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Anonymous 57739

Any girls like yaoi/BL here?

Anonymous 57741

I despise pornography of all forms. This shit is actually dangerous to a healthy psyche

Anonymous 57763


I used to read/watch yaoi and read fanficts. Typical stuff like Junjou, Sekaichi, Koisuru Boukun, etc etc etc…. I even bough half of the manga serie of Kizuna and the complete manga of Fake (both are 90s and have some action in it). As you can see, I wasn't an extreme fujoshi and I'm glad. It's been a while since I stopped reading fanficts (in most of them the characters involved came from a show that I didn't even care to watch). And I also don't watch yaoi nor ship random dudes like I used to. It was all very sexual, and my response to those thing was very childish. I never liked twinks so it's like my interest in yaoi couldn't last very much. It happened between I was 13 and 16.

Nowdays I despise most of the otaku culture. I always prefered graphic novels from the west with no/few BL involved. And the funny thing is that I never liked gay guys or had a gay friend. I was just curious about it and found VERY cute having two guys in love, like a 2x1 of regular romance.

Anonymous 57770


Only the extreme stuff. This is what happens when you start reading soft BL at a tender age. Not even stuff drawn by Zariya Ranmaru is interesting for me anymore. I need at least 25 pages of pure gay sex with depraved dialogue, no story, nothing else, just porn.

You are 100% right.

Anonymous 57773

My older cousin introduced me to yaoi too, it was kind of forced at the beginning, she read outloud sex scenes lol

Anonymous 57794


I tend to enjoy shounen ai and yaoibait manga more than actual yaoi. I didn't start reading it until I was an adult though, never grew up with it. Maybe it is a slippery slope and one day I will be like >>57770

Anonymous 57804

I really love BL manga, I even learned Japanese so I didn't have to rely on scanlators and have translated some works on my own. I've stopped actively reading and following news from it due to real life problems, but I expect to get back into it eventually.
I mostly liked cute stories and comedy, some serious ones too but they usually kept the sex scenes to a minimum of didn't have them at all. I'm into it for the emotional thrill it gives me, it helped me a lot in my lonely years.

Anonymous 58886


yea if it means watching a young leonardo dicaprio and david thewlis make out

Anonymous 58887

Any recs for someone who doesnt know japanese?

Anonymous 58909

BL is cute, but I don’t obsess over it. I’m not a full blown fujoshi, but I like cute boys

Anonymous 58966

I do not understand this fetish. Is it like how moids enjoy lesbian porn? Less about the woman-woman relationship, more about seeing “twice the goods”? I’ve never gotten that either

Anonymous 58970

we can all agree we love watching two guys become best of friends and if that isnt enough :D then add a bit of hotness and bam thats yaoi

Anonymous 58980

Anonymous 59153

I used to like it a lot in middle and high school, but my interest has waned a lot. Now it’s no more enticing to me than a straight or yuri story. Thinking back, I think what I liked about it subconsciously was I could fantasize about something sexual/romantic while still being “distanced” from it.

Anonymous 59182

It's complicated, but another reason is that it's sort of freeing? i don't know how to explain, but with girl characters you have to thread a fine line and they can be unlikable quickly, treated like a damsel or overly sexualized. It makes you think about yourself and your role as a woman in romance. With two guys there are no expectations or burdens, and you know how in media often female characters are written in a shallow way while men are well developed? it can be that, for example if it's BL of uh bakugo and deku, their relationship gets a lot more emphasis and they themselves are more fleshed out than uraraka.

But i'm a lesbian so maybe my reasoning is different. Also, i don't read much shoujo ai because it feels weird somehow.

Anonymous 59218

>they can be unlikable quickly
>don't read much shoujo ai because it feels weird
Never met a lesbian with internalized misogyny. Interesting.

Anonymous 59222

The majority of lesbians I've met have internalized misogyny, it's why they were lesbians.

Anonymous 59229

I like how for most of them the story is wrapped up in one or two volumes.

Anonymous 59235


I fucking love BL. Unfortunately, there's not many places to discuss it.

Anonymous 59267

Is it really? i find almost all women irl have good personalities and are nice to talk to. But with manga and anime (i like shounen and such genres with battle) authors write pretty one dimensional characters, take hunter x hunter for example, one of the only characters i like is cheadle and she only appears in later arcs, being barely used and when she appears it's to help make another character (ging, pariston or leorio) shine. It's like authors give the character some traits like innocent girl, sexy dangerous woman, tomboy, and just run with it not allowing them to feel and do much outside of it, and not allowing to be as expressive or as crazy/spontaneous/have bad traits? Like they need to be dignified and keep being pretty. Some run away from this mold of course, but in shonen it seemd to be the norm.

In shoujo ai it's weird because it's mostly innocent schoolgirls or something gross almost straight out of a hentai, shoujo ai with older women in other settings is a bit harder to find and i personally find it creepy to read about early teens in uniforms being sexualized while acting like kids. This or they fall into the trap of making one woman out to be the man.

There are some i like, but the majority are a no from me for these reasons. I don't know if that is internalized mysoginy or that i expect more realism an such from shoujo ai than BL since BL is like sttaight up fantasy and shoujo ai i compare with reality.

That makes no sense? how do they love women because they have internalized mysoginy?

Anonymous 59268

Shit that was long

Sorry, i don't get to talk about this much

Anonymous 59270

How do you write female characters without sounding like re-skinned male characters though? Or do men and women actually act similar enough? At what point does a character stop being feminine, and seem more like a caricature?

Anonymous 59271


Don't worry it's fine, I understand what you mean. I'd also really love more female characters that can grow and develop like male ones too.

Anonymous 59305

Here are my favorite series that don't go beyond kissing. It's mostly about their feelings and pre-dating relationship:
Endou-kun no Kansatsu Nikki.
Saiaku no Jinsei.
Itoshii no Anneli.
Tashiro-kun Kimi tte Yatsu wa.
Saiyaku wa boku Wo Suki Sugiru.
And if you want something dream-like and very sweet there's Yumeka Sumomo's works.
My favorite "serious" BL would be Yuki to Matsu.

Anonymous 59307

Don't post Kado near me, it gave me PTSD.

Anonymous 59376

>in shonen it seemd to be the norm
Aren't most shonen comics drawn by men? This would explain why they only create one-sided female characters.

>they fall into the trap of making one woman out to be the man.

Also happens in plenty of yaoi comics. Making one guy look and behave more feminine while the other guy gets all the stereotypically masculine traits and dicks down the feminine guy.

Please explain.

Anonymous 59379

I read it every once in a while but it needs to have a good plot and characters. I really don't like reading yaoi/bl if there is a character that is overtly masculine and the other super feminine because it usually means its a shit story. I haven't found any recently that are good so I'm pretty happy this thread is up so I can see what others recommend.

>BL is cute, but I don’t obsess over it. I’m not a full blown fujoshi, but I like cute boys
This. It's the same reason for me and its the reason why I read other genre's too.

Anonymous 59381

Some try to be different, like Araki, but reception can be low when you try to cater to boys with something meant for girls.

Anonymous 59388

I like yaoi like Junjou Romantica and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. Nothing else.

Anonymous 59398

i love bl

Anonymous 59450

this is canon.jpg

i read m/m fanfics and consume m/m fanwork but not because it's yaoi specifically
i usually just insert myself into whatever character has a good dynamic with a character i like and go from there
i've found that most things that are labelled BL usually are poorly written gay fetish pieces

Anonymous 59473

God junjou romantica…

Anonymous 59513


I love yaoi, i used to read them daily and share recommendations with my friend, I even got to know many authors that I like (Azuma Kaya and Syundei). But i have been putting it off a bit, it would be bad if I got too obsessed with it again.

Anonymous 59530

Ever since this thread I've been wanting to get back into it but then I remembered raw sharing in Japan is ded and magazines and ebooks are expensive. Now I feel like there's more important things I should be spending money on.

Anonymous 59559


I can certainly appreciate some spicy rape BL but man if 19 Days doesn't fill my heart with happiness. These recent chapters stop me from killing myself.

Anonymous 60034

I'm just going to give you the funny answer to your question:
Yaoi is the purest form of love.

Anonymous 60647

I'm still pissed.

Anonymous 60702


what archetypes does the fujobase of cc like? i really like bl that has a serious look at what being homosexual would mean in a society like japan, repressed or in denial characters are great especially when they feel conflicted about their feelings

Anonymous 60706

my tastes have changed so much. when i was young, i loved stuff that felt "realistic" and dealt with lgbt issues in a truthful, dramatic (?) way…i scored the whole feminine guy x big buff seme trope, but now…

i find myself loving everything i despised. even abo. i wanna see pretty girly boys get bad touched and bullied and i wanna read SUFFERING but sexy

Anonymous 60716


same anon, i used to resist the pretty boys now i love them

Anonymous 60722

I'm not a big fan of yaoi, just for one huge reason: it pretty much fetisheses gay people. Yuri is often the same, as the only yaoi/yuri stuff is often between two young and hot dudes/girls. It also often seems to just be about sex and all that.

It's pretty common for people to think that only hot people can be in gay relationships. I'm bisexual, and not conventionally pretty. (kind of chubby, acne, all that shit) and people thought it was gross that I had a girlfriend, just because both of us were around average/below average in the looks spectrum. So, I do genuinely think that yaoi/yuri can be harmful if done wrong.

Anonymous 60724


I'm more of a yumejoshi than a fujo nowadays. But cute boys kissing are cute boys kissing, I can't resist them and never will.

Anonymous 60726

I wish tumblr never existed, I hate how westerners try to make the connection between yaoi and gay people. Yaoi is porn for women who like men. It has nothing to do with gay people.

Also presuming you and your girlfriend are both female, I highly doubt the dudes who said you weren't hot enough ever read a yaoi manga in their lives.

Anonymous 60729

>I wish tumblr never existed
been on tumblr for 10 years and honestly? same

Anonymous 60730

I had a really vivid soumako dream the other day it had sousuke confess his feelings to makoto and be nervous about him reciprocating. They then held hands near the end and became a couple with Kou's help

Anonymous 60734


Anonymous 60738

Koi to Uso

Anonymous 60739

We have slash fiction in the West, though. Sounds like you just can't stand criticism of your precious weeb media.

Anonymous 60741

Hitorijime My Hero…

They are hot together but I'm more of a SouRin myself.
If you know yaoi/yuri =/= real life, it can't be harmful in any way. Western or not.
>as the only yaoi/yuri stuff is often between two young and hot dudes/girls. It also often seems to just be about sex and all that.
Then you should make your own stories with the characters being how you want.
More than often I see people complaining like you but never doing anything to change that.
Yaoi and yuri are not LGBT and whatnot content.

Anonymous 60743

>slash fiction
And that's got nothing to do with gay people either, you know it started as women fangirling over Kirk and Spock right? It was never about LGBT shit, it was always about being masturbation fuel for women and nothing else.

Whoever created tumblr should be tried for crimes against humanity.

Anonymous 60744

Everyone knew yaoi/yuri =/= real life before tumblr happened. Then tumblr happened. What the hell is wrong with that place? Why is everyone there so mentally ill?

Anonymous 60750


>Whoever created tumblr should be tried for crimes against humanity.
It was probably hard for him too, to watch his website going to shit for multiple reasons. iirc David Karp is a pretty cool guy.
The worst part, their mental illness is starting to infect other places too. Everything is problematic, pedophilia, fetishization, etc etc etc. Some people will try to dox or mass harass you for your ship preferences.

Anonymous 60768


It's the demographic. It was made popular by millennial kids.
Larger generational cohorts like boomers and millennials seem to have some kind of mass psychosis, maybe just because in a larger cohort the number of idiots is also higher and they have more opportunity to be collectively idiotic on a societal level.
See the shitshow that has been happening in politics ever since millennials started to become a significant voting demographic.
It's going to get worse.

Anonymous 60787

Please spoiler warning that shit

Anonymous 60929

A friend once made her guy friends kiss in front of me because she thought I liked real fags like she did. It was uncomfortable.

Anonymous 60942


>liking irl fags
Not even once.

Anonymous 60949


the "real thing" will always ruin the fantasy

Anonymous 61434


i've booted up Enzai recently, it has a really good atmosphere and is surprisingly compelling. the art takes some getting used to though

Anonymous 63289

Ngl this isn't my favorite manga but it has some good parts so I am very excited about it. Also because its success will lead to more BL anime adaptations.

Anonymous 63292

what's the appeal of yaoi/bl? i genuinely cannot fathom why so many het girls like it, it does nothing for me. if i'm reading smut at least one character has to be female or i can't self insert kek

Anonymous 63293

For me it's the voyeurism.

Anonymous 63294


Seeing a cute boy being submissive. Self-inserting on the top, who is strong/assertive enough to overpower the bottom.

Not having to put up with a female protag when female protags are hard to self-insert on for various reasons.

Anonymous 63296

Awww shit back in the day Enzai was all there was. That and Zettai Fukuji Mirai, both very kinky.

Who is your fav, anon? Do you ship him with anyone?

Anonymous 63299

I actually really like the lawyer and the journalist together… They seem really cute
I also like Guys with the lawyer and I'm interested in the long haired military guy

Anonymous 63304

Evans/Lusca is top tier. Willowy drunk lawyer leaning on tough worker dude, it's a shame there isn't much fanworks with them. I choose to believe that they are ex-partners that split over Lusca's self-destructive drinking habit.

Vallewida is best boy. Although it's strange that he is one of few guys to have long hair in prison, because that's a 'designated gay' thing from what little I've osmosed about prisons.

Maybe Durer makes him keep it that way.

Anonymous 63305

The focus is always on the pretty girl, but i want to imagine a pretty boys body, because i'm not a lesbian, you know. Also, two dicks are better than one.

Anonymous 63306


It's hot. I like boys, so when they kiss and have sex, it's sexy for me.
Lately I've been more into self insert stuff too, though. But I can only do it with het couples.

Anonymous 63312


I don't self insert in BL so I don't get that aspect of it either. I just think boys kissing and blushing is moe as fuck.

Anonymous 63327

I don't know how exactly to explain it but: Removal of gender differences and stereotypes = better romance and sex. The same applies to yuri and GL.

Anonymous 63328

I don't know why but I can't stand yuri

Anonymous 63329

doesn't yaoi have archetypes that mimic gender sterotypes though? seme and uke or whatever? i get what you mean, hate the weak willed female mc and dominant male mc's in straight japanese manga but i just tend to avoid them and find manga with better writing and MCs

Anonymous 63335

Yuri usually has terrible writing from a woman's perspective. Every time I try one of those recent yuri anime adaptations it just ends up sucking.

I just remembered Kase-san existed and that I was looking forward to it because it looked cute. Pls be good.

Anonymous 63340


Yes? But there are also vast array of dynamics like het content. Idk why people think the only type of BL to exist feature a big eyed trap-tier uke and manly seme.

Anonymous 63341


Another example

Anonymous 63357

Sauce please?

Anonymous 63359

enzai 2.jpg

Tbh I found Durer pretty hot, i feel kinda sad that there's nothing nowadays similar to Enzai in theme and atmostphere.

Anonymous 63365


Agreed, World Animation Theatre goes XXX is an underrated aesthetic.

Room No. 9 comes vaugely close, but without the loose attempt at 19th century background, which kills at bit of interest.

Anonymous 63374

patrician taste, girly ukes and shotas are lame and badpilled.

Anonymous 63391

Oh i really enjoyed room no.9, it was really fun to go into completely blind. It brings to mind kind of a BL version of Euphoria. I kinda wished there was more explicit romance in it, i was also kinda hoping for glasses to be a secret homo for his bro.

Anonymous 63918


Favourite BL oneshots? These two in Melacholia and the couples in Nickolodean are some of my favourites. I really love Douman Seiman's work

Anonymous 63919


Anonymous 63924


Yes, I like it because I like seeing men as submissive. I've gotten into femdom more in recent years but it's just not the same, a woman can't dominate and humiliate a man the same way a man can. I have lowkey penis-envy.

Anonymous 63925

ahh his walls look really nice and comforting, guys with plump asses always give me the deepest surge of penis envy

Anonymous 63928

Just take steroids.

Anonymous 64432

Many of the lesbians I've known were outright misandrists, myself included. I also can't stand seeing faggot shit in media, but I like seeing lesbian stuff.

Anonymous 64433

You're not mentally ill like many of the closet trannies in the thread.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 64445

Moved to >>>/media/10655.

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