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Anonymous 57218

>tfw no qt 4ch bf to share edgy memes and make fun of normalfags with

Anonymous 57248

Post it.

Anonymous 57249

>4chan bf
pick one and only one

Anonymous 57250

>4ch bf
I browse 4chan and I would never accept a bf that browses 4chan. The men there are mentally ill.

Anonymous 57261

maybe 10 years ago. 4chan is mainstream now. its as common as reddit, just not as socially acceptable

Anonymous 57262

A reddit bf would be just as bad, from the far right you jump to the far left but you're still dealing with a mentally ill extremist

Anonymous 57263

reddit bf will break up with you after posting a biased story on /relationships

Anonymous 57275

Same tho. Maybe I'm lucky because he's respectable and not a porn-addicted coomlord like others in thread are talking about. He doesn't even watch it or hentai anymore since we've been together.

Anonymous 57278

>He doesn't even watch it or hentai anymore since we've been together.
how do you know?

Anonymous 57279

He made it a point to tell me in the beginning that since he's in a relationship it didn't feel right to jerk off to other media. He was technically a volcel (even though he insists it was incel). People are retarded and don't understand how attractive they are so often, and it keeps them from making an effort to find love.

Anonymous 57283

>dating a guy who did the heil hitler salute in public for keks and laughs at ni**er jokes
>he loves guns and goes with me to trespass in rich people's neighborhoods or fenced off areas (fuck the police)
>loudly makes sex jokes in front of children
>watched me draw a penis in dust in a ritzy public place and laughed
>he's from a literal ghetto and isn't afraid of shit, doesn't even glance at murderhobo antics
>cheered me on as I flashed a bunch of people in the middle of downtown, just because I could
>went to protests just to watch commies get pepper sprayed and beaten by the cops from front row seats
>he and I are both veteran e-pirates

>we're both late 20s professionals with univerity degrees who look like the type to hang out in a library

redditors are wet blankets. redditors can't get laid. when i see guys who act like massive cowardly pussies i want to beat them up and i probably could, too. i want a guy to engage in unarrestable criminal mischief with.

Anonymous 57286

You sound like best friend material tbh

Anonymous 57298

kek sounds fun

Anonymous 57305

I don't understand this post. Are those supposed to be good things? You are just thugs, it's not even average 4chan poster attitude.

Anonymous 57310

She says a great part of a solid relationship is the complicity between partners.
Partners in crime so to speak.

Anonymous 57311

Guys have a hard time understanding that even if they are attractive, they could be really hot to 1/10 girls, decent to 3/10 of them, and unremarkable to the rest. It's hard for them to understand how specific most womens' tastes are, because most guys aren't that picky with girls. Thus, they try to date maybe 3 different girls, get rejected by all of them, and start to believe they're ugly even if they aren't.

Anonymous 58126

>had a normalfag bf
>memed some moderate memes to him
>he got extremely butthurt and tried to lecture me for hours and hours about it
>serious stick up the ass, politically-correct-obsessed californian type
>dumped him
specifically it was a joke about canadians. he's never even been to canada, he just enjoyed being offended at things. now he can be offended at his penile inactivity.

don't date guys who browse reddit. they're humanoid wet blankets.

Anonymous 58129

>don't date guys who browse reddit. they're humanoid wet blankets.
My only exposure to a guy who browsed reddit was a guy my best friend dated not too long ago. I'm glad she dumped him lmao

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