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Anonymous 56915

Soon I'm going to have a diagnostic assessment in order to be able to qualify for disabled student allowance at university
Does anyone have any experience/tips with this?

Anonymous 57035


Anonymous 57694

Did you get your results?

Anonymous 57699

It went well thankfully, I don't know how much money I'll be entitled to but I'm trying to be hopeful.

Anonymous 57702

It's uni expensive where you live? This year I'm asking for the large family aid myself, it will help for the payment of my rent.

Anonymous 57745

Respectfully, what was the disability that got you the allowance? I'm wondering if I would qualify, suffering from urge urinary incontinence and enuresis (bedwetting). But maybe it's just not worth it?

Anonymous 57761


It's in a pretty large city,
I've saved up enough to pay for the rent but not for food and basic necessities and such.
If you present this disability as one that causes you anxiety and depression then I think you might be able to bag a small entitlement, my disability was more related to physical limitations and special needs.

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