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Anonymous 59638

a hedgehog taking a shit

Anonymous 59643

This deserves a bump

Anonymous 59646

I wish I could go back to 10 seconds ago when I hadn't seen this

Anonymous 59647

imagine when you took a shit it was as big as your leg. simply incredible

Anonymous 59653


Anonymous 59663

This picture wasn't spoilered before. The idea of a mod coming in here and saying "no, we can't just have this out in the open" is great.

Anonymous 59664

he needs some privacy while he does that

Anonymous 59665

If that's the case, why's he doing it on the fucking windowsill?

Anonymous 59666

don't fucking kinkshame him

Anonymous 59668

Staring right out the goddamn window while he does it too, like he wants to see who's looking. Degeneracy.

Anonymous 59670

I'm glad the mod spoilered it rather than removing it. My life is better because I got to see what it looks like when hedgehogs deuce.

Anonymous 59679

He looks so helpless. Imagine if you snuck up behind him and shoved it back in lol

Anonymous 59680

His skin looks like raw chicken.

Anonymous 59681

im not saying i just watched all of this but i just watched all of this

Anonymous 59684

this is by far my least favorite thing.
i wish you much misfortune and for any lover you find to have perpetual BO

Anonymous 59759

Uh oh stinky

Anonymous 59917

I clicked the image before reading the description…and i can’t stop looking at the image and description and laughing. So many questions… How is it so big? Why does it look like a dick?

Anonymous 59951


A hedgehog SUCKING a shit

Anonymous 59955


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