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Anonymous 60042

She did nothing wrong.

Anonymous 60043

Original headline is still correct though.

Anonymous 60046

I see you browse Reddit.

Anonymous 60047

girls need to do this more often

Anonymous 60126

All women need to be trained with a firearm from 12 years old. All women need to be armed 24/7. Only women (and troons do NOT count as women–they aren't even human let alone women) should be allowed to use and own firearms.

filthy disgusting moids need to learn their place. despite being 50% of the population moids commit nearly 100% of the crime. we don't have a gun problem, we have a moid problem. gun rights are women's rights. stab moids. shoot moids. threaten moids.

Anonymous 63436

I do support the idea of training children about gun use and gun safety at a young age, but I disagree with everything else you just said

Anonymous 63440

I don't agree with being violent against men or anyone else for that matter, we can't get down to their level, but she had another point: it is indeed a male violence issue. They commit the vast majority of violent crime.

Anonymous 63466

Firearms are a terrible idea for self defense.
To actually fire, you need to insert a magazine, cock the gun, turn safety off, aim and pull the trigger.
It might not look like much but it's time during which an assailant will run towards you and will close the gap unless they're stupid far.
Generally guns are only good either offensively or for "preemptive defense" (for example someone broke into your house and you've got time to load a weapon and point it at them).
Not to mention things like fucking up or aiming poorly under stress, which anyone inexperienced would even if they've trained with a gun for years.
When picking out a weapon for self defense, ask yourself "what would happen if my assailant got a hold of my weapon?", weapons are not an automatic victory and rapists are necessarily unempathetic shitbags, assume the worst, if he's willing to rape you, assume he's entirely willing to kill you after the fact too.
Pepper spray is popular for a reason, it works at a relative distance and fuck's with your opponents sight, giving you a good chance to escape.
>escape? fucker deserves to die.
Yes, but don't put yourself in a stupid position just so he gets what's coming to him, be smart, not right.
Thank you for tuning in to my Krav Maga rant blog.

Anonymous 63475

All you need is practice and a revolver. Most women aren't going carry any spray in an easily accessible position i.e. their purse. A gun is something you will be aware of the entire time it's on your person. Even if you get off just one shot and it missed everyone in the area will know something is up.

Anonymous 63683

It's not about practice. It's about the way the attack happens. The rapist isn't going to come running from the front from 200feet away.
He is going to stalk you and choose a time when you are most vulnerable.
Also many times I he was rapist visva person you know and trust.

Anonymous 63685

The scenarios you are posing seem to me to suggest you think you can do nothing. Then go do nothing and get raped. Like, fuck. This shouldn't be something you are trying to confront in a roundabout way. This
>Also many times I he was rapist visva person you know and trust.
has nothing to do with anything. That doesn't suddenly mean you don't fight back. It almost sounds like you are making excuses for the person.


>Consider this. How long does it take for you to draw your handgun and place two center hits on a man-size target at seven yards? Those of us who have learned and practiced proper pistolcraft techniques would say that a time of about one and one-half seconds is acceptable for that drill.

Anonymous 63704

Krav is a dumb meme 99% of the time

Anonymous 63713

You know nothing about guns and it shows. My grandpa taught me about them from the time I was little and they are absolutely the best way for any woman to defend herself from any attacker, especially men. Anyone who tries to prevent or discourage women from getting a gun for protection in today's world is either an actual misogynist or some kind of stupid ideologue who doesn't live in reality.
Go ahead and try your stupid martial arts on someone 50lbs heavier, 6'' taller, and with 100% more upper body muscle than you. Tell me how that goes. Or you could buy a 9mm and give him a firm reminder of the real world equality of the 21st century. I'd imagine he'll be more focused on keeping his blood in his body than putting his cock in you after that.

Anonymous 63717

Based and pinkpilled

Anonymous 63719

I'm not buying your reject bjj course Mrs. Nusbaum.

Anonymous 63784

Guns are tools built by rapists for rapists.

Anonymous 63785

Okay buddy, you keep carrying your pink chinese cat keychains, I’ll keep carrying my rapist punisher

Anonymous 63821


>All you need is practice
Most women won't.
>Most women aren't going carry any spray in an easily accessible position
They should.
>A gun is something you will be aware of the entire time
Same applies to spray.

One could always carry both. Gun indeed is a better option, but only if your hands won't shake, if you can keep a cool head and you have it in you to kill, that's usually not the case though. You must also be aware if the situation won't land you in prison, like its ok to shoot someone who has broken into your house, but if you shoot someone on the street you'll have a hard time proving you were in danger. It takes less time to spray someone than to shoot someone, speed is important, see gif related. Of course its unlikely anyone would be able to react in time to something like that, so your best weapon is common sense, like don't get drunk with strangers, don't get in a stranger's car.

Anonymous 63823

>only if your hands won't shake
>if you can keep a cool head and you have it in you to kill
I believe that's what the training's for.

Anonymous 63825

>I believe that's what the training's for.
I addressed that, most women just aren't into that sort of hobby. And many countries have strict gun laws, in my country one can't get a gun permit without a good reason and "self defense" desn't count as a good reason. Spray on the other hand can be bought without hassle and you don't need to be 18 to buy it.

Anonymous 63826

>most women just aren't into that sort of hobby
Hobby? Maybe if you want it to be a hobby, but for people walking the mean streets it's a necessity, like learning to brush your teeth or clean your clothes. If you can, do.

Anonymous 63827


I do, but i don't live in a third world country so i only carry a spray, its always attached on the outside of my backpack, i can reach it in a jiffy and its inconspicuous looking.

Anonymous 63828

>but i don't live in a third world country
You live in an inner-city. Don't you? Remember who's responsible for your safety.

Anonymous 63830

I don't get what you're getting at. I'm responsible for my safety. I think you assume too much.

Anonymous 63832

>I'm responsible for my safety
Exactly. Which is why you should make defense a number one priority, and there's nothing more state of the art that can be had in civilian hands than a gun.

Anonymous 63833

Only hunters, police and military carry guns where i live. As i said, i don't live in a third world country.

Anonymous 63837

The guy deserved to be stabbed.
I had my skirt pulled up in middle school and I was absolutely mortified and wouldn't stop crying. It took me until college to feel comfortable wearing skirts again.

Anonymous 64542

woman kills her ra…

Another one fresh off the press out of the islamic republic of swedenistan. My blood pressure didn't have to be this high this morning.

Anonymous 64547

Based and gunpilled.
>it takes less time to spray someone than to shoot someone
If you have a proper holster instead of a fucking purse gun that's factually wrong. And I say that as someone who carries pepper spray in my sleeve or pocket with my thumb on the safety for quick access. I can draw and shoot my firearm in less than 2 seconds.
listen. you need to stop watching marvel movies. i know aikido and let me tell you I wouldn't DEPEND on being in just the right position to grab and throw someone attacking me. And aikido is specifically designed for smaller, weaker people to use against stronger opponents. in other words, it's the most woman-friendly martial art out there. and i wouldn't bet $5 on being able to take on a guy trying to rape me. stop rotting your brain on television. you aren't katniss everdeen and nothing about that movie was realistic.
I don't even feel comfortable going to the store without a gun on me now. it's always been sketch but things have gotten far worse since the fucking lockdowns and riots started. and even then we're still not as bad as the islamic rape-public of europe. sweden is now the rape capital of the world. i won't even travel to western europe now.

Anonymous 64549

That title-wtf?!
How is there a sexual emergency?! Where do men get this idea if they don't have sex they'll die.

Anonymous 64550

Stop being a humanist.

Anonymous 64552

that's the new way to say "rape" in europe. you should look at the excuses they make for these rapist moids, it would turn your stomach. "he didn't know rape was wrong" or "he was having a sexual emergency". they even victim-blame. i've never seen such disgusting things in my life. even america isnt' that bad. hell, even mexico isn't that bad.
not sure what specifically occurred, i don't read elvish. but tl;dr woman killed her rapist. there's a thread up right now on a certain board on a certain site that might have more info but i'm not gonna link it.

Anonymous 64553

Sweden has a vested interest in not validating the narrative that Mudslimes are rapist, this has lead to the creation of the term "sexual emergency" so that 1. The headline doesn't read "Muslim raping girl gets jugular bitten. and 2. frames the Mudslime as a victim of his bodily functions, justifying his expedited prison term due to being a poor wittle immigrant.

It's really just the logical conclusions of liberal identity politics. After all, a Mudslime man in Sweden is more oppressed than a white woman.

Anonymous 64554

Seriously now. Stop judging people as one race.

Anonymous 64556

Islam is a religon, not a race. Religion is a choice. Have you read the quran? It says some things about women you might want to check out. Muslims think women are lower than dogs. And yes, I'm going to judge the shit out of muslims.

Anonymous 64557

>horrific betrayal of 1400 children

Anonymous 64558

And the Swedish are…? Atheistic? You know what an average Swedish man looks like now. Its obvious there is a huge difference between certain humans on this planet, and faith is only an extension of that.

Anonymous 64560

I'm not saying that I'm not massively racist. I'm saying that I'm not going to admit that I'm massively racist because moderators don't want us to get overly political. Blaming islam is more tacit. And islam has plenty to be blamed for.

Anonymous 64565

A knife or tazer. Most contries that ban guns usually start banning other self-defense weapons too though. See the UK.

Anonymous 64567

If religion is a choice we should be able to discriminate on a religious basis then. Anyone identifying as a follower of Islam should not be allowed in first world countries.

Anonymous 64571

knives are horrible weapons for women to use. they rely on upper body strength and grip strength, a moid can tank a few stabs and then take the knife from you and kill you afterwards, and it looks bad to the cops.

pepper spray is the second best after a gun. after that, idk, you get into the dregs. the thing with knives, bats, etc is that it's easy for the moid to take it off you and use it against you. at that point i'd say just do sprint training every day and make sure to always wear sneakers, then run like hell while screaming bloody murder. i wouldn't try to take on a moid with a fucking knife.

of course the number one is awareness. avoid trouble before it appears. stay in groups in well lighted areas, avoid the danger areas, and vote for whatever party wants to kick those animals back to where they came from.
it's really easy to take a bonker from someone. even i can (and have, during play-fighting) taken a large stick away from a moid who was much stronger than me.

Anonymous 64572

I don't believe there is a way to carry a club that could actually harm someone else covertly.

In any situation where a tazer or pepper spray doesn't work, nothing short of lethal force is going to work. Ideally when you have a gun or knife, it's the threat of getting stabbed or shot that stops the racist, not actually shooting or stabbing him. Tazers and pepper spray are just painful, not lethal, so they're going to have the same effect as just having a knife or gun. If he's out of his mind though, nothing short of killing a moid is going to stop him.

Your choices are, something like a tazer or pepper spray that isn't going to stop someone drunk or high or fucking insane, or have a lethal weapon that can kill someone if you need to. There's no inbetween these options.

Anonymous 64573

agreed. i wouldn't trust a tazer or pepper spray to work on a drugged up moid. for the drug addicts i would use the gun first and foremost. nothign short of that is gonna stop a coked up raging moid. that's also why cop interactions get so insane so quickly–they mostly arrest drug addicts.

Anonymous 64574


Sounds like you want a flat sap, a leather impact weapon filled with metal. Apparently hurts like a song of a bitch, but I really don't think it would be the wisest weapon of choice. Better to train with a fire arm or taser.

Anonymous 64576

The original post mentions that she lives in a country that doesn't allow firearms. >>64562 Yes firearms are the most ideal, but she doesn't have access to

Anonymous 64577

>a single
oh, no, anon. there's more than one. millions, in fact. even hundreds of millions. kinda makes you wish we had safe homogenous communities right?
>black market

Anonymous 64578

Fug, meant rapist

Anonymous 64580

I don't think anyone looking for self-defense options are going to buy black market goods. Is it a common thing in your country for woman to buy black market firearms to defend themselves?

Anonymous 64582

America's nearly 400 million guns only accounts for like 46% of all legally owned civilian firearms in the world. There are guns everywhere.

Anonymous 64583

That article is about terrorists getting illegal weapons. I'm not asking how terrorists get their guns, I'm asking if it's normal for "normal" law-abiding women to purchase black market goods.

Anonymous 64584

Okay, so it's culturally common in Europe for law-abiding women to purchase guns as self-defense weapons?

Also, to just remind everyone.


>What if I'm not good at stabbing people… And want less lethal options.

I don't think she wants a gun even if she can get her hands on one.

Anonymous 64585

I already suggested the flat sap, but depending on where she is self-defense is any form might be illegal always.

Anonymous 64587

>Okay, so it's culturally common in Europe for law-abiding women to purchase guns
And just to clarify this, it's not even common in America for women to purchase firearms. So, no. It's 17%. as by a 2018 poll.

Anonymous 64588

That's what I thought, so telling her that the solution to her self-defense problem is "buy an illegal gun" isn't helpful.

Anonymous 64589


1. Stop being a catty bitch.

2. Self-defense in of itself may be illegal depending on where she is, and thus her best option would be to run away and or scream.

3. Gun possession may or may not be, but choosing to do something which is legal should not be affected by whether on not doing so is common.

Anonymous 64591

>despite being 4% of the planet, americans own 46% of the guns
how do we get to the point where self defense is effectively illegal? your government wants you to just sit there and be raped/robbed/murdered? because it's less work for them, and fuck you and your life?

Anonymous 64592


4. In lieu of it being being declared illegal, if your only other option is to get potentially raped, assaulted or murdered it may be worth it to break the law.
That's not sexy, you coomer.

Anonymous 64595


Carrying self defense shit like knives or pepper spray in my country is super illegal, but if you stab your would be rapist most cops just give you a slap on the wrist and be like “oopsie haha”.

ACAB anyways but most of them won’t cover for pedos and rapists.

Anonymous 65519

But in America you have to defend yourself more because the moid population is objectively worse. See the dilemma?

Anonymous 65522

In America you still need a better lawyer. Self defense may make it easier case but you can still get sued.

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