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Anonymous 61182

This is a thread only for fellow women that make 150k+ a year, or have a six digit salary.

What do you like to spend your money on? I'm a huge patron of the arts and love to swing by cute college actors/singers/musicians/artists to play with.

Anonymous 61195

What's your job/title?

Anonymous 62051

like a degenerate

Anonymous 62179

mega based cougar-anon

Anonymous 62188

Based and pink pilled. What do you do for a living? I'm still in grad school, but I dunno if I should go for a PhD or just work… My goal is to make around 150 k too…

Anonymous 62385

fuck you rich bitch, donate

Anonymous 62395

This sounds like a larp, post proof

Anyway I have a reasonably high paying job (around 80k after taxes) and I got bored buying nice clothes and electronics for myself. Now I’m saving it all in the stock market so I can buy a house. Idk where I want to live though.

Anonymous 62405

PhD in what? Most don't get paid that well. Where I was a grad student, which was a top 10 school for undergrad selectivity, we paid adjuncts the equivalent of $18.50 an hour.

Outside STEM, and working on research, most professors don't make that much. Maybe in big cities, but then cost is higher.

Getting a PhD outside wanting to teach doesn't make sense in most fields, get a terminal masters. I guess clinical psychologists would be the exception.

Anonymous 62406


Move to Japan and spend it all on Host Clubs. Their job is literally being a decent moid: Charming you out, holding you, caring, they know how to go down on you if you want that, they are trained to know how to hold you and all the lovely dovey stuff.

Anonymous 62407

Are you speaking from any personal questions experience?
I was under the impression that, by and large, those are inaccessible to foreigners.

Anonymous 62408

I'm pretty sure some host clubs are open to foreigners but I don't think the Japanese boy will be able to charm you well because of the language barrier. Maybe only if you like to be petted by a Japanese boy you can ask him to do that. But he will talk in broken Engrish to you, if you find that cute go for it.

But not now because everything is closed due to Covid. Life sucks.

Anonymous 62429

Prostitution is against the law in Japan.

Anonymous 62451

Their legal definition of prostitution is basically penis-in-vagina, so basically everything else is legal.
That's actually how a lot of laws work in Japan which I assume is because of how important "face" is in asian cultures.

Anonymous 62670

hoping to join that bracket soon.
t. applying for the harvard of coding camps
i have nothing i want to buy. i just want big numbers in my bank account.

Anonymous 65630

I feel this.

I make six-figures and literally don't do anything with my money beyond basic needs and spending it on others.

Money kind of lost meaning on me after a while. I get to retire. I can eat whatever I want. I can buy whatever I want. And I don't want much.

So I spend it on keeping promising college kids afloat, having the ability to do that is pretty amazing. I can spot someone's tuition or their stupidly overpriced school materials or pay for a sudden emergency that would've otherwise set them back years. My aging parents won't need to worry about medical costs. I give resume advice for free, hold free 1 on 1 classes, and hook people up with interviews and watch resume writer scammers/"networkers" get mad about it, that's ngl fun too (highly recommend as a pasttime for successful career people)

These are all pretty amazing feelings for someone still under 30, well worth the money.

Anonymous 65640

you sound incredibly based, i wish i knew someone like you anon. makes me glad there's people like you in the world who share their connections and income with people who need it

Anonymous 65643

I don’t fully believe you but that’s based nevertheless

Anonymous 66151

Ultimately I'm not really altruistic or anything like that, but that's really nice to hear, thanks.

At my work (Fortune 500) I met a lot of people like me. My manager and his wife make truckloads of money and fostered a ridiculous amount of kids, something like two dozen, put everything they earned into sending them to college and helping their bio-families. I dunno if it counts for anything to say it on an imageboard but there is a lot of sharing people out there like this living quiet lives because money doesn't really make you happy after a certain point. It's better to share it around to folks who can really do something with it.

Anonymous 66165

How do you identify / get in contact with high school and college kids in the first place? How do you sort out the promising ones?

Anonymous 66238

People frequently reach out me via email or whatever for career advice, sometimes it snowballs into a connection. It's pretty apparent after a few conversations if someone could use support + is worth the trouble. I don't really hand out money suddenly, that puts a precedence on both me and the student that may be uncomfortable.

Stuff like that, bit of a cop out response but it's a natural process of floating around and people reaching out to you and relationships building over time.

Anonymous 66268

Then how do they find you? Are you putting up flyers advertising yourself as some sort of scholarship / career guru?

Anonymous 66370

No lol nothing like that, I don't have social media, just email. Students reach out to me through mutuals (i.e. friends, coworker's child, someone I used to work with is teaching now…) or they come across my name in the credits of a project and hunt down my contact info.

I'm a nobody in the grand scheme of things but once I got into a household name company people figure out a way to find you. God knows I did the same as a student.

Anonymous 66440

what field are you in, anon?

Anonymous 66449

I'm in STEM, no surprise

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