyond the normal stuff like hopscotch or hide and seek level games. Maybe it's just a modern thing. I still think that maybe it's even just a result of natural differences? If women naturally like to socialize more and men like to do their adventure or whatever bullshit it is with them, maybe societies evolved to encourage that in both sexes? Because I can imagine that if we forced a group of people to constantly do things they didn't like it'd probably be bad for society.

>did i get bamboozled

I'm pretty sure that 'brain sex', as in physical differences between brains, is total bullshit, but I'm also pretty sure that the hormonal and developmental differences alone would impact our behaviour and psychology. Trans people making stuff up isn't anything new though.

Anonymous 56695

I'd appreciate it anon. Thanks and sorry for raising your blood pressure.

Yeah i think the behaviours accepted are different, it seems that anger, isolating, confidence and assertiveness are more acceptable for boys. In my view girls are more allowed to show and talk about other emotions but are expected to suck things up internally and be more emotionally mature instead of fighting or punching walls.

And from my limited knowledge in history i still think they were encouraged even in the past. Going to bars, brothels, studying a myriad of subjects outside the house, sport hunting or horse riding. Feels like more freedom and encouraging fun than women being inside with the kids.

But yeah it's muddy and complicated, either can be right. I can't help but wish we were the same, maybe then we wouldn't get hurt so much.

>if we forced a group of people to constantly do things they didn't like it'd probably be bad for society.

I mean we kind of do. I don't think many people liked to break their backs working for lords, die in wars or for women be forced to stay inside and pop kids. Maybe that's why people end up too unhappy and things change.

Anonymous 56697

Yeah, i'm more arguing for the prim and proper behaviour that was expected, from both rich and poor women. Poor women still farmed and worked too but i doubt it was as acceptable for them to get cheap alcohol or a cheap prostitute at the end of the day, and the biggest, most well known older musicians and artists were men, i don't think many actually went into the arts and had success.

I could be wrong though, i don't know that much about history. If you can recommend books or videos i would be happy to watch some.

Anonymous 56702

>Their brains are neither typically male nor typically female

It's true, troon brains aren't typically male. They're CONCLUSIVELY male.

Anonymous 56705

Cheap alcohol was definitely, a hundred percent allowed, because back when farming was most of life cheap alcohol was just something on the dinner table. In Medieval Germany and France among others, but most well attested there, literal five year olds would be drinking small beer. The prostitution thing was also frowned upon and the Pope and local authorities in various places tried to stamp it out multiple times, but it was one of those things that you couldn't realistically stop so people sort of just sighed and said whatever.

Proper behaviour was expected of everyone, just because a lot of them didn't really line up with expectations doesn't mean it wasn't what the ideal was. I think we suffer a lot from Victorian era whitewashing of women, as funny as that may sound; they tended to clean up stories and histories to make them "presentable" to Victorian sensibilities, and scrubbing out mentions of women getting blasted or playing physical games is part of that. You hear stuff about women getting drunk, flying into rages, and so on more in e.g. China or Japan where there wasn't this entire thing based around making past culture presentable.

Anonymous 56707


>I don't think many people liked to break their backs working for lords
The funny thing is that most of the time, they didn't. Taxes were something like 1% in old times and kings or lords who raised it higher usually got snubbed by writers and contemporaries as greedy and unwise. Peasants kept most of their produce and sold whatever they had in excess, it was more that farmwork in general without modern fertilizer or even proper plows like the Rotherham (BUT with crop rotation, that's not a new invention like a lot of people seem to think) is not rewarding in how much you harvest compared to how much you eat. They did turn a profit, just not necessarily a very big one.

>die in wars

Well while levies existed a lot of ancient cultures also used a lot of volunteer troops whenever they could. Citizen soldiers were common and there were more volunteers than you'd think, because looting was crazy profitable. Yeah, there's a chance you'd get stabbed or something, but death tolls in most pre-Napoleonic wars were actually low both absolutely and proportionally so a lot of peasants went in basically to see if they could grab some fancy stuff to sell and buy a bigger farm.

>women to be forced to stay inside and pop kids

This is again weirdly more recent - and upper class - than you'd think. Women mostly worked alongside men among the lower and even middle class, insofar as there was any middle class - you have lots of sources talking about women fishing, hawking goods (actual goods, not their tits), or driving wagons!

I'm actually not too sure why a lot of people when they think of women mostly look at the upper class, because women were definitely oppressed but it was the aristocrats that had it the worst and even they were given full educations, taught art and music, attended social outings and usually got to do 'fun things' like sports, which I'd say was probably fun for a lot of them. Plus things like sport hunting were almost literal dick waving about who was the manliest man that could pretty quickly get you killed, I don't know if you've ever seen a wild boar but those guys are scary if they're mad (but kind of cute if they're not).

The brutal truth though is that the peasants and middle class had too much stuff to do for half their population to just sit around doing nothing. If even the children were darning socks and fishing for crabs when they weren't playing chase, it doesn't make any sense that adult women were just sitting on the bed all day staring blankly into space, nor does it make sense that women were just not allowed to enjoy things when men, boys, and girls all were. It's just that there were less things to enjoy.

Anonymous 56742

In Europe a serf family owed like a week of labour between them on their lord's plots a year, otherwise everything they produced was their own (minus taxation). They didn't own land as such and neither did their lord, property rights as they are known did not exist and wouldn't be able to be enforced anyway. It's more like you have right to land if you live on it and work it, especially generationally. So serfs could not be decoupled from their land even if their lord changes. A large portion of tenants were hired freemen workers too. Part of the reason the so-called feudal system ended is because after the black death the wages for these hires were really high and demand for agricultural produce was low, serfs had been going down in number for the latter half of the middleages and were no longer the majority. A lord and his court directly managed his manor including running a court and solving community matters, setting laws, agreements, and so on. A prominent serf might have other serfs or freemen working on their land for wages. Serfs would do this for money if they didn't have enough land to be able to sell a surplus of food (basically a garden that just feeds their family). Another interesting thing is that if a serf simply leaves without being captured they become a freeman after a certain period. This is not a good idea though because it basically means you become poor with no land or work. It's still an option if times are really hard and you have better ideas. But really this is who the poorfags in cities were, city population was very small and mostly wealthy.

Levies are a long tradition and mostly used for local defence as needed. Became increasingly formalised in the middleages to the point of being a position a man holds in a community for which he must get training and equipment in case he's called up, including maintaining that equipment and training. It's a community militia. Noblemen and mercenaries typically did the actual warring, being real warriors.

Anonymous 56743

>I had a few cool girl friends who were funny and interesting but never lasting friendships because i'm boring too.
Sorry to read that, this might as well be my case.
I used to have a lot more fun with other girls when I was a kid. What happened? Any of you feel the same?

Anonymous 56744

>Idk i wonder since in most societies for a long time women are expected to act more princessy and not howdy in the sense of having mindless fun. We were very repressed and this culture doesn't go away overnight.
I partially agree with this but I would add a class dimension that would make a lot of difference between some women. My older female relatives (aunts,grandmothers…) came from peasant families and they have the ''typical peasant'' humour and attitude towards life.

Anonymous 56755

Based. Half your age plus seven. Although there would be nothing wrong with it if the genders were reversed

Anonymous 56796

>trans people were proven to have the brain of the sex they want to be

You know how you know that's bullshit? Because they absolutely refuse to get scanned before beginning transition. They know the tests will prove they're male, and that their claim of womanhood is baseless.

Anonymous 56804

i'm sorry but that is hilarious

Anonymous 56860

>meanwhile, god, the king, and all his men can't even convince moids to brush their teeth more than once per day

Anonymous 56905

Forget about brushing teeth. Not doing that only harms themselves, but not washing their filthy hands with soap for 20-30 seconds harms everyone else, too.
I wished there were penalties for people who refuse to engage in the art of hand washing because muh healthy immune system. Fuck, I just don't want dick bacteria and other people's earwax/saliva on my hands.

Anonymous 56917

This was obviously a workout and not kinky, also, while it is underhanded at least he's not a feeder. She's better off now, and deep down, she needed it.

Anonymous 56918

Based double standard poster.

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