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Anonymous 59243

Why don't mothers beat into their sons that this behavior is unacceptable? I'd rather my son be dead than be someone disgusting like the incel in pic related.

Anonymous 59244

All boys should have older sisters.

Anonymous 59245

Plenty of incels have older sisters. Doesn't stop them from being disgusting incels.

Anonymous 59248

Adding: what's disgusting is not the fact nobody wants them. What's disgusting is the reason why nobody wants them - their entitled behavior, their violent behavior when they are refused company as shown in the picture here >>59243.

Anonymous 59263

Plenty of them are just ugly, really insecure, and/or severely autistic though.

Anonymous 59292

This reads like a fake conversation, it just hits way too many of the bullet points on Reddit checklists for nice guys. I’m sure people like that exist though

Anonymous 59313

why would you continue entertaining this shit anyway? have some respect for yourself and block them the moment they seem unhinged. especially if you don’t know them. like what the hell

Anonymous 59332

same for girls

Anonymous 59474

That's the most sensible thing I've read this week.

Anonymous 59475

Blocking helps nothing. Men just create new accounts and stalk women bombarding women with accusations like "Why did you block me?!". Why does have to be constantly stressed being forced to fend off these constant attacks?

Anonymous 59476

*Why does a woman have to be constantly stressed being forced to fend off these constant attacks?

Inb4 just lose your social connections so she suffers from loneliness even more. No, that's a huge harm to the woman. Social connections are important. Women shouldn't lose their social connections, men should stop trying to pollute women's social connections.

Anonymous 59478

Anonymous 59624

>Beating children
Abuse is what makes such people, I hope you'll never have kids

Anonymous 59629

So this is where all the ESL anons post.

Anonymous 59630

Why do women even continue these conversations? I would ghost him after the first time he refused to take no for an answer. I don't understand why you would ever want to continue this conversation with someone who is so clearly a waste of space.

Anonymous 59639

ESL people are the ones beating their kids though.

Anonymous 59657

99% chance it’s a fake conversation

Anonymous 59676

that's pretty yikes, I had to stop reading when he started going off. I think "I have no clue who you are dude" is a pretty valid reason to not meet a total stranger somewhere.

Sidetracking I had something weird happen to me once. Matched with guy on tinder, we're talking. For some reason he thought I was a bot, like he was completely convinced I was a bot. He started freaking out on me ranting that I was "one of those damned russians" and thought I was so smart and yada yada, so I have a phonecall with the idiot so he chills out. Even after that he STILL thought I was a bot and just kept going on with it. Some people really actually need to be on antipsychotic meds. He's military too, so someone is entrusting that nutcase with a firearm. Don't know why he thinks russians are out to get him.

Anonymous 59703

He's probably mentally damaged from a previous election. Imagine letting that happen to you.

Anonymous 60033


What the hell?
I sort of don't understand this since this seems to be related to sex itself instead of incels attempting to have a "conversation" online.

Anonymous 60441

That's caused by bad parenting, usually being raised by a weak father or a single mother.

Anonymous 60463

I think the issue would be more coddling mothers and chauvinist fathers that teach that "no means keep trying", not a mom that isn't with a man. Why would your first thought seeing a niceguy be "it must be those damn single mothers causing this" anyways?

Anonymous 75669

sons just don’t show this side of themselves to their parents. my dad thinks im a saint but…..

Anonymous 75670

Just block them lol

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