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Anonymous 57541

Are any of you happy? Motivational good life thread

Anonymous 57602


I recently stopped having basically any mental problems after almost a decade of anxiety, depression, and deep anhedonia. I didn't know my brain was even capable of this anymore, but over the span of about a month, my mood has improved immensely, everything is fun and motivating again.

What happened is roughly that I found a social environment that matched my needs in terms of activities, ambitions, and opportunities for mutual personal emotional connection. (I thought I didn't have any ambitions and no activities were fun, well, now they are.) I also started walking about 3 hours or more during lockdown, I think that's fundamentally good for human brains (more is better).

It's really frustrating how much of this comes down to luck, though, because the steps related to getting the correct social "vitamins" can't easily be replicated by other people in a similar situation. Just want to throw it out there regardless, sometimes there are external things you need (and don't necessarily recognise) that will fix your brain. Even if you don't have the energy or knowledge to get them now, at least remember that there is hope no matter how long you've been struggling. I know a woman who was intensely and often suicidally depressed all her life until her 50s, but is really happy with her life now.

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