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Autism Anonymous 6240

Is anyone else here autistic? How do you cope? What do you notice? Share stories, feels, and discuss. Because the vast majority of people with astigmatism are male it'd be nice to have a bit of a girl discussion about it…

I find that I have this huge disconnect between logic and emotion. I can recognise somebody has had something bad happen to them, something I really wish they didn't have to through, yet I won't be able to cry for them and hug them and show my empathy. I end up frustrating myself to this point where I think I seem either cold or high strung about something as simple as "I like you."

Another thing is that when in my logic something makes perfect sense and I can even explain it, I get this angry sense of entitlement that everyone has to follow my logic and agree with me. Then if they don't follow my logic, they must be stupid, and I just get more and more salty. It makes me act like a child when I really am not stroppy nor trying to be, I just think they're not understanding.

I'm generally just perpetually flustered. I also say things that upset people because they think I'm being sarcastic, yet I genuinely mean them.

Anonymous 6241

wh-what. I mean astigmatism…

Oh, and a bit of context, I felt compelled to make this thread after posting >>6239 where I just felt I lost control of myself over something trivial but I wasn't and I just aaaaaa.

Anonymous 6244

If you're so logical and smart, you'd look through the catalog and see there is already a thread on astigmatism. It's either on /b or /feels.

Anonymous 6245

Really, autocorrect

Anonymous 6246

I'm sorry. I tried to find one on /b/ but couldn't, maybe because of the filter. There is one on /feels/ though, the mods will probably merge it.

Sorry, I wasn't trying to sound smug and smart, by "logic" I just meant "my internal reasoning." Everybody has their own chains of logic though.

Anonymous 6251

It's not your autocorrect, Crystal.cafe automatically censors a u t i s m to astigmatism

Anonymous 6297

I suspect I might have some mild form of the 'tism because I typically have a very hard time emotionally connecting while socializing, and I also have trouble communicating like how the OP pic illustrates. I don't think I have any problems reading social cues which makes this confusing, but I stay very detached in most of my relationships with other people because I can't figure out how to get closer to another person.

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