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Men should not be allowed to go to gyms Anonymous 58755

I am being dead serious, they already have a disproportionate genetic advantage when it comes to building muscle. Bodybuilding increases testosterone, which in its turn increases male violent behaviour.

Anonymous 58758

They only go there because girls and other gays like muscles

Anonymous 58765

Are you saying that because you want to work out without feeling intimidated, or because you don’t want the average man to get any stronger? If it’s the former, all female gyms exist

Anonymous 58770

Girl if you're worried about violent behavior there's a whole race/economic class of men you would have to get rid of first. Then you can narrow it down to recreational activities that make them more violent, but I think natty gym goers would probably rank pretty low.
In other words you got much bigger problems than gym dudes.

Anonymous 58785

but then who would i ogle between sets?

Anonymous 58786

Anonymous 58788

I like twigs.

Anonymous 58789

But not fatties

Anonymous 58802

NTA Small chubby men are cute but big fatties who could smother a whole human to death are a walking weapon and must be eliminated.

Anonymous 58815

I don't 'work out' I bike and run.

Anonymous 58817

Muscles are disgusting

Anonymous 58818

Racist much?

Anonymous 58819

Would you let them go to the gym if they were raccoon sized and legal property?
You could control how big they are by changing how much you feed them, so you could just take them there to make sure that they stay relatively firm.

Anonymous 58820

No, all males should be banned, no matter hoe Skinny they are.

Anonymous 58821


Stop with this cursed raccoon shit or by allah there will be consequences

Anonymous 58822

>being willing to let your moid physically degrade and become firm
>wanting to slowly watch his ass become less and less perky by the day
at the very least you could let him use the cardio machines

Anonymous 58826

Who's going to stop them? You?

Anonymous 58830

Then they should go to the gym.

Anonymous 58833

It's the truth tho. You want to feel safe, or you want to be politically correct towards violent men?

Anonymous 58837

a typical day.png

>my little raccoon moid has no muscles

Anonymous 58839

You know you have to be at least reasonably fast and fit to catch a moid.
I guess you could try laying traps out(like a coward), but good luck catching one with half a brain.

Anonymous 58840

Keep the roleplay to the thread

Anonymous 58845

Cardio is ok, but no weights

Anonymous 58856

there are so many instances that seems sus, i wish it was easier to tell. but what are ya gonna do

Anonymous 58857

Is that what you're trying to do?

Anonymous 58863

I disagree. men should be forced to go to the gym. when i see a man weaker than myself i get a strong urge to attack him. the only uses of men are as a human dildo and to move heavy things and do other drudgery work-animal tasks. men should be enslaved in the gym at least two hours a day. then as a bonus they will be too exhausted to rape anyone or commit crime.

Anonymous 58864

not that anyone read my story but i posted about being on the train with a guy who had a knife. i did not feel safe having pepper spray, and i don't think having my own gun or knife would have helped, either. i don't want to fire a gun in a closed environment full of bystanders, and moids have longer reach for knife-fights. i'm starting to think having weapons is overrated. the best things to have are running shoes and a tactical grocery bag or backpack.

although to be fair, i bought the pepper spray for dogs and rapists, not armed attackers, and the gun is more for home burglary defense than anything else. to be quite practical and honest, if i had a knife or gun and the attacking moid was unarmed, i'm still not confident i would win. although it doesn't hurt to have it anyway, because if the situation doesn't call for it you can choose not to use it and to use something else, like running away or dodging behind a fat guy.

Anonymous 58865

i like this. if they miss the gym they should have to report proof of what they were doing & pay a fine or something.

Anonymous 58978


Nerdy guys who go to the gym scare me

Anonymous 58985

is that the singer from foster the people?

Anonymous 59008


Anonymous 60311

Anonymous 60371

incel phenotype.jp…

Flabby bodied incels are way bigger danger nowadays.

Anonymous 60373

no i think the skeletons would have to be a bigger threat since they generally inflict unholy damage if you brush by them.

Anonymous 60403

all men who have not had sex by the age of 22 should be euthanized, they're a danger to society, and their lives are miserable so we would be doing them a favor.

Anonymous 60420


I don't know why but fat ugly bastard memes make me laugh because of how ridiculous they make them look

Anonymous 61004


Anonymous 65633

I get that what you're actually saying is that men shouldn't be allowed to go on steroids and lift heavy weights.

However, in order for a man to look the least bit delicious, he's gotta work out to some degree. Running and push ups is pretty much all that's needed for that, though. He'll still kick your ass, but eh.

Anonymous 65651

I remember seeing this one exposé on cheap Asian fishing industries where they took old rotten shrimps, then injected them with a silicone pump to swell them 3x their size and make them appear fresh and juicy

… look I’m just saying, there’s other options for making our men look delicious

Anonymous 65768


>here's that silicone injected bf you ordered

Anonymous 65775

Have the men do exclusively cardio and have the women weight lift.
Albeit it would now be harder to catch a boyfriend if he runs away from you, so that's one potential downside.

Anonymous 70500

muscular guys are sexy as hell though what are you smoking

Anonymous 70501

ok, masochist-chan

Anonymous 70502

there comes a time in life when you must put down the pretty kpop boys and start playing with the big kids, ok

Anonymous 70505

i prefer to be safe though

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