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Anonymous 57747

So what is the CC equivalent of "tits or GTFO"?

Anonymous 57753

Ironically, it's still "tits or gtfo". Only difference being whether you are showing your tits or you haveing tits.

Anonymous 57758

It could be just ignoring and reposting, but people take the bait.

Anonymous 57833

Abs or GTFO

Anonymous 57842

just GTFO, men aren't supposed to be posting here

Anonymous 57849


Anonymous 57853

the only correct answer tbh

Anonymous 57859

Right, have tits or GTFO

Anonymous 57910

Just a thought, isn't getting rid of men & having this place for ourselves just the same as safe-spaces in colleges by SJWs.

Don't get angry. I kind of like this place especially since 4chan currently is over-the-top larping & newfags.

Anonymous 57922

The difference between college safe-spaces and here are that you're not getting an echochamber. The qualifier is to be a woman and we don't all have hivemind. You're going to get a variety of different viewpoints from different backgrounds. Unlike 4chan, you're going to get better support with the added benefit of those there to call you out on shitty behavior. SJW spaces are just there to coddle certain viewpoints and shit out self-righteousness skittles with virtue signaling.

Anonymous 57930

Sometimes it feels as if you guys have a hivemind. What about the "Porn & masturbation is bad." sentiment? A lot of people talk about it like everyone here is on the same page.

Anonymous 57953

What's wrong with masturbating?

Anonymous 57966

There's a hivemind but mostly on account of some people being really loud about how much they hate boys or whatever and being /fem9k/, beyond that I don't think people here generally have the same opinion on things.

Anonymous 57982

Don't reply at all. Report maleposters, then ignore them.

Safe spaces are great. Sometimes people need to be around others who can relate to them in ways that the world at large can't. Conservatives tend not to think of them as 'safe spaces,' but religious gatherings work the same way. They're about a group with a cultural connection talking about their values and how to uphold them in a society that may not respect or support them.

The safe space concept breaks down when you try to use it to cover every single possible identity in an extremely large population. Entire campuses cannot act as safe spaces at all, let alone for identities that are in direct conflict with each other at the same time. Attempting it crushes discussion both within and without the groups that they're trying to protect.

Anonymous 57999

Men have their own defacto "safe spaces" by making environments so obnoxious and hostile that they drive women out. I don't see what's wrong with women making a "safe space" by making men fuck off.
Plus this is hardly even a safe space because it's an anonymous free-for-all. As long as you follow the rules, which ae pretty lentient compared to the most of the internet, you can say whatever you want.

Anonymous 63029


Anonymous 63086

hear me out on this one, how about abs AND GTFO

Anonymous 63433

You get banned if you post a dick pic

Anonymous 63435

This is not a safe space because I hate a lot of the things women have said here.

Its a DIFFERENT space.

Anonymous 63541

but there are men with bigger tits than many women posting here

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