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Anonymous 61313

after years of thinking about this, my thought is that the main quality that stands the test of time is being "sweet". This is speaking in the sense of what would make others want to be around you.

When you're younger (0-18) being cute works. When you're still young but not old (18-40ish) being sexy, and sometimes cute, works. When you're older to old, the previous qualities mentioned wouldn't really work anymore, with how the world is today. The only quality that does work for all stages of life is being "sweet".

Just to clarify, I didn't include being intelligent just because I don't see that as a trait necessarily. If it is a trait then that it would also work for all stages of life.

Please share your thoughts since I really don't know if I'm correct.
I'm trying to improve myself in a way that can be long term (so I don't want to just improve on my looks because that's temporary)

Anonymous 61317

Ideally, be intelligent and be kind(sweet).
If you can not be kind, then be intelligent, but for the love of god, if you can't be intelligent you must be kind, or life will continually fuck you over and no one will want to help you.

This is my stance as far as this goes. People have uses for intelligent, but rude people. No one has uses for stupid and rude people.

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