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Anonymous 59167

Do you like older men?

Anonymous 59171


But honestly it depends on the person and their personality. But in general……no.

Anonymous 59213

>older men are ugly and demanding
>younger men are cringy and annoying and flaky
>only like men my own age +_ 3 years

Anonymous 59236

no I LOVE THEM, I find their mature look to be hot ugh its just so freaking hot :( there are so many around yet im in a relationship…and i would never want to cheat on him

Anonymous 59326

Why did this make me laugh?

Anonymous 59334

Yeah, they're hot, and I'm so ashamed. I hate it I find old guys hot. I used to watch young girl porn with old fat ugly guy porn. I find it hot because I think an old man will appreciate the fact I want sex with him.

Anonymous 59341

Correct answer

Anonymous 59345

Are you a square?

Anonymous 59353

Anonymous 59354

absolutely not, 18-24 y/o pretty boys are where it's at

Anonymous 59358


I really like some men in their early 30s. That would be older men for me (20) but I wouldn't consider them old. I only liked a guy in their 20s when I was a kid and had a crush on Leonardo Dicaprio, but any preference that could emerge from that specific crush never developed because Disney Chanel twinks appeared and I found them simply disgusting. Had a Jared Leto obssession once but only if he had a beard.

Anonymous 59360


no. old men are used goods.

Anonymous 59363

I was about to ask you if he was a vampire but I see the photo was taken during the day. Is he… a vampire hunter?

Anonymous 59408

Older than what?

Anonymous 59466

Ever since I was 12 and watched Mission Impossible 2 for the first time. Or maybe it was even Batman the Animated Series.

But then I've never dated in my life so who knows how real guys are like.

Anonymous 59516

What do you mean by older men? I'm 20 and I really like men in the 24-29 age range. These men are still attractive and young, but they are also more mature. I think men peak at those ages.

Anonymous 59999

Hell yes.
35+ yo manly cuties are volcanic for me. I must have watched a bit too much tv with its mature actors in my early teens.

Anonymous 60011

i dated a few older men when i was 17-20. mostly in their 30s. honestly, it kinda ruined my perceptions of love and passion. sex used to feel like a chore and i guess i saw them more as father figures rather than romantic partners. realised it way too late though.

Anonymous 60044


The Hollywood brainwashing is working

Anonymous 60049

How did you even get to know them when you were 17? Did you also have same-age boyfriends as a teenager?

Anonymous 60051

Brainwashing into what, liking adult men? Am I supposed to get wet over Disney fuckboys just to break some statistics?

Anonymous 60055

Not much older unless they look exceptionally good for their age.

Anonymous 60140

no, i had 3 boyfriends during those 3 years and and all of them were quite older than me. i did hookup with younger guys while single though.

regarding how i met them
>while searching for a part time job (30 yo recruiter)
>during my freshman year of college (38 yr old working on his master's at the same uni)
>bar (32 yo office worker)

Anonymous 60143

> I find it hot because I think an old man will appreciate the fact I want sex with him.
This is true. I have dated an older man and I pressed him about it and he said "when you get to a anticancer age any girl in her 20s who takes care of herself will look pretty to you"

he was the only guy who would kiss and hug me and tell me I was beautiful and really meant it

Anonymous 60145

a certain

Anonymous 60146

lol cope

Anonymous 60148

Isn't this kind of sad though… for both you and him. And when you say older, how old are you talking about?

Anonymous 60411


Oh yea its totally hollywood. Its not like I wasn't surrounded by men my own age growing up and watching tv shows with young looking actors. Or have rarely seen a huge amount of older men.

Anonymous 60412

no, I only date men younger than me.

Anonymous 60413

unrelated but I want to pet this adorable puppy

Anonymous 60425

i do and i worry it'll get me in trouble. an older coworker -mid 30s, but looks like hes mid 20s to my 24- has joked about being my 'boytoy' and god knows i'd jump him if he wasnt married

another coworker asked me out who's 25 but looks 30 and oh boy.

it doesnt help i'm a baby face and everyone asks my age before they pursue me lol

Anonymous 60430


Anonymous 60439

based cougar

Anonymous 60465


absolutely not. I don't trust older men as far as I can throw them. they're insanely predatory, hypocritical, and think young women's youth is something for their disposal and enjoyment. Tell me this – why would I want to spend the prime of my life with a man who's taking viagra, losing hair, getting a potbelly and whose libido is faltering? Why do older men seem to believe that life is a journey for them while women's lives stop after 30 when the older men no longer want to stick their barely functioning penises inside of them? also I want to have kids and men that are 40 and up are more likely to cause stillbirths, infant seizures and all other kids of problems.

So TL;DR, absolutely not, I prefer men around my own age that are talking to me because we actually connect, not because they're horny, bored of aging and think I'm naive or want to use their dick to fix the void my dad left.

Anonymous 60478

>not because they're horny, bored of aging and think I'm naive or want to use their dick to fix the void my dad left.
Aside from bored of aging, whatever that means, all of this also applies to men your own age.

Anonymous 60484


I have daddy issues but even I know dating older men isn't a good idea, they types that go after younger women are all fucked up in the head. I keep it to fictional characters to fill that void.

Anonymous 60485

>absolutely not, I prefer men around my own age that are talking to me because we actually connect, not because they're horny, bored of aging and think I'm naive or want to use their dick to fix the void my dad left.
Younger men are all of these things too.

Anonymous 60500

yeah younger men are dumbasses as well but you can't deny that older men that chase after girls from 18-25 are 99% of the time fucked all the way up.

Anonymous 60501

Depends what you mean by "fucked all the way up". They'll just have different problems then the younger ones.

Anonymous 60502

You really aren't going to acknowledge the fact that men over 35 that prefer girls from 18-24 tend to do so because they think they can get away with a whole lot more than someone their own age would tolerate? No shit young men are usually garbage as well, but it's garbage for a different slew of reasons. I don't trust older men and I mentioned specifically older men rather than ALL men because that's the topic at hand. Also, men my own age are at least hot sometimes and I occasionally like something similar to them. I have never met a man 20 years older than me that agreed with me on anything.

Anonymous 60503

A man that agrees with you on everything doesn't sound like a great guy to be with.

Anonymous 60504

Will it make you feel better if I tell you I don't particularly care for any man regardless of age, I just have a more intense amount of suspicion towards men that are two generations before my time trying to talk to me?

Anonymous 60505

because wanting to have at least one thing in common with someone means I want them to be my clone

Anonymous 60506

Putting aside the idea that conflict is spicy funtimes without which relationships cannot survive - which is bullshit - you didn't even read what she said correctly.

Anonymous 60764

You shouldn't use politics in dating.

Anonymous 61147

daddy issues: the post

Anonymous 61163

Prepare for rape if you like older men into younger women. Literal psychopaths.

Anonymous 61181

oh god they're not all the same person are they?

Anonymous 61197

>winsconsin posting
Possible, but not ideal

Anonymous 61201



Anonymous 61208


Anonymous 62182

Please. Do NOT date a lot older men who "prefer" 18-24 year old women. I did this mistake at 21, they're literal manipulative psycho's. I dumped his ass pretty soon after I noticed this.

They don't want a partner, they get off the power-imbalance and that they can be the "authority figure" around the house. Fucking disgusting pieces of shit. Don't waste your time, you can do so much better than some old looser.

Anonymous 62183

There is a reason they're forced to date younger women. No, it's not because they have anything in common with you. It is because an older woman wouldn't put up with their shit.

I wouldn't put up NEARLY as long as I did with this piece of shit at my age now. Women have real power over men, except when they're young. Because they are too naive then to notice this power. They're just happy someone pays attention to them. As soon as you hit 24 and you're done with your education etc. most women have a lot more confidence and spot red flags more easily.

Do not fall into this trap. Don't repeat mistakes of the women before you.

Anonymous 62203

I don't mind there being an age gap for sex, as long as he's attractive or charming it's all good.
Currently the biggest age gap I had was a 33 year old guy when I was 19.

Though i wouldn't date any guy unless he's within about 3 years of me

Anonymous 62204


No way. I'm 25 and imo, old men are not attractive to me at all. I've never understood women who lust for old wrinkly men who have all kinds of disgusting baggage. I could never trust a guy over the age of 35 who tries to date me and I'd rather kms than to even kiss a 50+ man.
Men are at their hottest at 18-30.

Anonymous 62616

I only like men around my age. Men liking women in their own age group are the most sane ones.

Anonymous 62624

>Men are at their hottest at 18-30.
More like 18-25. Once moids hit 26, their skin starts getting all gross because none of them wear sunscreen.

Anonymous 62658

I never noticed some men looked like overgrown fat babies. It even looks like he's wearing diapers. Damn.

Anonymous 62676

Pic you posted is mfw older men try to hit on me and I think about all the wrinkles they have, all the body fat they'll never bother to lose, or what year it will be when they finally give up on having hair.

Younger men that are receptive to older women are pretty great, both sides are breaking the pedo-approved mold for a lasting relationship that isn't built on extremely patriarchal standards.

made me laugh gdi

>not wanting to fuck someone your dad's age
>daddy issues
pot calling the kettle black

Anonymous 62713

>Younger men that are receptive to older women are pretty great, both sides are breaking the pedo-approved mold for a lasting relationship that isn't built on extremely patriarchal standards.
Based and pinkpilled.
But younger moids still have more options so need to watch out for their inner pedo tendencies because they have more opportunity to act on them and cheat with someone younger.

Anonymous 62828

Yeah but they're less experienced so its a fair fight

Anonymous 62829

Neither of them look all that happy in the picture…
Poor moot, and even more importantly his poor wife

Anonymous 62837

Is that actually moot? He looks so different

Anonymous 62839

It's not

Anonymous 63346

It's hard to make that generalization based on one picture.

Where do I go to meet an older guy?

Anonymous 63430

>Dating a guy
>He says "any girl would look pretty to me"
I'd dump him. That does the opposite of make me feel special

Anonymous 63431


Anonymous 63434

No. Any older man willing to date a way younger woman repulses me. Says a lot about who they are.

Anonymous 67086


Anonymous 67095


I was in a relationship with a guy 30 years my senior and once I snapped out of whatever hold he had on me, I realized he was ugly, boring, creepy and controlling. Plus he just looked so fucking old.

He preferred my body to look starved (while shaming me for my ED), completely shaven and prepubescent. He exclusively looked at "teen" porn and he was addicted to it. He'd spend hours every day locked in his office watching it. He'd try to show it to me and then get mad at me that it made me uncomfortable. Every time we fought, he'd go blow a bunch of money at a strip club to spite me and to treat women like shit. He was also a raging alcoholic.

I found out later that he molested his sister when he was about 13 and she was maybe 7, and it has pretty much ruined her life, while he has gone on to have a family and Ivy League career and whatever else he wanted.

Avoid old men at all costs. If he's seeking out younger women, there is something seriously wrong with him, always.

Anonymous 67233

I don't care about any physical characteristic in a guy,including age(unless it's illegal age),because that clouds my vision.
If you see with your real eyes you'll be more likely to meet more decent people and to see through trickery and lie.Although,you'll see that most people are manipulative liars with horrendous intentions.
I'd date an old guy if I saw that he's a good person,though there's been no instance of this,and I doubt there'll ever be because most guys in the older generations are sociopathic and deranged,even more so than the current ones.

Anonymous 67237

Moids are evil

Anonymous 71515

no they have no libido. the libido of young men is so hot i want to have sex every day, two times if possible. fuck that old man shit. now with the amount of coombrains that ruined their libido and already have to go on viagra at 22

Anonymous 71568

It happens much much less often than men abusing women.

Anonymous 72309



Anonymous 72320

Lets be honest his outfit carries him. Naked he can't look good, dont even want to think about it.But at least facially he aint uggo.

Anonymous 72321

Imagine mating with an old wrinkled disgusting body. That's like a crime against nature.

Anonymous 72322


This is the only old moid I think didnt age too badly. From cute princeboy to wizard that ain't too bad. But yeah that shit of men age like wine is incel cope lies. They age even worse than women because they bald and literally their bodies naturally put more stress on them which is why moids die earlier any moid even stupid trannies.

Anonymous 72424

They also act more dangerously, usually by way of work, to a degree sufficient to affect the statistics of average age. I think that's actually more important than having body with more testosterone

Anonymous 72477



Anonymous 72490

yeeeeeeeeeeees, love that john locke bitch

Anonymous 72494

no, look at his fucking jowls and skin, anon..
can't look at him without thinking of my dad. gross.

Anonymous 72506


i love my dad

Anonymous 72508

Alain Delon (1).pn…

>older men
If they aren't older than 40. But I guess you freaks mean like late 40s and 50s. I don't know what's hot about touching a wrinkled, sagging body

Anonymous 72510


Anonymous 73213


Anonymous 73597

Where do I meet an older man?

Anonymous 73598

anywhere. there should be some in your neighborhood.

Anonymous 73600

where do i meet younger men? they are superior in every way.

Anonymous 91219


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