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Anonymous 58539

Cats are superior to dogs in every way. Dogs are retarded, annoying as fuck, unhygienic, stink really badly and are prone to attack you for no reason whatsoever.
Cats are chill as fuck and the ultimate best pet unless you're looking for something small or can't get a pet with fur because of an allergy.
Anyway, dog hate thread?

Anonymous 58542


>Cats are better than dogs.
Cats are selfish, petty, irritable and stupid creatures who want everything on their terms. They serve no useful purpose and exist as nothing more than playthings for those who can afford to keep them.

Anonymous 58544

>They serve no useful purpose and exist as nothing more than playthings for those who can afford to keep them.
The same can be applied to dogs. Of what use is a dog?
>cat doesn't like me because I treat it like an asshole would :((((

Anonymous 58545


theyre ok
in general dont know why people get so into the cats vs dogs shit outside of bants

Anonymous 58549

Nice, here comes the furry shit

Anonymous 58552


Good thread

Anonymous 58620

Fuck you

Anonymous 58633

I recently learned that 90% of Americans don't let their cats out the house. What the fuck?

Anonymous 58638

lol chonkers

Anonymous 58643


I'm not a 'murican and I don't do that either. I let my cat sleep by my pillow, why would I want her to drag into the house all the dirt/parasites/who knows what else she might have picked up outside.
Also chonky cats are the best.

Anonymous 58652

That's the right thing to do. Cats have caused the extinction of too many small animals and birds. That's why they kill them in Australia. I love cats but they should be kept inside.

Anonymous 58653

Not an American, but where I live no one with a shred of imagination would let their cat roam freely, and when adopting a cat from a rescue or shelter, you are formally required to agree to keep it homebound. Unless you live in a secluded semi-utopia (which is not what I imagine 90% of America to be) every night you let it spend outside you make a bet that hopefully it won't get killed/injured/snatched away by the millions of things that can easily kill or injure or snatch away an unsupervised pet. In my neighborhood only one fourth of outdoor cats have NOT met a premature end or gone missing and it is thought to be a very peaceful area. Lost both of my beloved childhood cats this way (one never returned, the other did with a critical injury), fuck that shit, never again.

Not to mention the horrible effects they have on local ecosystems - cats are effective predators that hunt for fun and we have made them into an invasive species in many regions of the world.

Anonymous 58669

We can smell you, by the way.

Anonymous 58932

>good pet= doing services

can your average working, single, apartment dwelling person really meet up with the hellish needs (and put up with fucking chaos) of a mutt that can provide services that the person probably doesn't even need?

>empathy, emotional intelligence

no it's just survival instincts, just kissing your ass because you are "the alpha", good luck if the dog think it's the alpha.
oh and do i need to mention the out of no where aggression and fucking parking at random things?

i'm not sure if this is rare, but my cat grooms me a lot (the fucking cute idiot) and always sits near me even tho i'm not the one responsible for feeding it.
so the idea that ALL cats only care about food is false, they like interacting with non-annoying humans.

Anonymous 76995

dogs = moids

cats = Queens

Anonymous 76999

I love both but prefer cats because they are small and squishy. Also it's really nice when they choose to like me.
Dogs are endearing for being clumsy and clingy dumbasses tbh, but I just prefer cats.
>always sits near me even tho i'm not the one responsible for feeding it
My old tomcat was like this despite me being a kid so I did NO care for him. He just genuinely enjoyed hanging with me.

Anonymous 77013

Get back to me when support cats are as useful in general as support dogs.
>no it's just survival instincts, just kissing your ass because you are "the alpha", good luck if the dog think it's the alpha.
And all of your emotions aren't survival instincts?

Anonymous 77017

>t. cat
Peaches, get the fuck off the computer and finish your tuna!

>chonky cats are the best
Having too high of body fat is nothing to smile about.

Anonymous 77043

I know this post is old but I feel like it deserces an answer. Dogs can guard your house be trained to do all kinds of useful tasks. I mean look at service animals can you teach a cat to sniff out a bomb there are dogs in the middle east saving lives while your cat is pushing stuff off your desk because it owns you.

Anonymous 77046

hating dogs/cats is cringe even if you have a preference for one over the other.
>prone to attack you for no reason whatsoever.
Obviously you haven't met my cat, the bipolar idiot would bite you out of nowhere after a long and happy session of petting and purring.
she died a few weeks ago to FIV, I miss that dumb idiot like you wouldn't believe.

Anonymous 77047

Never had mice?

Anonymous 77055

you never see cats working for the cops

Anonymous 77056

German shepherds are used as police dogs because they're obedient and easy to train, not because they're violent. They're great pets, unlike pitbulls and arguably rottweilers.

Anonymous 77059

cringe sniffing do…

>Of what use is a dog?
Can help people during seizures
Can help disabled people in day to day activities
Can help as therapy since they actually connect emotionally with humans
Can help find people during natural disasters like earthquakes
Can help law enforcement and defense like drugs and bomb sniffing

That's just out the top of my head beacuse your post pissed me off. Your move, toxobrain.

I'm sorry for your loss, anon. It's impossible not to love a pet even if they're a handful sometimes.

Anonymous 77072


Cheems :D

Anonymous 77077

>can you teach a dog bathe itself and to cover it's own shit in dirt instead of going on the sidewalk?
Teaching a dog to not shit on sidewalks is relatively simple, only lazy dumb owners who don't want to train their animals have this problem. As far as it giving itself a bath, I could extend this argument to cats not being indenpendent since you need to feed them. After all, why would you be a cat's slave? Buying it food and water and toys? It should find it's own garbage.
>Also, cats were domesticated before dogs because they're useful in agriculture.
Utility arguments for either dogs or cats are completely moot to the majority modern pet owners who are most likely city dwellers or suburbanites who rarely if ever actually encounter situations where cats or dogs would be useful. Although, the slight advantage goes to large dog owners for home defense situations. I doubt the given 100% indoor cat in a New York apartment is killing much mice for anyone or being used for anything other than companionship, and I don't really condone companionship because that's what created the absolutely disgusting breeds of pugs and such that have difficulties functioning as living things. Breeding grotesque cats and dogs who can't even live without humans is appalling in and of itself.
>Cats are actually loyal in that they often only give affection to their friends/family members, not randos they meet at the park like dogs do.
Dogs can certainly be like this too, do you think those properties that have "beware of dog signs" are getting mauled by their dog every single day? No, the dog has been trained to be only loyal to that family and people they approve of and everyone else can get fucked. Just because most people train their dogs to be friendly doesn't mean that they can't be selective, most selective dogs are actual meaningful threats and are thus unpopular with the public.

Anonymous 77143


>She feeds me, takes care of me. She must be God.
>She feeds me, takes care of me. I must be God.

A cat is exactly like a moid. Only sticks around as long as it has something to gain from it. Dog love is unconditional. When you're owning a cat, you're training yourself for spousal abuse.

Anonymous 77185


i wish i could marry my cat

Anonymous 77187

animals are mostly inhuman selfish things altogether. neither a cat or a dog considers you a god or itself a god. our humanisation of them is a lie. and for many, pets are a shitty substitute for babies to stave off their encroaching parental instincts. it's such a shallow, self-deluding thing, because a pet is a dead end and doesn't even live very long. you'll just get another one for the novelty, there's no committent to a relationship or something sustainable.

the concept of a household pet is kinda abominable too, at least how most people have them, sort of an animatronic toy to parade around and discard when they get bored. basically an unhealthy prisoner denied its properly developed instincts for your entertainment and staving off your instincts.

Anonymous 77191

Most things humans do is against our instincts, anon. We've been beyond that for a while, more or less.
Else I'd fuck everyone I see, shit on the street, get into regular skirmishes, and would not be chatting with some random girl on the computer.
And absolutely everything you do is selfish on some level. Even if you released all domestic animals, it's just to make you feel good in the end.

>inb4 defensive petfag!!1


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