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Anonymous 59241

How can we force all men to change so not a single one of them is evil, violent, or selfish anymore?

Anonymous 59257

keep denying them sex until they behave like docile dogs

Anonymous 59281

Make them small enough to fit in a gym bag.

Anonymous 59285

Not another male fetish thread please.

Anonymous 59286

Wait so was that thread entirely males?
Besides myself, nobody in that thread was an actual woman?

Anonymous 59290

That would just mean no fetish threads period.

Anonymous 59293

Lol imagine my shock when the OP said something like “well I’m a moid so… I guess I’ll get in the gym bag now…”
like fuck off faggot, stop trying to get us to write erotica for your femdom giantess fetish

Anonymous 59296

Was he even the op?
Still sucks that he managed to ruin a fetish for an entire website.

Anonymous 59300

I bet it was just someone with a dynamic IP trying to get it off the site. Even if they were the OP, even if they were male, there's no way they were the original RM poster.

Anonymous 59301

Should we make another?
That one post seemed to have turned a lot of people off to the idea since they see it as a "moid fetish".
It would be a lot easier if a mod commented on the situation, considering how active the thread was.

Anonymous 59302

Idk, there was definitely at least one poster carrying the theme of the thread on his back, they kept steering tangents back towards the fetish questions of “how would you punish them,” “would you dress them in bunny ears” etc. Not that that’s impossible for a woman to post but it definitely seemed reminiscent of the desperate “pls gib mommy gf” soyboy thirst on places like r/gentlefemdom

Tbh I’ve always suspected that the “omg I luvvvv sub boys” posts are a gaslighting psyop by incels here

Anonymous 59303

I said this on the original thread on /feels/ but mods should honestly just move it into a coom thread on /nsfw/. At least that might bring some activity into the place

Anonymous 59308

Were the posts leaned towards pushing people in a certain direction or just asking questions for the sake of discussion and keeping the thread bumped?
That's the real decider here.

Anonymous 59310

>bunny ears
Sorry that was me, I just thought they would be cute and fit the general theme.
Since he is supposed to be the sub more or less.
Don't know about the other person though.

Anonymous 59312

Ah whoops haha, sorry. You’re good

Anonymous 59315

The image was me, i didn't participate on the thread before, just wanted an excuse to post it :|

Anonymous 59322

The one with the formal outfit? I did think that was a cute image.
Since we comfirmed that this whole thing isn't just one guy and that there are actual miners interested in this sort of thing, do you think we should revive it?
The idea existed before the thread, so even if that moid was the actual op there would still be justification in making another one.

Anonymous 59323

Don't revive it. It'll just get deleted again and may even fuel an autistic rageban spree.

Anonymous 59325

You sound like you want that to happen.

Anonymous 59330

I mean, I don’t think the whole thread got nuked because it was entirely inappropriate, there’s just a hard rule on “no males” and if the OP was male, that means the very top post had to be deleted. And due to the way the coding of this site works deleting the OP means also deleting the entirety of the rest of the thread. Like cutting off the head of a snake.

Anyway I think that sort of thing would fit better on a board like /nsfw/ or maybe even /img/

Anonymous 59350

>he is supposed to be the sub
Why do you people come here to post about your fetishistic shit? Go to fetlife to talk about your femdom fetish. Fucking hell.

Anonymous 59364

1. Mandatory circumcision at birth. This reduces their likelihood of committing sexual crimes later in life and being manwhores.
2. Mandatory fem-enlightened courses in school to keep boys from becoming involved in violent male and misogynistic subcultures.
3. Mandatory fem-enlightened workshops to be hired.
4. Restrict gyms to have mostly female-only hours so less men use them.
5. Exile every man who has ever committed a sex crime or assault on a woman.

Anonymous 59365

Moid posters don't get banned over there.
And I don't get why fetishes shouldn't be discussed on an online imageboard, especially one as harmless as this.

Anonymous 59366


>1. Mandatory circumcision at birth. This reduces their likelihood of committing sexual crimes later in life and being manwhores.
Circumcision is the kind of early trauma that makes them sexual abusers. Pic related is you.

Anonymous 59367

You forgot mandatory yarmulkes McRat

Anonymous 59368


Oh noes.

Anonymous 59372

Because it's you sick men masturbating to disgusting shit and making everything about your disgusting fetish, that's why. Fucking hell. CC should pretending it's a board for women when there's disgusting men everywhere.

Anonymous 59375

Men will masturbate to anything, since they evolved to be highly sexually suggestible.
This doesn't have to be a bad thing, if you were willing to rein them in.
Unless you see the concept of sexuality itself to be disgusting.

Anonymous 59377

We should castrate all sex offenders.

Anonymous 59380

I see you shitting up threads with your shit femdom fetish to be disgusting

Anonymous 59382

You are implying that I am the one doing that to begin with, do there's that.
And I don't get how femdom is a shit fetish, or really even a fetish at all.
Are women just always supposed to be docile and submissive in your mind?
Plus I don't see you commenting on the yaoi thread, which is entirely fetishistic.

Anonymous 59383

[HorribleSubs] Kag…

NTA but that's one of the best fetishes a man can participate in, they should know their place.

Anonymous 59384

>board for women
>I don't see you commenting on a fetish known to be largely created by women for women, why are you commenting on my male fetish that appeals for the majority to men?

Anonymous 59385

>reminiscent of the desperate “pls gib mommy gf” soyboy thirst on places like r/gentlefemdom
It's even itt >>59382 >>59383 look at these moids trying to defend their femdom shit
All femdom threads should be instabans they're magnets for desperate incels

Anonymous 59387

>Men will masturbate to anything
except the things women actually like, how come men never support caring but dominant men like in 50 Shades of Grey or Twilight or the seme in yaoi?

Anonymous 59389


>like 50 shades of grey

Anonymous 59390

and remember, the …

Who do you think made both the books and the movies a multi-billion success? Dudebros?

Anonymous 59391

>And I don't get why fetishes shouldn't be discussed on an online imageboard,
That's because you're a coombrained moid. Begone.

Anonymous 59392

You better watch it or he'll turn his internet off and on again lmao

Anonymous 59393

It's proven that men who are circumcised are less likely to commit sexual crimes.
Seethe more smegoid.

Anonymous 59394

It's an imageboard.
For discussion.
Plus I still don't see you condemning the yaoi threads on here, which also revolve entirely around a somewhat niche fetish.

Anonymous 59395

The yaoi threads are usually a discussion of media, not personal fetishes. You are a creep trying to get women to engage in your fantasies with you. Leave.

Anonymous 59396

Why the hell should material created by women for women be condemned on a board for women? I condemn femdom because it's unattractive shit that moids like and that moids try to push on others.

Anonymous 59397


Sauce or it didn't happen.

Anonymous 59399

The point is that both threads are fetishistic.
So if the fetishism is the problem, it goes to say that you should be upset about both.
And simply because something isn't attractive to most women doesn't mean it deserves condemnation.
Yaoi isn't exactly attractive to most women either.

Anonymous 59400

Men are the problem and male fetishes like femdom and other incel shit are the problem. Fuck off, incel.

Anonymous 59401

>pic related
That's WHY it's true. It gives men less pleasure and less libido, which in turn makes them less likely to commit sexual crimes. But the fact that you're posting images like this without even realizing they support the theory that we should circumcise all men means you're probably just a moid.

Anonymous 59402

No sweety, if a man/any person is sexually frustrated because he's/she's mutilated down there he/she will become angry, depressed and troubled. People need their genitals intact in order to be well-functioning human beings. What you're referring to is chemical castration not circumcision, if you want to do the job do it properly, otherwise the wounded animal could come back and bite you.

Anonymous 59403

That makes no sense. The most violent and most unsafe countries for women in the world have high rates of male circumcision (Africa, middle east).

It is also proven that sex with uncircumcised men is more pleasurable with women.

Anonymous 59404

Why don't mods ban male posters?

Anonymous 59405

Ask me for any kind of proof sis. I just do not support genital mutilation, and it is not a way to solve any problem.

Anonymous 59406

Shut up moid, go away, your male fetishes are shit and disgusting, all talk of femdom or any other sexual shit men like should be banned.

Anonymous 59409

I'm not even following the thread, I just came back to speak against genital mutilation. I don't like this degrading raccoon shit either.

Anonymous 59410

What, from your perspective, actually differentiates a male fetish from a female one?
Is it who has the power? Is it the particular organs involved?
Is being tied up and fucked without consent a male or female fetish?
Is tying up and fucking without consent a male or female fetish?
What isn't a male fetish?
Yaoi definitely isn't not one.

Anonymous 59411

Are you dumb?
A male fetish is fetish more men than women enjoy. Which is everything except what women create for themselves like romance novels written by women or yaoi.

Yaoi is created by women for women and it is about what the female author and the female audience want. Men don't like it, of course. The readership is >90% female, creators are also >90% women because women like reading women.

And don't confuse yaoi for gay shit created by gay men for gay men, even though stupid westerners call both "yaoi" because they're stupid and ignorant.

Anonymous 59412

>niche fetish

Lolwut? Yaoi just means it's two dudes fucking. Fetishes don't have to be, and usually in fact aren't, involved.

Anonymous 59413

Homosexuality is a fetish for men

Anonymous 59415

It's not what, it's how. Have you noticed tying up and fucking without consent happen both in yaoi and in porn for men, but are treated radically different? Men make it violent rape meant to hurt and humiliate, women make it pain-free, trauma-free and mutually pleasurable, nothing but an excuse to keep the drama going.

Anonymous 59417

Men like everything except what women like.

Fuck, that's depressing.

Anonymous 59418

Funny thing about men, with enough time and dedication you can get them to like anything.
Their minds are like clay, you just want them to come premade.

Anonymous 59419

Moid posters pls go away.

Anonymous 59420

>feminism tries to get men to enjoy things women enjoy
>end up with trannies
Hahahahahahahahaha. Stop talking shit please.

Anonymous 59421

My point is that it's not hard to imprint your fetishes onto somebody else so long as you have control.

Anonymous 59422

Anonymous 59424

This isn't even about femdom really. This applies to literally anything you would want your man to be interested.

Anonymous 59425


Anonymous 59426

Moid go away.

Anonymous 59428

>There are no such thing as dominant women
oh boy

Anonymous 59430

I'm not asking people to.
I'm going to assume that you think I'm the moid who made the thread, and I would like to assure you that I'm not.
I was around before the thread.

Anonymous 59432

No one asked moid.

Anonymous 59433

You know those r/niceguys screenshots where the woman keeps saying "No, please go away" and the niceguy keeps doing everything, except what the woman asks?

You're seeing it live ITT right now.

Anonymous 59434

Reddit cuck go away

Anonymous 59435

>no u!!
Oh lol.

Anonymous Admin 59436

Stop aggressively sperging about what fetishes can and can't be enjoyed by women. I've checked the femdom user's IP after receiving one whole report, they've been a user for a long time and I don't have reason to suspect them being male. Sometimes femdom threads are moid-made and I delete them. That doesn't mean every femdom supporter is a man. I'd like to remind everyone that replying to someone you suspect to be male is against the rules. Telling people to kill themselves is also against the rules. Take a break.

Anonymous 59437

Because dominant men are fucking boring

Anonymous 59440

>caring but dominant men like in 50 Shades of Grey or Twilight
lmao so it's the daddy's girls and cute lesbeans uwu seething about femdom

Anonymous 59441

Was the original raccoon-anon male?

Anonymous 59448

>Fifty Shades
>Caring but dominant
>multi millionaire stalks and kidnaps a girl to try and make her sign his weird sex contract because she looks like his mom who abandoned him

She has an entire floor full of attractive young secretaries he definitely sleeps with. He sees women as objects. I have no idea why people like this stuff.

Anonymous 59452

Because written by women for women loved by women so it's the only thing appropriate for women to be into. Everything else is moid psyops.

Anonymous 59471

Pretty much.
If something is not verified to be created by a woman for other women and not for men, I consider it some man's attempt to get off.
An anonymous poster claiming to be a woman does not count as verification, any man can post bullshit and lie.

Anonymous 59482

I'm not a male, I'm a girl that lives in a country where circumcison isn't a thing and I just want to make some anons here understand that uncut dicks are the natural way and that circumcision is mutilation.

Anonymous 59522

If woman had higher libido than men in an alternative world, would you cut their clitoris in order of lowering their sex drive?

Anonymous 59525

No talk of mutilating women's genitals at all please. That shit happens to real, actual living women and you should be ashamed of your sick what-ifs. Shut the fuck up and go be a sick piece of shit somewhere the police can arrest you.

Anonymous 59536

Hey admin, do you think it’d be possible to implement not only # of unique posters per thread, but also something akin to poster IDs such as those found on 4chan’s /pol/? I think that’d alleviate some of the paranoia about maleposters here, as currently there’s no real way to track users outside of their writing style

Anonymous 59540


Anonymous 59619

No, because women's libido doesn't cause them to go sexually assault every male in a 100m radius like it does for men.

Anonymous 59636

imminent "lol I wish" moid response

Anonymous 59790

All men are horrible. Real women have killed themselves over revenge porn, the men who spread that revenge porn? They live carefree lives free of guilt. Men at worst get called incels. Being insulted isn't as humiliating as revenge porn and real recordings

Anonymous 59827

Making quality of life better answers the entirety of your question, OP. See Japan, Sweden pre-rape capital of the world, etc.
Also making a mother have a bigger role in raising her male children is a must so as to teach them how to behave properly as well as how to treat a woman properly; I say this because I know some men who were raised by single moms and are relatively peaceful, tranquil and aren't manchildren who support MGTOW and related.

Regarding the pornography thing everyone is talking about.
That is definitely something that is hard to fix, but I say there must be a ban on hardcore pornography and only allow vanilla directed by women and wholesome hentai for the 2D people so they don't do another shooting.

Anonymous 60671


It's cleaner and prettier as well.

Anonymous 60692

"Cleaner" depends on self-care routines, not on circumcision.
A penis that has been washed in the shower is clean regardless of circumcision. One that has been in the same underwear for weeks is dirty with or without foreskin.

Anonymous 60751

you know the places with the highest circumcision rates (middle east and africa) are also literal hell on earth for women and girls, right?

Anonymous 60758

change their y chromosome to an x

Anonymous 60765


Why stop at men?

Anonymous 61177

Try to deny sex to a muslim man. See how well you would survive.

Anonymous 61202

How is that attitude working out for you? Are you living a happy and well-adjusted life, with a healthy emotional relationship with your friends and family?
Or are you a bitter, isolated shut-in who can't trust anyone because she judges everyone by their inborn traits and not on their personal behaviour?

Anonymous 61213

Imagine being a woman and actually defending a religion that treats women as second class citizens.

Anonymous 61266

Does it universally?
What about the Minangbakau? There's a lot more examples.
I mean I also dislike religion and particularly a few Islam movements.
But Muhammed wasn't just some pedo.
His poor child bride went on to rule the Kaliphate for a while.
He created a legal framework in which women had any rights and in many cases equal or almost equal rights.
Considering that before that it was all a tribal and almost lawless society where women were treated like cattle.
That might have been an improvement.
Regionally women have vastly different cultural positions in Islam.
The most absurd you'll find in Saudi Arabia or the Emirates.
Where women from affluent families are not willing to give up any of the privileges and do not want any of the male obligations.
In more Islam societies than not, the Matriarch has absolute power in her realm.
Something that by far wasn't special to Islam.
She can expect to be treated with a lot of respect, in other societies she'll not be treated better than carpet.
How great is it that modern feminism replaced the 99% movement and fought so hard to break the glass ceiling, so the wives of almost exclusively CEOs and super rich could become managers.
All those years of struggle were so much more important to help hundreds of women as opposed to million.
21 million stuck in MLM business in the US alone
Mothers, Karens, TERFS the new targets of hate.
While they are all just victims of a class war almost anyone is losing and is driving anyone over the edge.
The worst thing is all the leaked documents about population control from 7 decades ago that lay out very specific plans that describe how to use this to prevent people from being happy and have functional families.

Anonymous 61333

Male hands typed this post. Why do the mods not stick to their own rules?

Anonymous 61334

Reminder that r/exmuslims, r/atheism and r/insaneparents are full of testimonies by ex-muslim women being harassed, abused and threatened by their families for wanting to live like they want to (not like a muslim) and not like their religion wants them to. If there really was respect, you wouldn't threaten a woman when she doesn't want to do what you say.

Anonymous 61336


>She can expect to be treated with a lot of respect, in other societies she'll not be treated better than carpet.

Anonymous 61338

NTA, bu please calm down, anon.
You seem to be projecting a little there too given how specific you're writing about emotional problems.

Anonymous 61339


>In more Islam societies than not, the Matriarch has absolute power in her realm.
>The worst thing is all the leaked documents about population control from 7 decades ago that lay out very specific plans that describe how to use this to prevent people from being happy and have functional families.

Anonymous 61341

If you do not respect your father and culture and are ungrateful why should they respect you? Also anecdotal evidence does not prove that those phenomena exist in a larger scale.

Anonymous 61342


1-Her name was Fatemeh. She couldn’t live her childhood. She was forcefully married to her abusive cousin at the age of 17. She was beheaded by her husband with the help of her own parents. The anti-women laws in the Islamic Republic of Iran facilitated this murder

Anonymous 61343

2-I’ve interviewed one of Fatemeh’s family members who broke her silence on the injustice that Fatemeh faced. From the very outset, Fatemeh was forcefully married to her cousin. She never wanted this marriage. But her pleas fell on deaf ears.

Anonymous 61344

3-When I asked the family member about why she decided to break her silence, she said: “We’re tired of seeing death around us. The cousins had previously killed their own sister in honour killing. And now Fatemeh! Many other families did that. Honour killing is widespread here”

Anonymous 61345

4-She continued: “In this part of Iran (Abadan), many traditional families force their daughters to get married to cousins. I might face repercussions for breaking my silence, but I’m ready to die. I’m tired of this cruelty. Please do something so that culprits can be punished”

Anonymous 61346

5-She further noted: “Fatemeh was innocent. She never agreed to the marriage, but she had to accept it. Her parents were poverty-stricken. She was only 17 at the time of the marriage. After marriage, she started living in her uncle’s home (father of her husband) with her husband.

Anonymous 61347

6-“Fatemeh experienced physical and psychological abuse. Her husband would order her to kiss his shoes. He would order her to clean the toilet with her own hands. He would ask her to do many terrible things. This poor girl was already traumatized within 2-3 months”

Anonymous 61348

7-“Fatemeh pleaded with her parents to help her get a divorce. She said she’d rather kill herself than remain in that abusive marriage. But nobody cared about Fatemeh. Her opinions didn’t count. “

Anonymous 61349

8-Worst of all, local news agencies claimed that Fatemeh had eloped with a man. In fact, this is false. She continued: “Actually Fatemeh escaped with the girlfriend of her own brother to Mashhad, a far-flung city from her hometown of Abadan”

Anonymous 61350

9-She was staying at a women’s shelter in Mashhad maintained by the government. “She had told officials there that her own family wanted to kill her. After keeping her there, the officials of the shelter handed her over to her family, knowing very well the risks she faced”.

Anonymous 61351

10-“Her own family had gone to Mashhad to pick her up. They wanted to prepare her for her murder. They had even threatened her beforehand that they they’d cut her into pieces for escaping. Her father had promised to her husband’s family that the murder would take place”

Anonymous 61352

11-She was brought from Mashhad to Abadan. “ I don’t know how they managed to bring her. Were her hands and feet tied? Had she been deceived that she’d be safe? I don’t know the details of her trip back to Abadan”, said the family member I interviewed.

Anonymous 61353

12-“But two days before her trip back, most her family members knew that she was slated for death. Her uncles had already prepared to see her for the last time so that she could be killed. They had planned to behead her”

Anonymous 61354

13-“There was not a single person to give Fatemeh a helping hand. She had no-one to save her. Can you believe how easily they can kill a woman and get away with it? Fatemeh didn’t commit any crimes.”

Anonymous 61356

14-After her death, the family didn’t even think Fatemeh was worth a funeral. To whomever went to their home to mourn their daughter, they’d say “Why are you here? She went to hell. Who cares?” They even celebrated her death

Anonymous 61357

15-When I asked about how the culprit, her husband, went to the police, she said: “The husband claimed Fatemeh had run away two days after the marriage. He claimed having brought her back and killed her.” Her father, her husband and many family members colluded to kill her.

Anonymous 61360

16-Fatemeh’s tragic story is not the only one taking in Iran. Scores of girls fall victim to honour killings by their parents and the Islamic Republic of Iran has been facilitating such murders through anti-women laws. Fatemeh could’ve been saved. Rest in peace.

Islamic culture is not worthy of respect. Islamic culture oppresses and murders women. A muslim father is not man worthy of respect, a muslim father is nothing but a monster.

Anonymous 61361

We are happy we have some of the choice to fend off males and not interact with them. That’s an ideal life

Anonymous 61363

>why should we let you live when you won't be a slave for us? Look how much we respect you!!

The sentence above applies both to islam and far right movements alike.

Anonymous 61364

Hahahaha who cares what you think

Anonymous 61365

>who cares what you think
Look how much they respect women.

Anonymous 62190


Oh look! Another nice guy. "I am so nice, why won't girls give me a chance, I'm such a decent human being, why don't these sluts respect me".


Anonymous Admin 63202

I'm sorry, but that's not how it works. I can assure you that it was the same user.

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