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Anonymous 57380

What are your thoughts on the whole "time-stop fetish" thing a lot of guys have? Normally this seems to start when the testosterone starts flowing during puberty and the guys fantasize about stopping time in class to grab a boob or whatever. It seems to be a fairly popular sub-genre of porn (at least in Japan).

So, what do you think of it? Rapey and gross? Kinda hot in a wierd way? Neutral or don't care?

Anonymous 57381

does the girl even feel anything? i guess i'm kind of neutral towards it despite it leaning rapey. it's so far from being physically possible within the limitations of our world, so it's just… whatever, another weird moid fetish.

the whole loli thing grown men are obsessed with is infinitely more fucked up to me.

Anonymous 57382

It's rape. They are not consenting. Imagine how you would feel if you discovered a stranger had been coming into your bedroom at night and groping you while you were deeply asleep.

Anonymous 57385

My degeneracy finds it appealing (but as the time-stopper, not the one getting groped). Morally, it's bad.

So, 7/10 would rp with a subby partner. 0/10 would not do in real life even if it was possible since I'd feel immense guilt.
Hopefully those males feel the same. You can be a perv but still have a moral compass.

Anonymous 57387

I used to fantasize about time stopping and going to check a book for answers and scoring well in a test. I used to do this during tests where I didn't know anything so I just daydreamed during the test. I think it's sexual assault because the intention is to do something sexual without consent.

Anonymous 57390

It's definitely sexual assault/rape. I can't imagine this fetish is anywhere near as common as you might think, even in asian countries.
The only way some one would be able to engage in this in reality is if every one was actually consenting.

Because of that I'm able to pretty easily disregard it as fantasy and because fantasy isn't reality its significance is pretty minimal to me. I guess maybe it could be a red flag to maybe avoid some one over? But it seems the more I talk to people on the internet the more I think every one is a red flag.

Anonymous 57391

homo priest.gif

>wanting to enter the world of stopped time in order to be a pervert
>not wanting to enter the world of stopped time in order to end the joestar bloodline once and for all
>not wanting to achieve heaven

Anonymous 57392

>Not deriving sexual satisfaction from ending the Joestar bloodline

Anonymous 57393

>but as the time-stopper, not the one getting groped
Why have you incepted this thought in my mind, more importantly, why do I want to hear more?

Anonymous 57398

Pizza mozarella, pizza mozarella, pizza mozarella rella rella rella rella~~

Anonymous 57432

Shouldn't posts about fetishes be on the nsfw board ?

Anonymous 57440

It's so obvious this thread was made by a moid. Who cares about this shit if it isn't a moid asking on CC?

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