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Dolls and Doll Collecting (hopefully I'm not the only one!) Anonymous 5736

Let's talk about dolls!
Is anyone else interested in dolls, doll collecting, the history of dolls, the anthropology/sociology/archaeology of dolls, or anything similar?

I'm interested in antique dolls myself, hence the image, but I think it'd be fun to talk about anything doll-related really, there surprisingly aren't a lot of active places to do so online.

Anonymous 5737

I've got this book on the way, a sort of Hallowe'en gift for myself, I'm super excited:

Anonymous 5742


Someone I know has a few BJDs in a box under the bed…they were way too expensive and look way too pretty to be there. Sigh.
But I never took good care of the porcelain doll my mom gave me a few years ago. I regret that.

I really wish I'd get myself one or even two really beautiful BJDs and more stuff for them, but I am saving up.

Anonymous 5748

I collect porcelain dolls. I only have one doll that probably has any sort of value because someone on eBay didn't really understand the markings on the back of the neck. I picked it up for $20.

If I had the money I'd be buying dolls like in OPs pic but damn those prices kill me at the moment. I have one doll with a marking I don't recognize and I have 0 idea where to ask. I'm not at home right now but I'd be willing to share if any doll enthuisiasts are interested once I get back. Pretty sure the markings don't mean anything but I'm still curious

Anonymous 5760

I've got aspergers and antique dolls are one of my interests, so I'll try not to get over-excited or inappropriate and ruin the thread, lol

I would love to hear more about your dolls! Do you have many?
Do you know much about your unidentified doll, like what country/year/company/etc it might be? The public library here had some more general doll identification books, you could try browsing through some similar books and see if anything looks recognizable? Once you've narrowed it down you could search for a more specific identification guide on amazon and narrow it down further from there?

Sorry if you've already tried that and I'm being Captain Obvious here, I'm actually just wrapping up that process on a similar unidentified doll myself (I'm the poster from above with the amazon Jumeau book).
I'm looking really forward to curling up with my doll and reading about the history of the company that made her though.

Anonymous 5761

Bjds are really pretty, do you have a dream doll that you want to get? What was your mother's porcelain doll like?

Anonymous 5763

unidentified doll …

Sorry for shit quality photo but the markings read LBT. I got the doll at a Goodwill shop secondhand and her dress is made out of a decent feeling velvet but it's got cheap lace so maybe the dress was handmade. Her hair is all over the place so whoever had her before me must have moved her around a lot or had a child who played with her. Perhaps the doll was made by someone else and they just wanted to mark their initials on it?

I've checked for markings else where so I have no idea what country she was made in but she was probably made withing the last 20 years or so. I've dug around in as many places as I can access but without much success. I'm going to try comparing her to other dolls I have to see if maybe I can find where/who made her that way.

I have around 25 dolls so I'd say I have a decent amount. I want to get more but I'm tight on space right now lol. I have an Andre Thuillier doll(the one I paid $20 for because the seller didn't really know or care much about it) that I absolutely treasure. I also have a doll made by a woman at some fair in the 90s and she's just darling. I think the oldest doll I have is about 40 years old and I hope to get a hold of even older ones at some point when I have more space and money to spare. One of my biggest goals in collecting is to get a beautiful Bru doll.

What type of doll(or dolls) do you have anon?

Anonymous 5767

I really love dollfies and dollfie dreams. I have 2 dolls, 1 dollfie and one DD, because I didn't have room for many before, but maybe I'll get some more now that my new place is bigger. I used to do face-ups but stopped because of crappy scamming in the doll community. I'll dump some photos when I get home if you guys want.

Anonymous 5781

I got into BJD's (specifically Luts dolls) in 2006. The BJD hobby/fandom is awful all around. It's hyper competitive, catty, and classist af. If you aren't grotesquely wealthy it's difficult to get the most out of the hobby. Doll clothes, wigs and accessories cost as much or more than human-sized stuff, and if you're not crafty enough to make your own then your doll will look "poor" and you will be negatively judged. The hobby also attracts some of the most embarrassing people ever, think pageant moms but with dolls. They live vicariously through their dolls, date their dolls, ship their dolls with other dolls, and (literally) believe them to be sentient.

To be fair, it is pretty fun customizing these uniquely beautiful things from head to toe, painting tattoos on them, styling them depending on your mood, posing them around your room and lugging them to conventions for an easy attention grab. But the negatives far outweighed the positives for me.

Anonymous 5790

That sounds like hell. But I'd definitely get into it if I had money to spare. Do you have any recommendations or tips for someone like me who is thinking of maybe, just maybe, getting one someday? I think I'd be happy with only one and I wouldn't plaster pictures all over the web, so I don't mind if my doll looked poor, heh. I'd probably be one of those weirdos who think they're almost sentient tho. I've always loved dolls.
I don't remember much about it because it was a long time ago, but it was a bride porcelain doll. Very cute. I don't even know what happened to it, I was very careless when younger.

Anonymous 5793

I'm really into bjd but I don't think I could keep up with the hobby as it seems to be complicated and expensive.

I don't have any dolls myself but I did a few face ups for friends ( during art uni ).

Anonymous 5801

Oh, if you aren't interested in the community aspect of BJDs then you'll probably really enjoy the hobby. My tips are: buy secondhand (make an account on Den of Angels and join some BJD b/s/t groups on FB), learn to craft – artists charge up to $150 to do a doll's makeup/tattoos, so if you can do it yourself, go for it! Just make sure to use water-based acrylics. Keep your doll out of direct sunlight to avoid yellowing (yellowing decreases its resell value). Also this is weird one, but make sure you have a doll stand if you want to display your doll in a standing position. They can stand on their own but they can randomly topple over for any number of reasons, which can lead to the doll getting damaged. If you don't have a stand, keep him/her seated and leaning against something when you're not around.

That should cover the basics! Have fun anon :3

Anonymous 6007


thank you so much, anon!

Anonymous 6863

Your doll looks pretty, even if it's just from the back!
I found these websites about dolls not too long ago, I'll see if I can find any others, I hope they help identify your doll! (Sorry if you might already have/know them!)


I agree with you, looking for similar faces on other dolls is a good idea!
I can't back this information up with any kind of certainty, but someone I knew (who's unfortunately a pathological liar) got really into ceramics a few years ago and claimed that if you looked online you could find the molds used by antique doll making companies and buy them for use in your own kiln at home, or etc. Like I say, I've heard this person shovel some real bullplop before, so it might not be true. I've never looked seriously into purchasing molds before because I always had a dream of owning a doll store and selling porcelain dolls, and I tend to get regretful and almost weepy (over broken dreams and whatnot) if I come across serious doll making equipment like kilns or molds for sale, so I usually steer clear. It could be a possibility for your doll though, if she's an antique style, she could be made from the mold and then the LBT on the back could be someone's signature? A young girl maybe? That would explain the played-with condition.

There's also some antique doll identification books that should have a lot of pictures of faces in them that might help you. (Again, sorry if you've already tried that! I was going through a similar identification process for my doll)

The Andre Thuillier dolls are so pretty! You're very lucky! 25 dolls is a lot to have, it would be fun to display them all, do you set them up just in your room, or do you have a whol house you can put them around? I'd love to have a whole house to do doll displays! I've seen photos of antique dolls set up in vignettes with furniture and tiny tea sets or miniature antique-style prams that looked so pretty! Do you get to do anything like that?

I only have a few dolls, most of them are from my mother and they're dolls from the 1950s and 60s that she got when she was young. Her grandmother gave her a doll every Christmas until she died so she had 17 or 18 at one point, but there's only four now. Two are Madame Alexander dolls, and one's a porcelain Kewpie doll. I think the third is a bit more local, possibly? (They're not porcelain except the Kewpie)

I also have a Delilah Noir doll (she was a semi ball-jointed vampire/gothic 16 inch fashion doll) and a Ellowyne Wilde doll from Tonner. I had really wanted to get an Evangeline Ghastly doll, but I decided to wait, because of the price, and found that Tonner really stopped putting effort into the line the last few years. It's a shame because it was a really pretty gothic doll! I also have three Living Dead Dolls.

I also have my one really cherished doll, I'm a bit nutty and monogamous with dolls and have one super favourite, and I got her from my father for my birthday.
(I should probably quit now, this'll be getting super long, sorry!)

Anonymous 6870


I just bought my first BJD and I'm super excited! It's a second-hand 1/6 Fect-Doll. The listing didn't have the doll name but doing some research on the Fect-Doll website, it looks like a Zi Mo. For $130 I'm getting the doll with a face-up, 2 wigs, a full outfit (not the one pictured), and some accessories. Whenever it gets here, I'll try and remember to snap some pictures.

Anonymous 6871


Totally forgot I could just save a pic from the listing. I like this outfit he's coming with better than the one the company put him in. Look at his little coat! Ahh~

Anonymous 7064

That doll is very pretty but the baby face + sexy tits BJDs remind me of girls like Nagasawa Marina, kinda creepy.

Anonymous 7069

he's adorable anon!!

Anonymous 7072


>>Looks up Nagasawa Marina
>>Da fuck

I'm confused. Are there 2 idols with this name or is this photoshop/angles/makeup etc?

Anonymous 7073


Anonymous 7074

Tbh I fail to see any real resemblance to that doll whatsoever but ok

Anonymous 7078

No, she doesn’t look like the doll, it’s the
baby face + sexy body look combination what made me think of Marina.

Anonymous 7088

she literally just looks like a cutesy japanese girl. where have you been for the past 10 years?

Anonymous 7095


Anonymous 8099

I once collected Little Apple Dolls years ago and people bought me two porcelain dolls when I was a child but I never opened them. I've thought of going back into the hobby.

Anonymous 14767

images (36).jpeg

Bumping this to ask if any of you here wants one or likes licca-chan?

I'd love to get one, they're so cute and sweet. I don't care that much about BJDs anymore, tbh.

Anonymous 14769

I own a clone. It's a licca head on whatever body. Looks same as original but bought her in a small corner shop for $2. She has surprisingly soft hair and well-made clothes. Wouldn't be surprised if she was some kind of factory extra.

Currently I am looking to buy one of those Blythe Icy dolls on a jointed body. Can't wait for paycheck. I love being a dollsperg, too bad that dolls available in normal stores suck. I appreciate Monster High and Ever After High making jointed bodies mainstream, but those faces are hideous. Not to mention the try-hard cringey lore

Anonymous 14772

I've been seeing pics of these for years and they blow bjds and other dolls the fuck out. Licca-chan toys are really cute and simple. A lot cheaper too, not that they are exactly cheap.

Anonymous 14780

Wow, as much as I enjoy Liccas, I find it shocking that someone might consider them hands down better than BJDs. They are a playline doll compared to BJD which are customizable collector dolls.
The price of Licca dolls is lower but so is the quality.
It's almost like saying that Barbie blows bjd out of water.
They are completely different types of dolls.

I like pretty much all types of dolls, but BJD are on another level when compared to playline toys (even jointed ones, like Monster High or whatever).
Unless you mean purely aesthetics, which is subjective.

Anonymous 14781

Thanks for all the info, I hope I can get a very specific one. They're adorable, their faces are sweet. I don't really mind having a clone, I've just always wanted one.
I didn't say I consider them better, I said I don't care about them anymore. I am close to someone who owns a huge collection of BJDs and takes good care of them, while I'm just a casual.

Anonymous 14782

Oh sorry, I thought you linked me! Gomen!

Anonymous 14787

Nta, but a fellow dollsperg. Not meaning to derail (but I guess we're still talking about dolls), but I'm glad to hear you say you found the lore of Monster High is cringey. I was actually incredibly disappointed with the lack of backstories/lore/world-building in the MH franchise. As a life-long fan of monster-related media like "The Munsters" I thought MH was going to be a dream come true, but the writing behind the franchise was really poor and I was more hopeful than I possibly should have been that it would be better.

(Sorry for the sperg rant)

If I can ask, what did you think the biggest problems with MH was?

Anonymous 14796


I love BJDs but due to money issues (I'm going to be a student this fall) I only have one, a DC Mephisto.Pheles. I received him last year but am going to really work to finish him this summer. I want to dye him a darker brown, redo his faceup, body blush him, get him a proper wig, etc. Although he's on the more expensive side for a BJD, I don't think I'll ever get rid of him so have no real worries about mods. I've shelled a character in him that's personally important to me and the body/sculpt is perfect for him. He's also tan and in my experience people don't like tan DCs, so I doubt he'd ever sell.

During school I hope to save up enough money to shell another character, I'm thinking with a twigling body in pic related's options (but not sure about head yet). The mobility and beautiful sculpting make me drool…

Any other BJDfags want to post their grails/dolls they just want to own?
Do you shell OCs or just buy pretty sculpts?

Anonymous 14810

I don't understand BJDs but this is such a beautiful sculpt wow

Anonymous 16276


Lieselotte is one of my grails, even though she's been re-released a lot. She's kind of generic, so I'm never ready to buy her, but something about her little teeth is so cute. I also love Yu Morisawa's turtle mouth, but she'll never be re-released and I don't often see her being sold secondhand either.

Are your OCs from a story that you're writing, or are they just characters that you've come up with? I've never really understood that side of the hobby, so I'm curious to know.

Anonymous 16300

Dear anon, I'm so sorry for being a month late. I check cc every now and then as it's such a slow board. I know that's ironic in a away that I missed your message cause nothing ever happens here.

First I must clarify that I actually find MH pretty imaginative and nice to look at, though I would prefer if the faces were a little less… Bitchy? They are not as bad as old BRATZ old Ever After High though.
The thing that I hate the most is how the line was pushed (at least in the beginning) as preaching acceptance of your flaws and differences. But at the same time all the characters sound like dumb cheerleaders from American movies. Like you have the Clawdeen Wolf diary where she complains that she has super hairy legs and has to constantly shave them in order to look great. If the 'love yourself as you are' message was true, she would not be preaching how it's vital to shave your legs (sorry if I sound radfem, I don't think it's wrong to shave them, but girls should not have the message pushed at them by their fucking dolls). She's also mentioned to be constantly bickering with her younger sister. I really loved Ghoulia's design and her character could be relatable, but of course she's depicted as shy, but boy crazy girl.
Most of the girl characters are boy and looks/fashion crazy. That's not creative or promoting acceptance. And of course there's the queen bitch Cleo… blargh.

It all feels so incredibly shallow. I know that those are supposed to be dolls and not role models, but with MH Mattel was trying to get into character marketing. You can't do that if your characters have no heart and are just husks of tired stereotypes.

Hope that you still hang around here, as I would love to hear your thoughts!

Anonymous 16311

i'm not the anon you're replying to, but i feel this hard. I loved the character designs from MH and EAH but the plotlines were so shallow and tired that I couldn't really get into the series. I watched more of EAH than I did MH and I also really didn't like how they seemed to push a very clique-y, prep-vs-goth, haters-vs-super-original-free-thinkers narrative and then turned around and was like 'oh but it's about the power of friendship. girl power.' after we've watched these characters be catty and petty towards one another for a half-hour.

Anonymous 16384

I am so glad I am not the only anon who feels like this! I was so excited about MH but then it turned to crap.
I remember watching the very first (later on cancelled) MH webisodes where the positive characters abuse a substitue teacher (the episode title is 'Substitute Creature' if anyone want to see the trainwreck). How was this content approved for children whatsoever?
The lore is shit. Mattel needs to hire some quality writers if they want to have any success with selling dolls based on characters.

Anonymous 32672


Reviving ded thread
Anyone else like Dollfie Dreams? I saved up for this one a few years ago and love how he looks.

Anonymous 32733

I've been thinking about getting one of these to dress up but the faces aren't quite selling me yet.

Anonymous 32737

If I get to 30 and am no husband I definitely want a male one of these.
How much did she cost?



Porcelain doll have lbt on the neck

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