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Anonymous 57265

What does a physically attractive person look like?

Anonymous 57267

There's something off about the one in your image, like maybe a y chromosome.

Healthy body proportions, symmetrical face, conventionally attractive features depending on whatever retarded trends

Anonymous 57273

>conventionally attractive features
Do they stand out though?

Anonymous 57274

I'm probably not the best judge because I find less conventionally attractive features to be more beautiful usually or the way that someone expresses themselves in body language and facial expressions.
Some striking features would probably help, like eyes or lips. Do they stand out? I guess to someone who appreciates conventionally attractive features.

Anonymous 57285

Maybe attractive is the wrong word. How about aesthetically pleasing? What does an aesthetically pleasing face looks like?

Anonymous 57307

How long is a piece of string?

Anonymous 57328

Is that the contrapoints tranny

Anonymous 57330


Nah she looks too pretty to be ContraPoints

Anonymous 57332

Vanessa Axente and Marlon Teixeira

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