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Anonymous 56831

I'm working for a cosmetics company in Korea.

Any questions?

Anonymous 56832

Do you wear make-up?

Anonymous 56833

only sunblocks

Anonymous 56834

From the brand that your work for? Also, how did you end up there? Are you korean? What studies do you have? Do you feel make-up is a goo tool women can use?

Anonymous 56835

I have used sunblocks from few companies.

I'm a Korean and my field is law.

I applied for this job at current company and got employed, that's all.

And of course wearing makeups can be a good tool for everyone. Not only for women.

Anonymous 56836

Have you ever had any kind of plastic surgery?

Anonymous 56837

Anonymous 56838

I always like seeing international anons on the boards. How did you find out about Crystal Cafe? What draws you to it and do you use other boards like 4chan?

Anonymous 56839

Have you ever bleached your hair or put blue contact lenses?

Anonymous 56840

1) Are you Korean-Korean or a Korean raised abroad?
2) If you're raised abroad, do you struggle with the language?
3) How many people in your family have natural double eyelids?

lmao, these stereotypes

Anonymous 56853

glad to see a fellow asian posting on cc weeeee

>how much sunblock do we need daily and how often do you apply sunblock?
>Is chemical sunscreen better?
>Do you like kpop? how about kdrama?
>Does browsing imageboards make you feel isolated?
>Do a lot of Koreans browse imageboards?

Looking forward to you reply korean femanon

Anonymous 56879

I googled. I know 4chan, but I don't use it.

Only hair twice

Anonymous 56880

I'm a Korean raised in Korea

4/5 has double eyelids

Anonymous 56881

They are considered alphas among Asians, but I prefer whites.

Anonymous 56882

It depends, see the instructions.

Sunblocks vary on their intensity against sunrays.

And I'm not sure which one's better between chemical and physical, but I prefer physical sunblock because they are more common in Korea.

I don't like Kpop and dramas actually, because they lure too much foreign girls into Korea and spoiling Korean men. Especially girls from poor countries(Mostly from SEA), a lot of them have purpose of getting impregnant and attain Korean citizenship.

This board doesn't make me feel isolated yet.

Koreans browse imageboards quite much inside Korea.

Anonymous 56901

What a surprise.

Anonymous 56902

1. Since you prefer whites, why does it bother you that Korean men marry Southeast-Asian women who like Korea and spoil Korean men?

2. Where did you learn fluent English? Many Koreans I meet online speak only very basic English.

Anonymous 56910

Why do Korean “men” look like women

Anonymous 56963

Which is the most beautiful Korean man for you?

Anonymous 56984


what's your favourite korean food you think westerners wouldn't know about?

Anonymous 56993

1. demand-supply

and this is NOT a fair competition since there are limited number of whites in Korea while there are hundred million SE Asians who wanna marry a Korean and attain Korean citizenship.

2. At CC

Anonymous 56995

Yellow men naturally have less testosterone than men of other races

Anonymous 56997

Oh I forgot to say this.

Because even if I prefer whites ,that doesn't mean that I'll never date a Korean.

and demand-supply

Anonymous 56998

Anonymous 57000

고추튀김 Gochutwigim.j…

(고추튀김) Gochutwigim

Fried stuffed pepper(usually stuffed with ground meat and ground vegies)

Anonymous 57002

Correct me if I'm mistaken:
>You said a lot of SEA girls want to marry Korean guys (that currently live in Korea) to attain citizenship AND because they are highly interested in them since by beauty standards and other stuff SEA girls find them very attractive. To obtain and preserve this, SEA girls spoil their Korean dates/relationship partners.

>You said some Korean girls (including yourself) prefer white men over Korean men (doesn't mean they don't like them too, but they like them somehow less).

The thing is, I presume there's a lot of korean/asian girls attracted to white guys, inside an outside of Korea. Possibly as much as SEA girls wanting Korean guys. My point is that the demand-supply thing is not a valid excuse since you pointed the whole SEA girls into one side and only the Korean-girl-living-in-Korea on the other side. Therefore, there are a lot of korean/asian girls in and outside Korea that prefer white males. So the worldwide demografic of white men seeked by Korean/SEA girls is larger than the number of of SEA girls looking for Korean-guys-living-in-Korea. You don't like that outsiders want your men and on top of that it pisses you of that the white outsiders that live in your country are too little. You don't want to share something that you've put in a second place.

Anonymous 57006

I'm a European girl. I was pointing out that she has double standards.

Anonymous 57007

>European girl defending Korean guys
>male Asian lurkers jizzing their pants

Anonymous 57010

I believe certain race/sex groups fetishize over other certain race/sex groups. And of course, being this just fetishization and not normal discrete admiration (I'm referring to stans,'yellow fever', or like that thread about wanting a white men serial killer as your boyfriend, or dating/having sex only with black guys), it's up to no good. Mainly because apart of being something completely unrealistic in some cases, it's also usually mixed with some enormous disdain against the opposite sex of your race. This last thing wouldn't be the case of OP tho, because she like Korean guys too, after whites.

Anonymous 57015

I've never heard of Asians having a 'fetish' for white men, it's more that they regard white men as being more likely to hold attractive traits. I don't see them being sexually stimulated by the idea of whiteness itself, the way alt rightists fetishize whiteness as purity or porn fetishizes blackness as primitive and animal-like.

Anonymous 57024

Wow, a girl cuddling a baby. Brand new, never seen before. Moids can't comprehend.

Anonymous 57025

looks yummy!!! <3

Anonymous 57029


>I don't see them being sexually stimulated by the idea of whiteness itself,

I do, sometimes, I don't want to generalise of course.

OP 57030


Pls don't fight each other over my personal opinion.

What I meant demand-supply or unfair is-

I'm a Korean and hired in Korea so I'm not likely to go abroad in next couple years, so I'm only talking about dating inside Korea.

Inside Korea, I guess there are at least 30 times more SE Asian girls than white men.

The chart shows number of each country's nationales in Korea,

China- Vietnam- USA(mostly Korean Americans)- Thai- Philippines- Uzbekhistan- Japan

Moreover, female ratio of SE Asians are higher than male ratio. Maybe because of some Kind of Korean singers and drama effect(Korean culture attracts girls more than boys. On the other hand, Japanese culture more boys than girls).

This is why I mentioned it's an kinda unfair situation for Korean women currently.

Anonymous 57031

Not very useful. It's not unfair that there are more SEA girls in Korea than white boys. Because Korea is in Asia (d'uh) and obviously there are going to be way more asian foreigners than pretty single white males.

Anonymous 57032

It's called white worshipping. I've seen Asians criticise it and call out other Asians with white worship.
It never made any sense to me, anyway. Probably because I'm from Europe and see enough bad "white features" on a daily basis. There are good ones like coloured eyes, of course, but I prefer dark features on men.

Anonymous Admin 57046

Keep this thread focused on cosmetics and lifestyle. Don't argue about politics.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 57047

Moved to >>>/hb/8797.

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