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Anonymous 58645

Why are males so beautiful?

Anonymous 58664

Same reason teenage guys spend their time dickwaving in high school, because the girls like it.

Anonymous 58665


i deserve a bf

Anonymous 58676

Hug a boy

Anonymous 58677


i want a bf too u_u

Anonymous 58681

Human males are not. Thats a bird.

Anonymous 58684

because male avians are turbo pick mes

Anonymous 58685


some of them are to me

Anonymous 58687

Because like humans, the females sexually select. That means the males have to put pin a good display.

Anonymous 58717

Get a gym bag

Anonymous 58719

You'll need a shrinkray.

Anonymous 58729

i don't know any boys

Anonymous 58730

If you have a shrinkray, I don't think you'll need a gym bag.

Anonymous 58740

Anon, there's such a thing as "too small".

Anonymous 58741

Well I was thinking more along of the lines of if you have a shrink ray, you would have more options in terms of where to carry him.
As for what those options are, depends on how far you shrink him.

Anonymous 58746

Yeah I suppose you're right. How far would you even shrink them? There has to be a limit.

Anonymous 58775

I-i don't want a raccoon-sized bf.

Anonymous 58800

That's what they all say, at first.

Anonymous 59349

it's discussed here:

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