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Anonymous 6223

How has your day been mates?

Anonymous 6224


It was my birthday. Was sorta dull tbh. But I never had a wild birthday party or anything if the sort anyway, even though I throw them for others.

Just once I'd wish someone arranged a surprise party/gettogether for me too.

I had a comfy dinner though.

Anonymous 6226

Happy birthday! I hope your comfy dinner was super tasty.

Anonymous 6229

>>6224 Happy Birthday!

I had a crummy day, and there are a lot of expensive but boring adult-ing things I need to do. And then I broke a wooden spoon. But I am trying to cheer up and relax tonight.

Anonymous 6230

Happy birthday, anon! >>6224

My day was alright. I didn't do much, just stayed home and then went to a friend's place in the evening.

Anonymous 151521

Happy birthday

Anonymous 151538

It's been four years…

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