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Anonymous 61930

where does one acquire a cute ebf?

Anonymous 61934

Doesn't exist. Try real life.

Anonymous 61938


maybe lol

Anonymous 61939

im from mexico i dont want mexican men

Anonymous 61940

Community college dining halls.

Most lonely boys just stare at their laptops while munching or with their friends playing games.

Try asking if you can sit with them, they're too shy to say no but they will get quiet when you show up due to their lack of experience with girls.
Don't worry, they'll warm up over time. ;)

Anonymous 61943

Well you got me stumped. I'd just pray, at that rate.

Anonymous 61948

im a highschool drop out

Anonymous 61952

that was a mistake.
try the libraries instead.

Anonymous 61955

>wanting to become the female equivalent of that creepy guy who tries to pick up girls in Barnes and Nobles
pls no

Anonymous 61956

You're not creepy, though.

Anonymous 61961

I'm not op, but that's still a pretty creepy thing to do even if you get a pass for it.

Anonymous 61962

You wouldn't be so lonely if you stopped being afraid.

Anonymous 62522

Gmod Hogwarts RP, trust me

Anonymous Moderator 62820

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