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Anonymous 57325

My period stopped a while ago and ever since I've been having libido issues. I tried to read stories, watch videos, nothing seems to work. What do? How do you get yourself in the mindset?

Anonymous 57327

How old are you?

Anonymous 57329


I would suggest you post something like that on the nsfw board. As to answer your question, it is normal to have fluctiations like that, everyone has moments in their lives where they are more or less horny. Trying to force the horny isn't gonna feel that great which will make you less likely to seek out the horny. Wait for the horny to come back naturally on its own. It's just better. Also stop worrying about your horny so much, it's exactly what kills the mood. I wish you a nice day, OP.

Anonymous 57344

This sounds like perimenopausal OP. See a doctor.

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