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Nothing turns me off like a guy chasing me, it shows that his life is hollow and is probably trying to fill it with me. Get your shit together before making woman hate threads, incels.

Anonymous 60786

Why do you insult incels, when you reveal yourself as one?

Anonymous 60788

I think it's romantic when a guy chases me, is willing to be confess his love, devotion and is even willing to compete for me. It shows me that he has the balls to follow what he's passionate about
If a guy REALLY loves me and wants me I find it enduring and might start to reconsider him if he really makes an effort

Anonymous 60798

OPs not an incel, just knows how to date upwards.
post face

Anonymous 60801


Anonymous 60812


If someone trying to make you an important aspect of his life appears to you as desperate it means that you have severe self-esteem issues; that is, you think that a person has to have a hollow life if they feel that they need you in it, because you are insignificant enough to only fill the voids in shallow and empty lives. You want your man to not feel like a significant other, but someone you are lucky to partake in the life of. That, or you are a LARP'ing moid trying to fuck with his fellow inkels.

Anonymous 61425


>"I don't need to chase girls, they approach me often enough"

Anonymous 62191

is this from that 100 gecs music video?
is this literally a picture of a tranny's (male) ass?
if so then you must be a tranny as well, right?
god this site sucks
i knew i was the only real girl here

Anonymous 62262

couldnt you have told me this like a year ago?
ffs, but better late then never.
wait a sec.

So which one of you is european?

Anonymous 62387

it's gfoty's ass

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