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Anonymous 56964

Even if you're a 9/10, share all of his interests, treat him with respect, oblige his every fetish, cook and clean for him, birth his children, even make lots of money and have some amazing talent and intelligence… basically, be the perfect woman, he will lust after other women.
Even if he's bottom-of-the barrel and somehow scored the woman of his dreams, he still feels entitled to more women.
Even if you give your entire life to him, he'll secretly start to resent you for growing older and less attractive over time. The lusting will only get worse as you age and he gets more bored of you.
How the fuck do I cope with this? I already have crippling insecurities. I just want to be loved as much as I give in return. Why are men like this? Can't they to at least appreciate what they have?

Anonymous 56965

Have you read the latest chapter of JoJo recently?

Anonymous 56966

>How the fuck do I cope with this?
Don't dedicate your life to a man. You can have partners, but don't fall into the trap of the happy family. Be selfish. Do things for you and for yourself.
>Why are men like this?
Men don't love like we do. They just love to fuck. They have no romantic interest in us, so we're easily replaceable.
>Can't they to at least appreciate what they have?
No. The most pious thing he'll do is pay an escort.

Anonymous 56967

That can't be completely true, right? Surely there's at least a few men capable of real love?

Anonymous 56970

They want that one single woman to adore them.
They don't have any issues jerking off and fantasizing about other women, but don't want their target woman do fantasize about anyone else but him.

Anonymous 56974

Oneitis is an affectation. If you actually follow up with these guys who say they were SOOO IN LOVE FOREVER AND CAN'T IMAGINE LIFE WITHOUT HERRRRR, they'll have said it about thirty other girls in the interim.

Anonymous 58406

This. If you're going to get cheated on or dumped eventually, might as well be with a hot guy.

Anonymous 58416

Mad cuck

Anonymous 58431

Oneitis has nothing to do with actual love. The moid version of it is lustful pining over Stacy, or 2D Stacushita, and despite the name, men with "oneitis" have 10 at the very least.

Anonymous 58461

hell is other people and i'm realizing that a "significant other" is not an exception to this

Anonymous 60480

kuromi glitter.gif

how do you cope with this? Stop chalking up your entire life to what some moid thinks of you. Most men are dildos and wallets. Utilize it. Make them think you care, meanwhile you wouldn't change your facial expression if they didn't wake up tomorrow. Flirt, fuck around, enjoy attention, get taken out. If they don't give a shit about us, why do so many of us keep giving a shit about them? You're going to stress yourself 10 years older thinking about how you're not enough, meanwhile this male you're talking about is hitting up 20 different women on snapchat. Match the energy but do it better.

Anonymous 60481


You seem to be under the impression that Cinderella stories are true,
sorry but they aren't real. Even if you get a super low libido man, it's the luck of the draw if he ends up cheating. Most married men cheat, especially while their wives are pregnant. There a very few men who really humanize women and don't cheat, but they're hard to find and you don't know if they're that type until it's too late and he cheats.

You have crippling insecurity? Best to worry about how to love yourself first. That way you won't attract the most scummy men who want to take advantage of your insecurity.

Anonymous 60534

how do you cope with this? you figure out that this isn't true. men want love and to be loved and accepted for their failures and their successes. if you accept your man, love him and care for him then he will not stray. he will be grateful and he will return your love. most men realize that the odds for success and finding a woman are against them, they're not going to risk losing a catch like you just because their dick gets hard.

Anonymous 60535

don't feed OP misinformation intended to shit up her life later on.

Anonymous 61269

Realize you're better than them. Why would you chase approval from someone who is uncivilized and sub-optimal.

The only people they hurt is themselves. I remember when "pick up artists" were all the craze. Ugly men now thought they could pump and dump models all day. Very soon they realized women actually won out on this because we are significantly more sexually desirable than they are.

Now they're all crying and wishing for the "good old days" to return, because they realize the absolute majority end up with 0 women. Top kek.

Anonymous 61270

This. Not all of them are like that either. I'd say maybe 70% of men are like OP described.

We also put up with it to be honest. Women put up with their partners watching porn, lusting over other women and so on. Men excuse it with "boys will be boys", and "all men do this".

Truth be told, they don't. It's just these low quality ones that always think they can do better. I think its because they've been porn damaged and don't see us a humans, but just objects to switch out.

Anonymous 61271

terrible advice a lot of posters want OP to die alone alongside them.

Anonymous 61272

If the man is an hypersexual gymbro psychopath yes you are fucked. He will cheat on you 100%.

If his sex drive turns out to be actually pretty regular he might not be such an primitive animal.

Anonymous 61281

cheating stats.png

>I think its because they've been porn damaged and don't see us a humans, but just objects to switch out.

Pretty much this, don't date porn sick men.

And even then, men cheat at about 20% and 50% of those were because the relationship/marriage wasn't going anywhere. The lengths these women go to spread doom and gloom, give me a break.

Anonymous 61305

You should just watch what he does to see if you like it too, I'm in a similar situation babe x

Anonymous 61319

>be me
>be big titty goth gf
>suck bf's dick every day
>fuck him whenever and however he wants
>start calling him master because he wants me to

Still cheats on me with a blonde bimbo he met at work

Though is it bad that I've taken being cheated on, and now just don't care about cheating on my partners anymore?

Anonymous 61320

If you find it morally objectionable to cheat yes. I imagine most people would just cope with "an open relationship" rather than cheat though.

Anonymous 61321

so ideally you have to get yourself a man who is
>under 35
>high school or less
>grew up with both parents
>goes to church regularly


Anonymous 61367

As long as they're cheating on you.

Anonymous 61372

Take solace in two things: not all men will do this to the extent that you think, and, for men, looking at another woman doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you. The same might not be true for women. If you’re talking about porn and lustful stuff like that, I sure hope you don’t marry a man wrapped up in that world, because it means he’s an addict.

Anonymous 61386

Start prowling Catholic schools, I guess.

Anonymous 61389

Find a man that has crippling social anxiety so even if he wanted to cheat he wouldn't be able to

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