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gender reveal.jpg

Gender reveal ends in disaster Anonymous 61229

Should gender reveals be banned?

Anonymous 61246

What we as a society really need is post natal abortion up until thirty sixth trimester.

Anonymous 61264

Just remember that whatever you're going through right now, you probably deserve it

Anonymous 61265



Anonymous 61267

I also think that I deserve my privileged life with no real worries.
Astute assessment.

Anonymous 61274

Lol manchild cope

Anonymous 61275

I don't think moids are privileged.

Anonymous 61278



Do you even know what this girl's life was about? Holy talk about literal "Femenazis".

She has/had a name. Sorry I don't know what her prenouns were, maybe someone can enlighten me.

Anonymous 61279

Don't breed trash

Anonymous 61282

it's okay that you are just a victim and can't even wing it
you hate them so much and can't even abuse them or what society gives us
fuck your victimhood and trigger happy insult spree
also for fuck's sake
>Don't breed trash
are you literally too retarded to come back with anything good?

Anonymous 61287

Lol thankfully you'll never breed because you are genetic refuse, even you know it's a fact

Anonymous 61289


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