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Anonymous 59449

>parents and counselours hyped up making friends in college to compensate for lack of friends in highschool
>freshman year of college
>stuck in quarantine
what the fuck am i supposed to do now?

Anonymous 59462

Do people actually care about it that much? Do you have crazies where you are?

Anonymous 59464

i mean i can go out of my house but all my classes are on zoom and all the clubs have been shut down, so i have very few opportunities to make new friends

Anonymous 59465

Just go out of your way to talk to people. Unless they're crazed about the plague, you'll be fine.

Anonymous 65833

ohhh fuck
That must suck. I can remember how important the first years of college were to me, too
Look at it this way: sophmore year for you will be like freshmen year for most people. And everyone else you go to school with will be on the same page. So you won't be alone then, and people will be your friend

Anonymous 105744

I never made friends in either high school or college. I'm asocial though so I don't mind.

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