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Anonymous 61402

Icelandic State Church just posted this image. Discuss.

Anonymous 61422

Nordics and christianity are not compatible

Anonymous 61431

Well Constantine was a tranny, so

Anonymous 61513



Anonymous 62083

this is so fucking sad. I am a lutheran, too. this breaks my heart just as much as seeing only one or two kids attending sunday school. fuck, i've cried enough today already

Anonymous 62197

Did you put yours through Sunday School?

Anonymous 62391


That's even gayer.

Anonymous 73497

what the fuck did i just read

Anonymous 73504


It's just speculation, we don't know anything about what nordic pagans actually believed in, the christians destroyed all the first hand sources, and the closest sources we have were written by christians in Iceland in the 12th century and are unreliable for obvious reasons.

That's why this dead religion attracts so many degenerates, it has the cool factor of vikings, they're white so it's ok to appropriate their culture and the mythology is all but completely forgotten so you can just attach whatever beliefs you want to it. You believe odin said trans rights? Nobody can prove he didn't.


Are you surprised? Christians always mold their religion to best fit the society they're in, they have no principles, the only thing they care about is getting money from vulnerable people. Trannies desperately crave "validation" so of course the church would pander to them, especially now that they're not frowned upon anymore, so there's no risk.

Anonymous 73505


Based. Heill auk sæll!

Anonymous 73517

All of this made up, there is zero basis or reasoning to it. There are no sources for it and many of the claims are contradicted by the real sources which they pretend to be based on. The author's depraved sexual fantasies and attempt to sexualise the past when there's not much that is sexual to work with.

Anonymous 73550

As someone who lives in Iceland, the church took down this photo. It was meant to represent something like "it doesn't matter who Jesus might've been, gay or trans or black yadadada" but yeah a lot of people got offended. Mostly old people. They also had another stupid image of some kids hanging out in a church and in the drawing there was a muslim woman with a hijab, and like I get it. Everyone is welcome there. But I don't think muslims go to christian chruches

Anonymous 73551

Don't care I'm an atheist.

Anonymous 73552

t. Oddný Ingólfs

Anonymous 73553

Well it looks like a fucking joke, what where they thinking. It's not even a tranny tranny its straight up a jewish moid with a full beard, tits and a weird butt. It's even making fun at trannies lol.

It's has moderately strong meme potential.

Anonymous 73615

>are unreliable for obvious reasons.
They're not unreliable at all. They just don't give much religious details maybe because they were considered problematic but more likely because they didn't have them or didn't understand how it went outside of the stories and folklore. A culture doesn't just disappear. Christianity moulded itself to Europe extensively, a lot of it is just Greek and and Roman culture.

Our main source is Snorri who wrote them down and even his own prose fanfiction (reusing elements) specifically because he wanted to preserve the old stories of his people. Before other forms of entertainment and information mediums, oral traditions were pretty strong things. It could be that the reason there aren't much religious details is because there never were any in these epics about heroic deeds, bloody battles, and family feuds.

Anonymous 73616


If you're a non-Christian or very close to being one, the only thing you need from the Christian religion is to learn about biblical exegesis and Christian ethics for the sake of being learned about the entire Western world and how it came to be.
If you're a Christian, then change your denomination for something that you would like, or maybe become self-learned about the religion and do a seminary-like course of study, albeit you won't get a degree for this and maybe it would be a complete waste of time depending on what you're into (big candidates being missiology and the like that are meant for the clergy).

Anonymous 73618


And, of course, my thoughts on the picture is that secular topics and academic fields are meddling a little too much with religion and it should never be this way if it means that this will get spread to the laypeople instead of being a clergy-only thing.
Perhaps this is the consequence of too many gender studies graduates wanting to shelter themselves into religion given their career prospects, so we get ridiculous stuff like this as they begin to become part of the clergy.

Anonymous 73619

>State Church
What a horrific concept.

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