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Anonymous 57092

Don't settle down too early.

Imagine honeymooning with a 1 but celebrating your 30th with a 4 or worse.

Anonymous 57094

be gone baldy

Anonymous 57098

I honestly think 4 looks hottest as long as he has a masculine face. On more feminine pretty guys obviously hair loss is always a bad look. Why do guys go bald anyway, it seems contrary to evolution given head hair is a sexual signal. Is it to do with too high T?

Anonymous 57104

Interesting that the same hormone causes growth in body hair but loss of head hair. Personally DHT blockers sound stupid, people shouldn't fuck with their hormones. Sounds like a recipe for impotence etc. Being high T is a good thing
Also Asian men don't have any less DHT than other races, that's almost a racial slur saying Asian men lack testosterone, they just are less hairy genetically, both women and men. That's different to not growing hair because of lacking the hormones. If you gave an Asian guy DHT he won't start growing a hairy beard and ass much like there's no way to grow hair on the soles of your feet, hair just doesn't grow there

Anonymous 57105

White moids age very badly.

Anonymous 57106

if i ever want kids i'd only breed with a 40+ y.o man who still has his hair, i don't want my potential son(s) to suffer from such the cruel fate of male pattern baldness

Anonymous 57108

>40 years old

And what, give the child autism?

t.autist borned from father over 40 :-DDDDD

Anonymous 57109

is there science behind this? also if u were a man would you rather be bald or an autist?

Anonymous 57110

I remember there were some articles that tied autism to the father's age and not the mother's age, this came out recently and reversed the previous belief.

I think baldness for men would be worse tbh, straight up, like, can you really consider the risk of Chris Chan tier assburgers as being lower than the risk of a little less hair.

Anonymous 57112

is that supposed to be attractive? the only bald men who MIGHT look somewhat okay-ish are the ones with a good facial bone structure to make up for the hair loss, anything else is a cope.

Anonymous 57124

Do you like pot bellies too? Have some standards.

Anonymous 57129

Most bald men I know of are married or in a relationship, I think there might be a link

Anonymous 57131

You better see if they have hair in their family or not.

Anonymous 57132

My bf looks absolutely terrible when he cuts his hair very short, if he went bald I don't know if I'd still be attracted to him. For me being bald would be as unattractive as being morbidly obese. I know I'm horrible since they can't control it but it's just so ugly.

Anonymous 57135

you're not horrible, you can't control how your brain reacts to things either

Anonymous 57146

don't kys just don't reproduce

Anonymous 57149

Confirmation bias. You're trying to convince yourself that if a man is bald it's his own fault because he just didn't work out hard enough. That way you don't have to feel bad when you discriminate against men entirely because of something they can't control.

Anonymous 57150

>discriminate again men
discrimination from what? her pussy? lmao good

Anonymous 57151

Having superior XX genes is not being biased.

Anonymous 57152

Yes? What else would I possibly mean. Although I would call it "dating" or "relationships" but sure if you want to be honest a woman's pussy is all that either of those things really comes down to in the end.

Anonymous 57153

I figured it was just a thirst post for bald men, not some salty moid

Anonymous 57154

the post that had bald moid lurkers seething

Anonymous 57155


Anonymous 57156

I’m 30 and I looked up a bunch of guys I went to high school with. So many in the 3+ category now. One even seems to have gone completely grey. Most of them fat on top of that.

Anonymous 57158

>I’m 30
Yikes. I doubt you're looking so great yourself.

Anonymous 57160

>Imagine honeymooning with a 1 but celebrating your 30th with a 4 or worse.

If I celebrated my 30th anniversary I would be happy about it instead of complaining about how bad each other of us have aged. I'm 20 and I already have varicose veins. I'm not dumping him for balding and I expect him to accept my legs. Are this kind of threads some sort of joke about how most men complain about the smallest thing or are we really just salty and mimicking?

Anonymous 57161

It's a self hating baldie thread

Anonymous 57162

Women are much shallower than men.

Anonymous 57163

someone post the stats on cheating and divorce after cancer diagnosis.

Anonymous 57165

It's just like the anons bitching about men balding don't know there are bald women too, goddamnit.

Anonymous 57169

I’m not bald, grey, or fat at least.

Anonymous 57171


>i want to meet the men of your family anon

Anonymous 57172

I think that accepting bald men is normal. Most men show signs of balding as early in their 20's.

Anonymous 57175

Doesn’t mean you have to

Anonymous 57177

This is the mirror image of saggy breasts and cellulite concerns for women.

Anonymous 57178

Saggy breasts look fine most of the time, unless they’ve been victim to breast feeding. Easily avoided though.

Cellulite is actually normal fat distribution for women. Men and women distribute fat differently. It’s just another way men want women that look like children or skinny boys.

Balding just looks bad.

Anonymous 57183

Lol ham beast cope

Anonymous 57184

triggered baldy

Anonymous 57187

As long as you're big enough men don't care if your breasts reach your bellybuttom, they put size over shape anytime.

For some reason squeezing their penis between them feels really good to them, I don't know how they don't use pillows to masturbate.

Anonymous 57191

Lol cope harder fugly

Anonymous 57194


AAAAAAAAAAAaa your head is shining too brightly aAAaaaaaa

Anonymous 57195

Lol my genes aren't as shit as yours thank the gods

Anonymous 57196


>baldness = shit genes

Anonymous 57198

For some it can be treated at least but your flawed personality is for life lol

Anonymous 57199

Big cope from both sides here.

Anonymous 57200

Except for the very few blessed reality and time are very democratic. Men get bald, women get wrinkles, both of them get fat…

Anonymous 57201

indeed, why do we have to live past 25? shit sucks

Anonymous 57203

>implying autism is always bad

Autism every time. Check please.

Anonymous 57204

I've seen young teens now with cellulite though. Isn't there something about eating bullshit foods that makes it worse?

Anonymous 57206

ew he looks like a lil boy and a bit feminine, number 3 looks manlier compared to all of them

Anonymous 57208

Stupid humans. I can't wait for the day when we can easily and safely engineer undesirable traits out of embryos.

Anonymous 57212

If your hypothesis is that Asian men lose hair less so than other races due to less DHT, then the stats would show Asian men do have less DHT, which isn't the case. It's clear it's a genetic trait activated by DHT–but why would humans keep their head hair, only for the men to lose it, but not Asian men? It's interesting from an evolutionary perspective

Anonymous 57214

Have you ever watched Gattaca? This would be extremely hard for us. We should try to make a better world for everyone, even if it's easier to just engineer the next generation.

Anonymous 57221

Gattaca is a movie, anon.
Don't take moral lessons from Hollywood.
Just like we cure disease and other undesirable physical afflictions, we can engineer them at a genetic level too.

Anonymous 57288

>and less masculine hairless men with good hair on their heads (think asians for example)
Excuse me? I've dated whites and I've dated asians, if anything asian men are more manly on average. They last longer in bed and their cocks are harder, they're also more perverted and love eating ass and doing other vulgar things. Quit your bro-science.
They really do. the average white moid looks 40 by 25. they try to project and say "white women hit the wall young" but that's a matter of caring for their skin or not (like tanning-addicts). If white women use asian skincare, they age like asian women do. nothing, however, will stop a white moid from balding. i really don't know what is wrong with them. they're covered in hair everywhere but their head, and to try to distract us from their premature balding they try growing out a nasty sprout of pubic hair from their chin and neck, as if, as long as we see some kind of fur somewhere above their collar, we might not notice that their scalp can blind aircraft on a sunny day. they also never, ever use moisturizer or sunscreen (because it would 'make them gay' to care for their skin) so they get wrinkles by 30 and their skin looks nasty and crinkly and hardened and flaky. by age 30 the white moid will have deep furrows permanently creased into his brow and crowsfeet and nasolabial lines of a man 3 decades older.

Anonymous 57296

Eliot please go

Anonymous 57312

Literally just read the links I posted. I am not disparaging asian men, just pointing out that different races have different hormone activity, and there are positives and negatives to each. You can act masculine and become strong without having as high DHT or Test.

Anonymous 57318

DHT is not testosterone it is Dihydrotestosterone, a compound derived from testosterone. The older people get the more testosterone is converted into DHT. If You have a pet moid you want to keep around for a long term relationship make sure he knows about minoxidil and finasteride, they have multiple peer-reviewed studies confirming their effectiveness at slowing and sometimes reversing hair loss.

Anonymous 57319

It's also important to note that hair loss is also affected by the number of receptors that bind with DHT. Just like some people respond better to steroids because they have more androgen receptors in their muscle fiber cells. Female bodybuilders that abuse anabolic substances can start to experience male pattern hair loss. Hair loss only affects about 70% of men, there's a lucky 30% that will only experience the normal thinning both genders go through. So make sure to look through old family photos from both sides of his family male pattern baldness is mostly genetic.

Anonymous 57320



Anonymous 57321


I think signs of baldness mostly goes unnoticed in women, I actually find bald women attractive but I guess I have strange tastes

I think it mostly comes down to confidence, bald men who are confident in themselves aren't less attractive

Anonymous 57324

I am so sad. My bf's dad has absolutely prefect hair, his maternal grandfather not so much. But at least neither are bald.

Anonymous 57331

The "Bald gene" is inherited from the mothers side. Check your uncles, its a fairly accurate way to tell how your kids will look like.

Anonymous 57439

More like check your mother's father, your uncles would be like your grandmothers' father. I have a little bit bald uncles and full-head of hair uncles from my mother's side.

Anonymous 57509

hair loss comes from losing semen too frequently
shaving the head or cutting hair short pulls energy upwards
balding is the male body trying to preserve itself

this pulling up of energy is also why people with short hair tend to be more mentally unstable
their imbalances literally go to their head
see most black people, feminists and skin-heads

it workds for buddhist monks, but they meditate and are balanced (at least they should be balanced)

Anonymous 57533

The idea that in the future I'll have a shorter hair is anathema to me. I just love sitting and feeling my hair under my butt, it's actually my favorite thing about my appearence. Let's hope that in the future they'll find a way to stop our hair to grow thinner.

Anonymous 57534

What's your hair colour, anon?

Anonymous 57536

Dark brown. Why?

Anonymous 57538

Just curious. I cut my hair a while ago because it was a disaster and now I want to achieve the pre-raphaelite look. I'm ash blonde. Now I'm off topic

Anonymous 57735

Back to r/AsianMasculinity with you

Anonymous 57765

She reads like an Asian girl or Koreaboo to me. Not everyone who says something nice about specifically Asian moids is a filthy moid herself.

Anonymous 58615

please tell me you all are joking and won't leave your partner if he gets bald.

Anonymous 58618

OP here. I don't think I would leave specifically because they were bald but I do think it would contribute to me becoming unattracted to them. Then it would cause me to leave. This is only for balding prematurely and if they won't shave their remaining hair off. Going bald when old is expected.

Anonymous 58634

OK so basically I should just tell my bf to use moisturizer and have a skin care routine? That was easy.

Anonymous 58651

Don't think I would leave him but I would definitely not find him too attractive anymore. That's when I start pretending he's someone else during sex.

Anonymous 58656

How do they?

Anonymous 58666

>tfw maternal uncles are all clownheads

Anonymous 58726

Yeah that doesn't sound right. Doesn't their dong start to break apart when they touch it with too many inorganic things? I thought that's why they needed onaholes or tissues.

Anonymous 58737

And how do you know?

Anonymous 59453

im sick and tired.…

i dont mind if they're balding, i just want someone that i can love

Anonymous 59461

Woah. An actual human being on this site, and it only took half a month.

Anonymous 59469

Yeah, not to sound like a pickme, but as long as I love him he will always look adorable to me.

Anonymous 59539

>they put size over shape anytime

it's literally the opposite of this.

Anonymous 59557

Dumped at the first sign of hairdloss imo

Anonymous 59561

I will stay with my bf even if he got bald. I love him and I think he would be okay without hair too.

Anonymous 59564

>tfw no big boobs for penises to squeeze between
Why am I not asexual.

Do you think he'd say the same if you show signs of aging?

Anonymous 59575

I'm pretty sure paizuri is not an evolutionary benefit.

Anonymous 59626


Well, paizuri makes guys happy. If I like a guy, I'd want him to be content and happy which he wouldn't be since I don't have boobs that are capable of paizuri. So there's no point to being heterosexual for me.

Anonymous 59631

could always use your 'other' cleavage

Anonymous 59632

Stop watching hentai.

Anonymous 59633

Thankfully we live in an era where sex is more about showing love than about evolution and I would kill to have big, soft boobs to make my bf happy.

Anonymous 59635

I see a bunch of guys saying shit about preferring small titties and thick asses but I'm not sure if that's just a meme tbh. Personally, I would kill to have big pillow titties

Anonymous 59642


Just consume maca root and go through multiple pregnancies. Then you can have your sagging back aches for life.

Anonymous 59645

looks like she was already at least a 30G to start and then put on weight as well as the pregnancies.

Anonymous 59648

The only thing that disgusts me more than balding men are the women who tolerate them. Stop putting up with those losers and leave them.

Anonymous 59649


Anonymous 59651

I'm never trying it myself, but it's all that comes to mind when I think of this breast envy stuff.

Anonymous 59654

Nah, I wouldn't fuck up with my body just to get bigger, but I'm sure I wouldn't mind the backpain that some women with huge breasts complain, that always sound like humble bragging to me.
I don't like bald men, but let people love and be loved, anon. Your post sounds like moids shitting on women because of wrinkles, that's just mean.

Anonymous 59656

Do you ever stop to think that maybe not everyone is trying to be better than you?

Anonymous 59658

>but I'm sure I wouldn't mind the backpain that some women with huge breasts complain, that always sound like humble bragging to me.
LOL, sure flattie, whatever you say.

Anonymous 59678

So are you agreeing with her or what?

Anonymous 59702

She's making fun of her to further enable her mental illness.

Anonymous 60835


Its possible to be bald and attractive

Anonymous 60841

ok but imagine how more attractive he would be if he had hair

Anonymous 60921

Nope. I don't think I've ever found a baldy attractive.

Anonymous 60925

Pic unrelated?

Anonymous 60933

Well, he's definitely bald…

Anonymous 61169

No. If I'm going to be a mother I don't want to breed cuties that go bald its a genetic defect and it must be cut away.

Anonymous 61183

Supposedly, baldness goes through a woman's line, not a man's. Do you have anybody in your family who is bald? If so, chances are you have the balding genes.

Also reminder, by age 30, 1 in 3 men are horribly balding or bald already. That's 1 in 3 men that are no longer viable.
Nobody actually knows and women breed with bald men all the time. Men probably selected women for hair, maybe, but I don't think women did for men. Walk through a busy street you'll see tons of balding men.

Anonymous 61184

I wouldn't risk it with anyone. Woman line, Men line. It's better to have hair on the head.

Anonymous 61187

Just don't have kids then. Look at the royal family from UK. William and Harry balding faster than their 70 y/o father. A lot of talk about how it was Diana's blood line that caused it, but who knows.

Anonymous 61399

Women actually spread the bald gene more than men because their hormones prevent them from actually losing hair even if they have it. It's long been thought in scientific circles that you can't even inherit it from your father's side, though I think it can contribute to the problem if you inherit the gene from your mom.

Anonymous 61495

The women spread it and it's the women who judge men for it.
What a cruel joke by nature.

Anonymous 62068

>alopecia AA and AGA
>bald patches
>premature white hair
yea nah fuck you anon, if genetics don't fuck your aging ass over then your lifestyle eventually will, traction alopecia is a thing

Anonymous 62329

The unfortunate reality of evolution and picking out the "fittest" is that once you hit your mid to late 30s it stops giving a shit since you've already passed on your genes.

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