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Anonymous 60562

I am thinking of going to a culinary school after I graduate HS but it seems like it would be a huge sausage party. I mean, I cannot even think of any popular female chefs from the top of my head. Do media just primarily showcase male chefs or are culinary schools mostly full of men?

Anonymous 60565

The presence of men drives out women
Because men are rude and horrible and make women feel bad and aren't punished for their actions until they do not do nor say anything bad anymore

Anonymous 60566

Because most men are absolute trash waste of space and I really do not wanna interact with them outside of finding a potential bf?

Anonymous 60575

It's because cooking is stressful as fuck and, let's be honest, there aren't that many women who can handle that level of stress. Hell, not even the men handle it well, seeing as most chefs run on coke and meth 24/7.

Anonymous 60585

>there aren't enough women chefs!!
>become a woman chef? no way, being a chef is boy work

Anonymous 60586

It's not being a chef is boy work it's that working with men is so bad. They always say men hurtful things that kill you inside and they always try to sex harass you. Lotsa women are chefs in women-only places.

Anonymous 60588


>And it needs to involve more than just the profession, it seems, as sexism can come courtesy of customers. “Occasionally they will thank my sous chef as they just assume he’s the head chef. It’s disappointing,” says Tobias. Further proof is provided by Gidda. “When we opened Bernardi’s, we must have had 10 or 12 tables over the course of the opening weeks that said: ‘We really love the food, can we meet the chef as we want to tell him how good it was?’ When I walk up the stairs, they’re like: ‘OK, that’s not what we were expecting’ and ‘Are you actually the chef?’ So, it’s not necessarily the industry and the environment, it’s the guests’ perspectives too.”

If I ever wanted to be a chef, this would destroy my motivation. What's the point doing anything if you get no recognition for it and everyone gives recognition to someone else just because he's a man? You will never accomplish what you want, might as well get hooked on heroin at least that will let you experience acceptance.

Anonymous 60590


>What's the point doing anything if you get no recognition for it and everyone gives recognition to someone else just because he's a man?
this happens in most fields tho, i'm studying computer science and i refuse to do any group work with men because i end up doing all of the work and getting 0 recognition, i wouldn't have cared if it didn't affect my grades but yeah

Anonymous 60591

Let me guess, the men in that group work don't care to be fair and are happy to steal your work while they shit on you. When you call them out, nobody believes you.

Men are evil.

Anonymous 60594

Don't you want to be the world's first Chef Girlardee?

Anonymous 60595

let me just greentext this
>first year at uni
>working in "pairs" in bash scripting class
>pairs in cotations because i was dicating the whole script while the guy (let's call him rick) i was working with was just typing it on the computer
>teacher comes to check my work
>great job rick, you're getting extra points this exam for finishing first
>waits for rick to correct the teacher
>he doesn't
i never called him out because i didn't want to be That Girl, everyone in the class would hate me for it if i did.

Anonymous 60599

I'm sorry, anon.
Please don't be afraid to be That Girl next time. Think of it as pouring disinfectant over a wound vs letting it rot and fester. Yes, at first it will hurt, but eventually it will be over and you will be better for it. While if you let it fester it just grows until it destroys you.

Anonymous 60602


thanks anon, i hope i gather the courage next time

Anonymous 60606

I highly suggest doing the freelance route, imagine not having to deal with moids all while you're in the comfort of your own home, not having to do commute is such a life changer too. That and they don't do locker room talk on the work comm.

Anonymous 60614

Culinary school is a retarded idea, gender aside. Don't do it.

Anonymous 60615

>Do media just primarily showcase male chefs or are culinary schools mostly full of men?
If it's what you care about I wouldn't let men stand between you and doing it.

Anonymous 60621

Start from the bottom and work your way up instead of going into McPepperoni's Green Ribbon culinary school that will leave you 50k+ in debt and you won't be able to pay it all up until you're 45.
But if you seriously want more schooling, then go to your local community college in order to get your Associate's degree and ask for financial aid instead of going to those scammmy schools.

Anonymous 60624

This, the work experience of 1 year working is more than the entire degree and THEY pay YOU.

Anonymous 60627

If more women join then men tend to leave because they don't want to be associated with women. In recent years they've even stopped doing well in school/going to university and also consider reading books gay because girls get better grades and reading is a female-dominated hobby now. It just takes a few brave women to join these fields at first and soon a lot more women will be comfortable joining and men will leave. Feels good being in STEM major where this already happened.

Anonymous 60639

I work as a line cook so I think I can provide a more nuanced understanding of why cooking professionally is like this. It's definitely not your place if you aren't ready to take a lot of crap.

Cooking is an intensely competitive and stressful place. Expect a lot of yelling, swearing and stress smoking. Hundreds of customers flood in twice a day in an hour and a half. You have to cook every piece of food perfectly under enormous time pressure over and over. Every piece of fish, steak or cod undercooked or burnt is a profit turned into a loss. It's hot, humid and rushed in there. Your coworkers and you will be irate, rude and angry.

The pay is terrible for many years until you start getting near the managerial level. The only people who want to do it are very competitive.

Women don't cook any worse than men but working in a restaurant is just 40% making good food. The other 60% is customer service, which means dealing with hundreds of orders very quickly. A single mistake, orders pile up, customers get angtsy. Its a raw deal. Some women like Cat Cora take it. Most don't.

The most this environment can do is hurt your feelings. If people get under your skin and you can't take this sort of environment, you'll die.

Anonymous 60640

This microaggression stuff is nothing. If you're going to be bothered by people mistaking a guy for the chef, you're not going to survive working on the line.

Anonymous 60652

>If more women join then men tend to leave because they don't want to be associated with women.
I don't believe this is how it works. More women may be going to college, but they are still overwhelmingly not getting the same degrees as men who go to college.

Anonymous 60656


I get we'd like the world to be fair and equal and all but the truth is just that. We can't expect men in high stress environments to, on top of having to deal with everything going on, have to also factor in making sure the feelings of the new hire don't get hurt, man or woman. They have a job to do and so do you.

Anonymous 60666

Why not? All of the standard uni shit everyone goes to seems boring to me, it is either this or being an accountant and doing excel spreadsheets till I retire.

im from yurop, unis are basically free here

I am not ashamed to admit that I do not really wanna be the change I wanna see, I simply cba and wanna take the easy way lmfao

Ah that's unfortunate. I used to know a (male) chef and he told me that while he enjoyed being a chef and the pay was good (he worked in Amsterdam) the job is so exhausting and the hours so long that he did not really even get to enjoy the money.

Anonymous 60672

keep it up and stay away from mediocre males!

Anonymous 60675

That's not what happened at all. University attendance as a percentage of the whole population was always low. It's just that more people are incentivized to do it now, and most of them tend to be women. It's not that men stopped going to the uni because of chicks.

Anonymous 164481

There are amazing women's chef's but I think you're crazy OP CRAZY. Running a restaurant is hell on earth.

Anonymous 164482

Maybe it would be easier if you came from money though. Nevertheless I would love to taste what you make. What do you want to cook op?

Anonymous 164837

fuck going to schools to learn anything. educational systems are pre-internet poverty technology much like alcohol that burn your creativity to turn you into an efficient object.

better way of learning: skip right ahead to the parts that interest you and practice them and then branch out into stuff you feel you could benefit from knowing about.

Anonymous 164873

If you're running on coke and meth to get through the day you are not dealing with it. Men don't have a higher stress tolerance they just tend to do stupid shit to their bodies in order to "power through".

Anonymous 165392

(S)he can't hear you, anon.
Anyway, interesting how this sort of argument somehow doesn't work in cases of domestic 24/7 cooking&cleaning, nursing and teaching, the most annoying people on earth, CHILDREN (also wtf with this american bs of women being less capable of handling stress? I am from Russia and in all slavic countries the stereotype is a direct opposite. There is nothing like this in East either). Not to mention that there are fewer women going to culinary schools in general - something that tradcels unfortunately can't justify by neither lack of interest nor skills lel

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