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Ideal Mother Figure Anonymous 61759

I want to write a ideal mother figure but I legit have no idea what that's like.

I know everyone is going to have different answers. I would still like to hear about what someone would consider the ideal mother.
Like how they act? How they dress? How would they handle certain situations.
If you love your mom write what makes her awesome.

Anonymous 61763

>ideal mother figure

Swears like a sailor, sells her hand-blown glass at ren faires, wears shirts she bought at her kids' sports events, drives an IH Scout, lifts.

Anonymous 61765

I don't remember much of my mother. She had a grey Harvard shirt I hung onto because it was comfortable, and wore it during workouts. Her voice lowered a pitch when she would call my nickname after I fucked something up. We had tons of mason jars where she'd grow kombucha in, and later sell around her office at a loss, initially. She was an Excel god and a tiger mom.

Anonymous 61769


In no particular order:

>prepared, has everything handy when on the go from nausea medication to pads, tissues, playing cards etc

>doesn't force you to do inane hobbies or lessons, lets you choose what hobbies you want to have
>teaches you important things from changing a tire to fixing your clothes
>requires you to take part in household chores not only because you're helping, but so you learn to one day be independent as well
>doesn't segregate work/interests/chores into "mens" or "womens" categories
>has at least three skills not considered traditionally feminine
>reads you stories
>makes an effort to show interest in your hobbies
>isn't a complete alcoholic
>lets you fumble and make mistakes without losing her shit
>doesn't make nasty comments about your fashion sense or makeup (or lack of thereof)
>doesn't insist that not being ladylike is some kind of an offense
>doesn't insist that not being ladylike will drive away men
>doesn't insist you have to, in any way, be attractive to men or anyone else for that matter
>is fine with her own appearance, doesn't bemoan things like wrinkles, cellulite, etc
>teaches you kindness is important, but not to take shit from the world
>doesn't let "being a mom" be the sole element in their personality, has aspirations and interests separately

Pic somewhat related.

Anonymous 61865


the mom from ponyo was pretty based imo

Anonymous 61895


The ideal mother is always watching.

Anonymous 61901

I think for your purposes you should actually focus less on how she's a good mother and more on how much she loves her children, because that's fundamentally what being a good parent is based on. Everyone will disagree about what the perfect mother is, but everyone will agree she loves her children, so that's the main thing you should communicate to the audience.

Anonymous 61966

Then what's a good mother parent?

Anonymous 62614

I'll come back to this later and type up a more detailed response (maybe), but having a mother who didn't wait for me to mess up, just so she could blow up and brag (?) about how she was just "watching me fuck up to see if i wouldn't" would've been nice growing up…

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