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Anonymous 58414

post yfw this board fails the bechdel test

Anonymous 58440

The bechdel test is one of the shittiest tests in existence, written by someone who reads fiction not holistically for its story, messege, or themes, but just to see if it aligns with a predetermined narrative.

Anonymous 58562

It'd pass if all the troons left.

Anonymous 58576

i think the point of the test is to show that the bar is on the floor (two women talking to each other + not about a male? how can anything fail that) and yet lots of popular media still can't pass it (or at least popular media at the time of the test's creation, idk about today since i dont watch anything)

Anonymous 58578


>implying that it's even eligible.

Anonymous 58583



Anonymous 58587

that's because there aren't a lot of hobby boards on crystal cafe and not enough members to actually fill the 2 we have. whenever there isn't a specified topic the default will always be women, boys, whoever the group is attracted to. Which is why the general boards of 4chan mostly whine about women i.e /r9k/ and /b/

Anonymous 58591


>you should really start charging rent, could really make a killing with all that headspace that's being taken up

Anonymous 58594

Good job I was in the toilet at work when I saw this because I my shit. 10/10.

Anonymous 58598

Because you what?

Anonymous 58602

I love this image

Anonymous 58603

lost her shit

Anonymous 58667

the bechdel test is stupid. shut up. i'm going to talk about men.

Anonymous 58751

…this board does pass the test, though. Two women talk about something other than a male love interest. There are plenty of threads not mentioning men.

Anonymous 63033

It's two NAMED female characters talking about something other than a man.
Which is why this is a stupid observation. Nigga it's an anonymous imageboard

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