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Anonymous 56972

why is elliot rodgers such a whiny bitch?

i just read his manifesto and i stg there’s probably online fanfics penned by twelve year old girls with more emotional maturity. (maybe because he was coddled by his mother too much?)

more importantly, do incels actually relate to this (non-ironically)? if so, is the lack of self awareness not kind of cringy?

very strange to read.

Anonymous 56973

I read it too. He was just a manlet with a micropenis that went crazy because Stacy said "no".

Anonymous 56979


He just made his happiness rely on others, of course he'll never be happy like that.

Anonymous 57130


The elliot worship was always largely ironic, at least for the moids that had anything close to a room temperature IQ.

Anonymous 57143

This (what are "moids" though?), though I like to think most people didn't do it out of spite or anything, and either found him and the murders unfortunate (forgiveness and justice are not mutually exclusive) or did not care. Either way it was funny until it became semi-mainstream, I think because of that fucker "mumkey jones" or whatever.
>You're stupid because you believe in something I do not!
this is normalfag-tier thinking.

Anonymous 57193

Problem is the lurking autists actually do take it seriously. That Alek Minassian guy allegedly spoke with Elliot and looked up to him.

Also I kind of agree with that image. Years ago many people might have felt compassion for these type of men. Because of the media many people had this idea of "the poor bullied nerd and the asshole jocks". Now with all these attacks and online communities people realize that the "nerds" can actually be even worse and don't think they deserve any sympathy.

Anonymous 57954

These are just my opinions, they could definitely be wrong.

>why is elliot rodgers such a whiny bitch?

He was raised to be extremely entitled due to his parents and his up bringing. He suffered from severe mental illness(not schizophrenia but probably something similar) and delusions that went untreated and undiagnosed. This mental illness left him extremely isolated and alone, which went against his world view that he was entitled and deserved social interaction and relationships simply for existing, obviously it's a normal expectation that a person be civilized and socialized to a certain degree to be socially successful.
>do incels actually relate to this (non-ironically)?
It was more that he related to incels rather than incels related to him, he used common incel rhetoric to justify his world view(that he was deserving and entitled and it wasn't him that was the problem but all the other people who were the issue, and he had the various statistics to back it up and justify it)
What he did made him iconic, not just to incels but to society. There's definitely people that related to him, but there's people that are fans of richard ramirez, not just incels but women too.

>if so, is the lack of self awareness not kind of cringy?

Of course it's cringy.

Anonymous 58028

He might have been the most shallow person to have ever existed. He was given a free ticket to a college course, a fancy BMW and a place to live in Santa Barbara and yet he was completely convinced that his family was poor and that he needed to win the lottery to be happy. Obviously he was mentally ill but I don't know how he could have been helped.

Anonymous 58029

Rich kids who get everything they want tend to be shallow, yes. Specifically those from middle class families or nouveau riche.

Anonymous 58034

>that he needed to win the lottery to be happy.
You fundamentally misunderstand Elliot Roger's mindset. Elliot Roger did not think he needed to win the lottery to be happy. In his own words, he felt that he was destined to win the lottery. Not that he needed a good thing to happen to him, but that he deserved to have good things happen to him.

Anonymous 58037


Actually theyre right in a literal sense, the guy made multiple attempts to win the lottery in the belief it'll net him a loving gf and failed.

Anonymous 58038

She's not right in a literal sense. He did not "hope" to win the lottery. The emotion of "hope" was not present in Elliot's mind, again, according to words by himself, he deserved to win the lottery. Elliot drove 10 hours from California to Arizonia to get a winning lottery ticket as a foregone conclusion, in his mind, the buying of any of those tickets were a formality. He did not think getting money would get him a gf, he deserved a gf and he deserved money in his own mind.

Do not paint Elliot as some poor soul that was just looking for happiness, he was egomaniac. That deserves pity in a certain sense, but not the same kind.

Anonymous 58756

He was a closet homosexual.

Anonymous 59044

His sister didn't have the same mental illness as him, nor was she a narcissist.

Anonymous 59086

moid detected

Anonymous 59226

yeah obviously the issue with elliot rodger was that he happened to be half white and asian, not that he was a socially inept autist

Anonymous 60701

>(what are "moids" though?)
mongoloid men

Anonymous 60713

It's literally because he was mentally ill

Anonymous 60825

yeah this
i read an article about him once, he was basically in and out of therapy for his entire life since a very young age, and took a lot of psych meds over the years. diagnosed with learning disability and aspergers i think.

anyway, regarding OPs question:
>more importantly, do incels actually relate to this (non-ironically)? if so, is the lack of self awareness not kind of cringy?

i think none of them relate to his writings, only to his actions. which is very ironic because he killed more men than women so his "revenge" against women was a colossal failure

Anonymous 60827

he "is" not, kek.

Anonymous 63026

He was a loser faggot who couldn't get laid

Anonymous 63043

Anyone notice how it is always the more attractive (relatively speaking) of the incels who go on rampages?
I guess it's because they are the ones who are definitely mentally ill.
I don't know what the others look like but I never seen a truly repulsive looking moid on the news.

Anonymous 63048

Ugly people seem to make murder really, really personal. I think ugly people probably use knives more than attractive people, and there's a lot of torture murderers and rapey serial killers who are extremely ugly. Better looking people seem to prefer spree killing over serial killing.

Anonymous 63049


So it might just be that the not ugly ones we immediately label an "incels" whereas if you just see a rapist/murderer who is ugly, you just don't

Anonymous 63087


Actually the most good-looking murderers are serial murderers like Richard Ramirez. Spree shooters are autistic dweebs.

Anonymous 63176


to be fair, that picture’s pretty unfairly edited.

if he had a bit of dental work done and wasn’t a complete fking psycho, i’d definitely do a double take if i saw him on the street or something.

Anonymous 63181

Not that anon but I'd give him one even he had no teeeth.

Anonymous 63314

He had strong delusions of grandeur. He never tried approaching any girls. He thought they would come to him.

Anonymous 63315

casanova killer.jp…

Sorry but that guy looks disgusting.

Anonymous 63428

Lets flip it then. Should I start approaching men, rather than waiting for them?

Anonymous 63467

>why is elliot rodgers such a whiny bitch?
Mental illness combined with exceptional entitlement.
>more importantly, do incels actually relate to this (non-ironically)?
The mentally ill ones do, that's why you see so many of them in places like 4chan. (well, on specific boards on 4chan)

Anonymous 63468

What's stopping you?
You'd pretty much gain something of a monopoly in the dating market of boys too scared to
actually approach girls.
Plus it'd be a fair bit easier to get the kind of guy you want.
Some kinds of guys will just become yours if you're persistent enough (and corner them).

Anonymous 63474

>Poor guy
He shot innocent people…

Anonymous 63679

>why is elliot rodgers such a whiny bitch?
It's called autism.

Anonymous 65888

Most incels like most MRAs are whiny entitled beta male manbabies

Anonymous 142117

It is my understanding that he never asked to begin with, so she never had a chance to say either "yes" or "no".

Anonymous 142121

funniest shit is that his life was not so bad. he blamed everything on women yet had a female friend, him being insecure about his eight comes from being refused at some attraction park and not being mocked by others (he was not), he was insecure about what he likes to the point of stopping playing pokemon bc it was not cool anymore thus showing he has no personality, called morocco a retard country bc it didnt have the latest games, his mother in law was not even abusive to him he just disliked that she was sometimes strict despite not being his real mom, he had plenty money and status thanks to his father and didnt have bad looks, many oportunities to sociolize as well


Anonymous 142122

He wanted to kill his mother in law just because he didnt like her at this point.

and even there he was useless. said he would get revenge on women but killed more men then committed suicide like a bitch. everything about him IS A FAILURE even when it comes to be an incel yet they fucking love him

so pathetic

Anonymous 142128

I thought it was weird how his main hang up seemed to really be when he got beat up at isla vista by frat boys. He literally waited a year to the day to shoot up the strip mall or whatever. It was weird how his thought process was that if he couldn't fit in with frat bros, he would kill them. Even though he literally had an uncle try to explain to him that they were just like that.

And it wasn't that he hated women, just that he didn't get a blonde girl. Or that he saw guys with less money and shorter than him with blonde girls. Because he considered them to be the most beautiful. His father even offered to buy him high end escort in Las Vegas and he didn't want to. He just had a weird obsession with frat boys and bimbo girls.

Anonymous 142139


There was also that thing about how his dad lost a money trying to make a religulous clone movie. He felt like his family should of been richer. And they still were invited to rich people parties and he felt inferior there. And he blamed his father for being poor.

And he posted on bodybuilding forums and would get trolled. Its like if a regular person had talked to him it might not have happened. He just did online classes for high school and college and then got trolled on forums during his free time.

Anonymous 142143

>Even though he literally had an uncle try to explain to him that they were just like that.
What are you trying to express here?

Anonymous 142149

rich kids who are bought up getting anything they want often don’t learn empathy which is learnt by parents saying ‘no’ showing them ‘you can’t have this because of mine/some else’s personal needs’. this is one way that sociopaths are created

Anonymous 142158

Elliot Rodger didn't even look bad, he was kinda handsome imo, just completely autistic and delusional.

Anonymous 142162

elliot rodger x frat boys yaoi

Anonymous 142167

It's in his manifesto. Elliot had a habit of stalking people on Facebook with fake accounts and then showing up to parties drunk. He showed up to a frat party in Isla Vista wasted and tried to talk to some girls. They ignored him and so he tried to push them off a ledge. Instead some other guys pushed him off and jumped him.

He broke his hip and had to wear crutches for awhile. The part I'm talking about is when he was in the hospital and his uncle tries talk to him.

Anonymous 142168


Anonymous 142174

Elliot Rodgers had so many problems he strikes me as almost uniquely, for want of a better word, nuts. He's just so unrelentingly hostile and unaccommodating of others I can't really empathise with him on any level, he wasn't lonely because he got stuck in a rut and ended up adrift from society, he was lonely because he behaved like a primary school bully in a grown man's body. It's probably a good thing he was so socially inept otherwise he'd likely have become another Ted Bundy.

Anonymous 142175

His uncle tried to convince him not to go to frat parties and he didn't listen

Anonymous 142178

Agreed. I think he is a pretty good example of the concept of "no, it's not that people don't want to date you because you're ugly, people don't want to date you because your personality is horrible". But how could someone not want to date someone like him, right? Everyone else around him is the problem, not him. It's very clearly some personality disorder, dark triad shit.

Anonymous 142189

You really are not good at expressing yourself. All of that was just useless filler and the final point was "you already know the part okay"

Anonymous 142190

That's it? Not very meaningful.

Anonymous 142191

My theory is that the ones that are flat-out ugly are quicker to come to terms with their undesirability, it's hard to deny. The ones who look okay can more easily convince themselves of this narrative that someone cheated them out of their opportunity.

Anonymous 142194

Elliot Rodger would have rejected me because I’m not a blonde stacy so he can rot.

Anonymous 142196

Yes, I am certain if Elliot Rodger had just accepted the advice to not go to frat parties things would have been fine.

Anonymous 142197

My writing is poetry, you can't call it filler
I'm sure he would of fell for you
I think really his manifesto was so whiny and narcissistic. He was definitely a sociopath. I could only stand it from that mumkey Jones reading on YouTube. It got re-upload and I only listened to it because I had a lot of down time at work once and I would just sit in my truck getting drunk and driving around on this ranch.

Anonymous 142198

Like just the idea he was writing all this bullshit about his "musings" from when he was 5 and his childhood. I refuse to believe most of that shit wasn't made up.

Anonymous 142201

rly funny too how he complained that women dated men less handsome, rich and tall than him yet this man somehow is the prime exemple of how women are cruel and shallow towards men for incels.

his existence should prove them its not enough, yet they idolize him.

Anonymous 142202

men when women no want just money but want men not be insufferable whiny scrotes : noooooooooooooooooooooooo how do i do that? MUST SHOOT PEOPLE

Anonymous 142203

Make it happen!

Anonymous 142226

Some people I've met IRL definitely seem like they would lie about something like that, doesn't surprise me at all to hear that he would.

Anonymous 142512

of course it was made up

Anonymous 142594

Elliot Rodger is proof that incels are self-contradicting morons:

>Drove nice car

>Looked kind of conventionally attractive

Yet they say women don't want to fuck them because they only care about their material possesions, like what kind of car you drive, and because they aren't good-looking enough.

This guy had both and he still blamed women for not being attracted to him. Almost like your personality comes first.

Anonymous 142600

He is also a bitch that never looked for women outside of Isla Vista in poorer areas. He was just too much of a sperg to realize that he was actually more attractive than 80% of the moids all along, he was only mentally ill af, but its fine the terminally mentally ill must be filtered.

Anonymous 142603

They had to be blonde sorority girls too, don't forget that.

Anonymous 142609

<manlet with a micropenis
I mean, he's in for a lifeime of no's. If he was alive today atleast his out would have been living as tranny

Anonymous 142610

He is Jewish.

Anonymous 142741

Oh god this shithead’s case was the first time i ever came across incel rhetoric online kek. I remember being 14 cringing at the way he acted in his videos and scrolling to see the comments agreeing while I excepted people to share my sentiments. I was bewildered, remember it like yesterday, came out a changed woman

Anonymous 142766


I know you’re just a racist troll, but he wasn’t Jewish. His mother is Malaysian and his father is an Anglo from a Catholic family. This rumor spread years ago because his father made a documentary on religion.

Anonymous 142783

>he’s jewish!1!1!
It doesn’t matter what race they are anyway, it’s a man lol. That’s all the info i personally need

Anonymous 142838

a huge part of the redpill community are just dramatic bitches
most of their problems arent problems and could be solved easily they just want to mope in their own sadness lol

Anonymous 142865

men only get rejected by all women when they are extremely mentally ill or extremely ugly. And its justified.

Elliot Rodger didn't try to talk to all women, he didnt want to date outside of the Isla Vista summer surfer blondes. No wonder why he failed miserably.

Anonymous 144580


Elliot Roger was a narcissistic male obsessed with blond college girls, devoid of morality and compassion, and a woman would have had to have self-destructive tendencies, be one of the "I can fix him!" types, and/or be into Bad Boys to give someone like him a chance if she knew everything about him….even pre-shooting. So, in other words: she'd basically be dumb if she gave an Elliot a chance because it'd go against most or all common-sense proxies of mate stability.

A man who is truly bitter, entitled, and misogynistic is much more dangerous to couple with. Duh.

Incels, well, they often absolutely adore bad boys, just not the kind with any redeeming qualities and I will never not find it weird how they try portraying these bad boys as being tortured souls…when in reality, they'd just be another mindless garden-variety villain if they had any social power.

Anonymous 144582

They seem so hardwired into the creepy-male NPC hivemind that the more fucked up a thing a maladjusted, bad man does, the more empathetic a martyr he is to them. Elliot Roger was just some attention whore that failed in life to get attention and wanted to get revenge, and the men that defend him are as well.

Anonymous 144600

dude was gay or sum yeah hes bisexual at least

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