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Anonymous 56647


Anonymous 56665

The science seems sound but it feels almost like it's circular? The willpower to do absolutely nothing you like for seven days, in fact do nothing at all for seven days, is pretty incredible and not being able to muster that willpower is usually what stops people from improving. It wouldn't even work for me if I needed it, because I enjoy cooking.

Anonymous 56670

Exactly this! Also, I think this is called "dopamine fasting" and it isn't anything new like the poster seems to think :/

Anonymous 56681

I've heard it called a dopamine detox myself but usually they're less extreme than this, no? From what I heard it's more like "stop masturbating/fucking". Though honestly the fact that not shagging three times a day is enough to get someone's life in order a lot of the time sounds a little sad.

He (?) could honestly be just reiterating it in a creative way to make it seem more natural to other posters?

Anonymous 56686

Perhaps that's true.The "dopamine fasts" i've read about didn't mention fucking/masturbating etc, rather they were focused on overcoming bad habits and particularly reliance on quick fixes for boredom (in order to overcome internet addiction, for example).The science IS sound, if you're curious to know more abt it you can check "the science of internet addiction" & related videos by What I've Learned on youtube, truly fascinating stuff.

Anonymous 56689

Probably the same sort of thing? Sex is basically a drug for your brain if you overdo it so stopping that for a bit is basically like quitting a drug. If you think about it like that I guess being horny is like being high.

Anonymous 56690

Dopamine detox and nofap. This is p much what I do.
I recommend even a day of dopamine detoxing tbh. I don’t think a pure week of dopamine detox would help me though. Because I do it this way;
• no Netflix/tv
• no video games
• no sex/masturbation
• no music
• no social events

It’s the most boring shit ever. You literally just exist the whole day. You can meditate and stuff (I really go in with cooking to make the process last longer). You go to bed early coz you’re so bored.
The next day you tackle a task when you’ve woken up and eaten breakfast (still no fun). Tasks like study notes, revise, workout, do some work stuff blah blah blah. Productivity stuff. Tackling the task gives you a dopamine hit. Then you can reward with a tiny bit of the “banned” stuff.


Anonymous 56703

i tried to do this today and lasted 3 hours, lmao im so mentally weak

Anonymous 56725

I think nofap and detoxing is just christian lent for millenials and etc. You're not gaining a new dophamines or something here, you're just making a goals and if you for example succeed in nofaping a month then it's obvious that you will feel better. It's just about making goals and getting it.

And also, pleasure from masturbation or porn is not that big for you to fucking waste all your neurotransmitters, maybe you can like not correctly condition all this shit, but you fucking can't waste it.

Anonymous 56726

At least part of it is probably that men at least apparently lose motivation after they orgasm? I've never experienced that but basically every boy I've talked to I'm close enough to talk about this with has said they get tired and lack drive to do anything after the jack off. That alone could be a big deal.

Anonymous 56728

I can't surely say, but I think it's not, they lose motivation because of naturally inclined evolutionary mechanism, like restoring sperm or something, and also i've heard from my male friends that jacking off in the night helps them sleep, so it can be it, like it's mechanism of calming after sex to produce more sperm and making sex more efficient (from evolitonary point of view).

Anonymous 56729

Yeah but most of the 'just don't fap bro' advice is for men who jack off three, four times a day
If you were drained for half an hour or more after orgasm but you pushed yourself to orgasm half a dozen times a day then you'd be depressed and miserable I'd imagine

Anonymous 56733

There can be multiple reasons for why they're jacking off 3-4 times a day, like depression or stress, or toxic relationship with parents or something. Y'know, when you're happy with your surroundings you're less likely to get addiction from drugs or something. Drugs, or masturbation in this case is just easy way to stop anxious thoughts for some time. This is how I can explain compulsive masturbation among men. And all this nofap-cult is just missing this point, that there can be some hidden reason for why they're unhappy.

Anonymous 56745

Are you not tired of sprouting this evolutionary psych horseshit yet

Anonymous 56768

Are you christian or something?

Anonymous 56802

porn is just depressing to watch in general though.

Anonymous 56803

Or maybe they get addicted to porn because it's designed to be addictive? It's like social media addiction, perfectly normal people fall into it because it's engineered to give you short bursts of pleasure with little to no effort to keep you trapped and using the platform, repeat customers is how the company makes money from ads after all.

Anonymous 56806

Atheist with a degree in stem and an intense dislike for faux-intellectual horseshit that masquerades as ~science~, try harder, retard!

Anonymous 56814

nice appellation to your authority, fellow ~scientist~. it's so scientific and atheistic, ahhh…

Anonymous 56815

Then explain what am I missing then? It's not like I'm here just to argue.

Anonymous 56819

Yeah, but also porn abusing it because our brains are kinda not adapted enough to live in THIS comfortable world with a lot of food and entertainment, so our brain (more ancient regions?) are using the same principles as when we were living under the conditions of deficit, (getting as much as possible). Not only because of that tho, but because of you being unhappy living day-to-day, and you not knowing exactly what it causes, so you have to rely on easy-ways-to-get sources of pleasure. So basically it is, whether or not porn and social media is Designed to be addictive, it IS addictive, just because the way how brain is evolved. At least, this is how I make sense of it (don't get mad if you think I might be wrong).

Anonymous 59517

one time i tried doing something like this (though less extreme) but i have ADHD, so i just ended up spacing out and daydreaming instead of reading anything :(

Anonymous 59554

it's definitely due to ejaculation specifically. you can sometimes find guys talking about the ability to dry orgasm and go for multiple rounds and stuff

Anonymous 60536

Go outside. go for a walk in the woods or by the beach. that stuff is fun and being out in the open is the natural state. you'll be happier.

Anonymous 60538

>And also, pleasure from masturbation or porn is not that big for you to fucking waste all your neurotransmitters
remember that the pic in OP was written by a moid for other moids, and for them this porn and wanking addiction is a very real and serious issue
for us, not so much usually

Anonymous 60540

>pleasure from masturbation or porn is not that big
You're not a woman. Billions of woman masturbate when they're stressed because the pleasure from masturbation is a huge stress reliever, it literally clears your brain from stress and makes a woman feel better. Some even masturbate because the brain is relaxed after an orgasm, they fall asleep easily like they wouldn't without the post-orgasm relaxation. You're a man trying to pull off bullshit that hurts billions of women. This whole thread is wrong as hell.

Anonymous 60541

As someone who goes outside regularly: it's not enough and becomes boring fast. I am not happier just because I go outside, in fact I am happier when I'm home doing what I like.

Anonymous 60544

>tfw I never did lent either despite my parents trying to push religion on me because even as a child I didn't care and I already felt extremely deprived in my regular life

Anonymous 60545

Whenever I come across bullshit like this, I remember my child/teen self feeling horrible and suicidal because I could not do nor have what I really wanted, instead I was only given/allowed bullshit that did absolutely nothing for me.

Fuck that shit OP. I do what I want.

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