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Anonymous 57347

Why don't men like vaginas? It's common to hear them say they're ugly among other insults.

Anonymous 57349

I don't think so. Even straight men say that the penis is more aesthetic.

Anonymous 57350

Isn't it?

Anonymous 57352

All men are secretly gay, they just put up with hetero sex to sustain human population

Anonymous 57355

men hate "meaty" pussies

Anonymous 57356

Some men don't like vaginas at all, some of them only like a specific type, some men like all kinds. Take a look at /s/, right now there's even a thread askinf for pics of saggy tits, stretch marks preferred.


C'mmon guys, it's like you're 15.

Anonymous 57358

Men like innies and think outties are gross.

Anonymous 57359

t. self-conscious innie

Anonymous 57362

it's a veiny stick, whereas vaginas are pleasure orifices

Anonymous 57363

Sorry if I'm mistaken, but isn't the one from 7th column/ 3rd row a MtF wound?

Anonymous 57364

>full of who knows what
Spiders. It is full of spiders. You should know this, even if male. It was covered in state-mandated Health classes in high school.
Spiders are absolutely crucial to the maintenance of a properly balanced bodily ecology, playing a vital protective role and shielding against parasites.

Anonymous 57365

Anonymous 57367

Do women actually like penises? I like my bf's (erect) penis, but I don't like random penises at all, and specially not flaccid ones. I assume it's similar for men.

Anonymous 57369

The website says that one's a lady on testosterone tho

Anonymous 57438

You're right, I mis-read it.

Anonymous 58407

Who cares about what moids think?

Anonymous 58408

well let me tell you that ballsacks aren't all that great looking either

or anteater cocks
or mutilated dry-looking scarred up cut dicks

it's a meat dangle

Anonymous 58441

Because vaginas look idiotic, they bear a fair resemblance to a cut wound if you pry them open. Dicks look just as stupid, I burst out laughing trying to give my first blowjob because I thought too hard about how dumb it looked and got dumped for it.

Anonymous 58456

>I thought too hard about how dumb it looked and got dumped for it
based queen

Anonymous 58509

Because men are immature. Human bodies are gross and horrifying. Filled with waste, blood, puss, organs and various goos. Both vaginas and dicks could smell, secreting liquids. Men just focus more on how gross a vagina is because they don't understand having one. But dicks and balls are just as gross.
Having sex and smashing sweaty bodies together is horrifying process if you're not in the mood for it. Of I could become a robot, I would be one so fast.

Anonymous 58521

Because they are ugly, loads of weird folds and wrinkles, not very aesthetic.

Anonymous 58522

>stupid meat rods
Considering the fact the penises consist entirely of blood vessals and skin, I think that stupid water balloon would be a more apt comparison.

Anonymous 58525

My boyfriends is kinda pretty. He's uncut and his foreskin is nice and tight so when he's soft it's like a little soft and smooth tube and sometimes I turn him on just because I love peeling it back and seeing the tip unfold like a little pink rose before folding it back over his head and seeing the smooth red head. it's irresistible after he's had a shower because I make him use my soaps so he smells amazing and the hot water makes his penis and testicles all floppy and smooth.

Anonymous 58526

>love uncut dick
>so glossy and smooth
>so fun to play with
>live in burgerstan where every guy is mutilated against their will at birth
thanks boomers. you fucked the economy, you fucked the environment (both urban and natural), and you even managed to fuck over my sex life.

Anonymous 58527

I'm a burger too. You just have to get lucky and not live in a liberal state. southern boys tend to be intact.

Anonymous 58529

>>58525 here
Oh how I pity American women. Mutilated/cut penises are pitiful and they get that weird smegma under the rim of the head and the head itself is always veiny, discoloured and looks dried out. My boyfriends penis is always clean and smeg free when I pull back the foreskin and he's assured me he doesn't have to do anything to maintain it. it simply is what it is. I hate male genital mutilation almost as much as female genital mutilation. such a waste.

Anonymous 58563

So many obvious LARPing men

Anonymous 58641

men dont like vaginas, they need vaginas. they have automatic power and thats shit. also too base for aesthetics.

Anonymous 58644

Even the ugliest vagina looks alright compared to a ballsack. Those look like terrible hernias and are literally little sacks of thin skin holding organs inside. Fucking gross.

Anonymous 58663

So this is what an active sex life looks like

Anonymous 58678


Anonymous 58679

Soft big asses (from women or disgusting twinks make me think of shit, specially when the person is bendig the ass towards the camera. I fucking hate it. Love guys with flat asses though.

Anonymous 58700

>bf didn't get cut at birth
>but his parents got him cut later in life because he had muh phimosis
Fuck doctors so much.

Anonymous 58724

Aww. There's always ForeGen™.

Anonymous 58878

Is that some foreskin reattachment program?

Anonymous 58916

No. It's literally just stretching the surrounding bepis skin until it looks aesthetically the same again.

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