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scopic lesbianism Anonymous 58900

Any straight girls watching lesbian porn here ?
I only date men but I've always watch lesbian porn, anybody here experimenting the same ?

Anonymous 58901


Anonymous 58902


Me and this guy met on tider. We’ve been talking for a week and have seen each other in person 3 times. He really wants to have sex with me and gets halfies during our hardcore makeout seshs. We like the same shit. Anime, 4chan, paganism. I feel like I’m being too easy cause last night he played around with my boobs. I don’t know how to feel. I want to have sex, but I don’t want to be a easy little whore. I don’t want him to think low of me, even though he’s seen my breast. I want to disappear and just ghost him so badly right now. I just want to have a relationship.

Anonymous 58903

Meant to make a tread. Sorry lesbians. Love y’all and hope you find love. Kisses

Anonymous 58918

Yeah. I don't like men usually. I thought I was gay for the longest time. But I've tried to date a few girls and it always ended horribly. I somehow ended up with my boyfriend and I plan to continue to be with him. We've joked about opening up our relationship to bring in a girl, for both of us. But realistically we're too afraid to actually do it. I still find myself very attracted to other women.

Anonymous 58921

Why don't you just ask him to soften up?

Anonymous 58922

what the hell is this post

Anonymous 58939

same boat, i am not attracted to girls irl and the "porn" i watch is just them kissing. i only like boys who are kind of girly/pretty and i still consider myself straight cause i have no interest in dating or being sexual with a girl

Anonymous 58943

Any luck with the pretty boys?

Anonymous 58977

Do you think watching lesbian porn is like double identification ? Or more close to "porn for women" ? Or another reason ?

Anonymous 58992

yes, been with my bf for a little under 2 years and hes great: has pretty features, good skincare and nice long hair but is still tall etc. perfect mix of fem/masculine and he lets me put makeup on him for fun cause he's not insecure about masculinity. pretty boys are top tier

Anonymous 58993

Damn you're lucky. How'd you two meet?

Anonymous 58994

I dont watch or support watching porn. Its all degeneracy.

Anonymous 59010

>we're too afraid to actually do it
good, unicorn hunters should be put down.

I think straight women (like me when I was unaware of how fucked up the porn industry is) prefer lesbian porn since even though most porn is for male gaze, it's less violent and focuses on female pleasure.

Anonymous 59015

Also depends on the lesbian porn. Some still is made for dudes and you get girls with huge nails going at it like they're playing dj decks or actual violence like slapping and hurting each other with huge dildos.

I just read my porn nowadays, after i learned more about the industry.

Anonymous 59113

I learn a new term. Yeah me and him don't actually go "unicorn hunting' just a shared fantasy. But this thought kind of divulges into we wouldn't work with a poly relationship and it sounds too unfair to evolve someone into our functioning mess. We would both feel guilty.

I feel like even lesbian porn is made for the male gaze. A lot of porn in general is a huge turn off. You can tell when a girl is taking it or uninterested.

Anonymous 62242


Semi-related rant: nothing makes me feel like more of a disposable chunk of meat than matching with a girl, hitting it off and only then having them reveal that they have a boyfriend and are just looking for a third. Or even worse someone looking for another sub for their "master" or "daddy". Not that there's even anything wrong with bringing in a bi girl for some casual sex, I definitely don't mind the profiles that clearly state what they are. But the ones that hide it (no mention of a boyfriend or being poly, all the pictures are of the girl) are beyond creepy. Always carry the air of some guy using a girlfriend who's too afraid to say no into baiting other women to sleep with him.

No I don't want to meet your 30-something manipulative woman collector why in the world would I.

Tinder is ass and I wish I didn't live in rural europe.

Anonymous 62272

Why wouldn’t you just watch guy on guy like a normal straight woman?

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